Tennis Betting

Check out our top tennis sportsbetting sites

Check out our top tennis sportsbetting sites

Tennis betting receives very little fanfare in the U.S. Most U.S. wagers flow toward football and basketball, with tennis falling somewhere between golf and darts. If you’re looking for an opportunity to avoid other sports bettors, placing bets on the ATP Tour, Wimbleton, and the French and U.S. Open offers an alternative. You’ll find these and other tournaments at the best tennis sportbooks online.

Top Tennis Sportsbetting Sites

A lot of people shy away from tennis betting because of the game’s structure. Games, sets, and matches can make placing wagers seem confusing. On the contrary, it’s simple. In fact, because players square off against each other, betting on tennis is similar to betting on team sports. Below, we’ll start with the basics, and then give you a few tips for betting well at the best tennis online sportsbooks.

Tennis Betting Basics

With the exception of prop bets, there are only a few types of wagers to make on tennis matches. First, you’ll be able to bet on which player ends up winning a given tournament. For example, you might bet that Rafael Nadal will take the upcoming French Open. When you visit the top tennis sportsbooks, you’ll see the players listed next to their respective odds.

The second type of wager is a set bet. Here, you’re betting on the player who will win the match, but also wagering on the number of sets it takes that player to do so.

The third wager is a straight match bet. You’re wagering on which player will win the match. It is essentially a moneyline bet with odds that look similar to betting on other sports. For example, a match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal may appear like the following:

Roger Federer +120
Rafael Nadal -130

As we mentioned, the best tennis sportbooks will also offer a number of prop bets. For example, you’ll be able to bet on whether there will be a tie break in a match. Or, you can place a wager on whether a given player will win at least one set in the match. Every sports betting site is different, and each offers a unique set of prop bets. This is the reason we recommend joining more than one. Doing so gives you more flexibility.

Bet On Wimbledon Tournament

The most watched tennis tournament in the world is Wimbledon. Put some skin in the game by betting on Wimbledon matches. Our favorite sportsbooks offer all sorts of bets on Wimbledon from who will win a particular match up to winning the entire tournament. We like bookmaker for their Wimbledon tennis betting options!

Bet on the US Open

This is one of the most popular tennis tournaments to bet on. The US open in New York draws the biggest tennis players in the world and is one of the major grand slams. If you are going to bet tennis, then this is one tournament you want to bet on. Again, is leading the way with the different betting options available for this type of tennis betting.

How To Bet Profitably At The Best Tennis Sportsbooks

Making a consistent profit on your tennis bets requires the same diligence you would use when betting on any other sport. You must conduct research.

  • First, learn as much as you can about the players on whom you’re placing wagers. But do so for those who are ranked lower than the Federers and Nadals. The top of the field draws most of the bets, which means the odds tend to be efficient. Lower in the field is where you’ll uncover opportunity.
  • Second, know the surface on which a given match or tournament will be played. Will it be grass? Clay? Carpet? Hard? Some tennis players perform well on clay, but struggle on grass. Others excel on hard, but falter on carpet. Know the players, know the surfaces, and know the players’ preferences.
  • Third, find out whether a given player is injured. This insight will give your handicapping a significant edge. Also, knowing if a player in an upcoming match is particularly exhausted or out-of-practice on the tournament circuit can be valuable.
  • Fourth, consider betting on the smaller tournaments. These events receive less attention than the major tournaments, so the top-ranked players often give less than their best effort. Upsets are more common here than in the major tourneys.

The Best Tennis Sportsbooks Online

Each year, new sports betting sites launch while others shut their doors (at least to U.S. sports bettors). There’s a constant flux due to legislation, competition in the online sports betting industry, and the costs of running a profitable organization. Stability commands a premium. Each of the best tennis sportsbooks below also happen to be some of the oldest, most durable sportsbooks online. We have followed them closely for years, and highly recommend them to anyone interesting in tennis betting.

  • Bodog Sportsbook – They have spent the equivalent of a lifetime in the online sports betting industry, and have a keen grasp for the features sports bettors enjoy. Bodog avoids the bells and whistles offered by many other betting sites, and instead sticks to a proven formula of no-nonsense sports betting. In addition to tennis, you’ll find MMA, football, soccer, and an assortment of other sports. You can also enjoy live betting. Visit Bodog today and use bonus code “130347” to grab an unlimited, instant 10% match on your first deposit. For further details on how to claim your bonuses check out our Bodog Sportsbook Page here.

Each of the top tennis sportsbooks profiled above provides a perfect on-ramp to tennis betting. Register an account at each site, and take them for a test drive.