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Increase your sports betting bankroll by buying sports picks from sports handicappers and bettors that research sports picks for a living and have winning betting records to prove it. I’ve been betting on games at and currently I’m losing money and discouraged. I’ve discovered it really takes a lot of research to make informed decisions on which teams to place your bets on. I want to win money betting on sports so that’s why I’m going to find the best sports picks site online and use their expert advice to make money betting on UFC fights and NFL games.

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Questions About Buying Sports Picks

I’m new to the idea of buying sports picks and a little skeptical, but with my betting record I’m hoping some professional picks can get my bankroll back to positive. It would be great to have an expert sports handicapper telling me the best nfl picks to make, but…

  • How do I buy sports picks online?
  • How much does it cost to buy sports picks?
  • Do I just get one sports pick, or a set of picks?
  • Do I get sports betting tips and advice as well?
  • Can I buy sports picks from my phone with an app?
  • Do I have to pay for them all or is there a way to get free sports picks?

I know you probably also have these same questions. Read on for more advice about whether or not buying sports picks online is a good way to win money as a sports bettor.

Is Buying Sports Picks Online A Scam?

When I first heard about people buying sports picks I thought it was a scam. So, I am going to pay someone I don’t know money for a pick on a game, then I’m going to take more money and bet on that game, hoping the advice I received was legitimate? Sounded like a new way to sucker suckers out of their money. But then recently I heard from a friend who was buying sports picks online and since I’ve learned much more about how these businesses run and the research and work that goes into providing the best information possible for their clients to make informed decisions about which teams or fighters to place their bets on.

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A Friend Told Me He Was Buying Sports Picks

Recently I was talking to a friend and he told me about all the money he was making by buying sports picks from a sports betting website that sells picks researched by sports handicappers, placing the bets himself from his phone using an app from his favorite online sportsbook, and cashing out the winnings with ease. I’ve known this guy for a long time and he’s been a lifetime sports betting loser. But now he’s claiming to be raking in the cash betting on sports games and ufc fights. If this guy can make money online betting on sports, then I’m going to need to see if buying sports picks is right for me.

I did a little more research and came across the sports pick website my friend was talking about — Review

Whenever I embark on a new service online, I like to do my research, to make sure I’m making the most informed decision possible. Many times I also like to provide the information I find online so others, like you, looking for the same services will have a point of reference when making your own decision. I took the advice from a friend and opened an account with so I could do my research and make sure it was going to be the website where I buy college football picks and other sports picks.

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