My Personal Review of DocSports and

Review and step-by-step guide to the Doc Sports handicapping and sports pick service:

Researching Doc Sports

DocSports was founded by Morey Moseman, better known as Doc, and first opened it’s doors for business in 1971. Early on they developed a sports betting system based on UNITS, discipline and money management. Now, 40 years later, they are still the leader in providing sports handicapping services, sports picks and sports betting strategy. Doc has built his loyal customer base at on a reputation of honesty, hard work, telling it like it is and using his years in the business to learn more and make fewer mistakes. Just as important is that when you purchase a sports betting advice package from any of their available sports handicappers, all packages are guaranteed to show you a profit or they’ll extend the service and work for free until they do so.

Buying Sports Picks from

As we stated above, Doc has been selling sports picks and providing sports handicapping advice since 1971 and sells those services on his site. Not only that, but he also has six additional sports handicappers available through  Here is a list and brief bio on each member of the DocSports Advisory Board:

  • Doc’s Sports
  • Robert Ferringo
  • Allen Eastman
  • Vegas Sports Informer
  • Indian Cowboy
  • Jason Sharpe
  • Strike Point Sports
  • 11th Hour Sports

You can purchase different packages from each of the sports handicappers listed above. Some of them make picks in all sports, some specialize in certain sports. DocSports keeps the prices on most of the packages the same for each sports handicapper.  So, they offer the same package for the same price, but you get to decide which sports handicapper you want to buy the picks from. Here is an example of the football picks packages that are currently available to buy on

Buy Football Picks

  • Weekly Subscription:  $49.00 – includes all College Football Picks and NFL Picks released by your chosen sports handicapper that week
  • Remainder of Season Subscription:  $249.00 – includes all College Football Bowl Game Picks + NFL Game Picks released by your chosen sports handicapper through the Feb 2012 Super Bowl

You can purchase similar weekly and season packages for College Basketball Picks, NBA Basketball Picks and Hockey Picks.  Plus, you can get daily packages for these sports as well, where you receive every sports pick your chosen handicapper decides to release that day. Sports picks are seasonal of course, so only certain sports picks are available at any given time of year.

What Sports Betting Picks Are Offered by DocSports

Here is a list of the types of sports betting picks packages you can buy at

  • NFL picks
  • NBA Picks
  • NHL Picks
  • MLB Picks
  • NCAA Picks
  • College Football Picks
  • College Basketball Picks
  • Soccer Picks
  • Football Picks
  • Baseball Picks
  • Hockey Picks
  • Basketball Picks

Doc’s Unit Sports Betting System

The sports betting system that was developed by Doc’s Sports 40 years ago has proven the test of time and is what separates the sports betting winners from the losers over the long haul. Each sports handicapper available and listed  in their Advisory Board of sports handicappers uses the Unit Sports Betting System.  Most gamblers are losers in the long run because of two main reasons, they lack of discipline and have money management problems. That’s exactly the reason Doc developed his unit system for betting. Here’s how it works.

Unit Sports Betting System Example

The DocSports unit sports betting system is based on a scale from 1-8 units. The stronger a sports handicapper feels about a game they’ve picked, the higher the unit value they will assign to that game. Each handicapping expert posts their picks to the members area early every day so, you as a member, can log into your account and see all of your picks for the day. Each suggested play for the day is released with it’s associated units. The unit sports betting system says that to make money consistently over the long haul, you should bet on each play released and use the associated units to decide how much money you should bet. Next, you need to decide what 1 unit is worth. Doc recommends a minimum of $20, but says many of their clients will wager in the 1000’s of units.

Daily Unit Sports Betting Example

You login to the DocSports member area and see a 5 unit game, a 3 unit game and a 1 unit game to bet on. You set the value of 1 unit to $100. You then login to your favorite online sportsbook and place your bets:

5 unit game * $100/unit = $500, bet $550 to win $500

 3 unit game * $100/unit = $300, bet $330 to win $300

1 unit game * $100/unit = $100, bet $110 to win $100

Your total bets for the day equal $990 with a chance to win $900.

This system isn’t for someone looking to get one pick here or there, this is a betting system that is designed to make you more money over time, but the key is to be a disciplined sports bettor and manage your bankroll properly.

Why Choose Doc Sports

So many  reasons you should look at to be your provider of sports picks and sports handicapping advice.

  • Rated best sports handicapping service
  • Family owned and operated for 40 years (since 1971)
  • A winning team of sports handicapping experts to choose from
  • Sports handicapping advice, tips and resources updated daily
  • Sports betting strategy advice, articles, tips and resources
  • No hype, No hassles, No high-pressure sales
  • One set of plays for one fair price
  • Each sports pick comes with detailed analysis
  • Success is a tradition at Doc’s Sports
  • Doc Sports makes you a winner

Testing Sports Betting System

So, everything I’ve heard and read so far on Doc Sports has sounded really great, but I need to make sure this service is going to work for me. So, I purchased a sports picks package for the weekend college and nfl football games played on December 17-18, 2011.

Opening An Account At

After spending several weeks researching Doc Sports and other sports picks websites I decided to give it a try and finally purchase a sports picks package at I looked over their Advisory Board of professional sports handicappers and decided to go with Doc, the founder of the service. I used their unit sports betting system to see if I could make money betting on sports.

Purchasing the Sports Picks Package

To purchase sports picks from DocSports, click on the “Purchase Picks!!” text at the top of the home page.

Choosing A Sports Pick Package

Sports Pick Package That I Purchased

Here is the sports pick package I purchased and the form that I filled out.

My Sports Picks

I chose $5 per betting unit. Here are the sports picks that were recommended  by Doc with their corresponding betting unit value:

And the breakdown:

  • W – 4 Unit – Bet of $20 to win $16.67: UL Lafayette vs San Diego (Over 58.5)
  • W – 4 Unit – Bet of $20 to win $18.18: New Orlns Saints (-8) over Minn Vikings
  • L – 4 Unit – Bet of $20 to win $18.18: NY Giants (-6) over Washing Redskins
  • P – 4 Unit – Bet of $20 to win $18.18: Oakland Raiders (+1) over Detroit Lions

Final Betting Tally: +$14.85 Betting Wins – $49.99 for sports picks = Net -$35.14

If I would have chosen to bet $100 per betting unit, my final tally would = Net +$124.26

Doc Sports has extended my service through Jan 4, 2012.

Final Thoughts On

I noticed Doc Sports also has a newsletter as well as a page on their website where they give away free sports picks. Currently I’m placing bets on UFC fights on Bookmaker. Maybe I should use one of Doc Sports free nfl picks to place another bet at Bookmaker. See if I can win some money using their free sports picks newsletter advice. I think I’ll also be able to get some free college football picks too.