Nascar sporsbetting is picking up speed

Each year, NASCAR sportsbetting becomes more popular. The sport has always enjoyed a loyal following among its fans, but has traditionally been viewed as a taste acquired early and nurtured over several years. That’s changing. NASCAR racing has been gaining new fans at an increasing rate. The events already attract more television viewers than any other sporting event with the exception of NFL games. As its popularity grows, more sports bettors are looking for reliable places online to bet on NASCAR races.

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This page will lay out everything you need to get started with NASCAR betting online. If you’re new to sportsbetting in general, this is an ideal place to learn the ropes. The wagering options are simple and easy to understand. If you already have experience with online sports betting, you’ll feel right at home betting on NASCAR races.

The real challenge is to find reputable sportsbooks that offer attractive lines, generous bonuses, flexible banking options, and an overall betting experience that motivates you to return. We’ve solved that problem for you below.

Top Nascar Sportsbetting Sites For USA Bettors

Bookmaker – Superior reputation in the online sportsbetting industry.
Bovada – Highly-respected sportsbook Bodog reincarnated for USA sports bettors.
BetOnline – Accepts Visa and MasterCard, making deposits quick and easy.
5Dimes – Soft lines and your choice of sign-up bonuses.

How To Bet On NASCAR Races: Types Of Bets

The majority of the betting volume is generated by a few simple bet types. One of the reasons people like to bet on NASCAR is because of its simplicity. They can place wagers without having to learn a long list of sportsbetting terms. Nor do they need to familiarize themselves with an assortment of rules. If you’re just getting started, here are the main bets to focus on:

  • Bets On Drivers To Win – This is a wager placed on the driver you believe will win a given race. It’s very simple. The odds are usually displayed in typical money line fashion. For example, you might see the following line for six top contenders in an upcoming race:

Kurt Busch +300
Mark Martin +400
Robby Gordon +550
Tony Stewart +350
Jeff Gordon +250
David Stremme +800

The lower the number, the higher the likelihood the driver will win. Using Kurt Busch as an example, you’ll win $30 for each $10 you bet (assuming Busch wins). If you bet $10 on David Stremme, and he ends up winning the race, you’ll win $80.

You can also place a Field bet. This is essentially a wager that an unlisted driver will win. The payout is high, but so is the risk since drivers from the field rarely win.

  • Match-Up Bets – This type of wager is usually placed between two drivers (some sportsbooks list three or more). Your bet is on the driver you believe will win the match-up. For example, a match-up might pit Jeff Gordon against Kurt Busch. You don’t care who wins the NASCAR race. You care only about who wins the match-up.
  • Top 3 Bets – Here, you’re betting on whether a driver will finish the race in the first, second, or third position. Most sportsbooks list the top drivers as follows:

Tony Stewart +175
Carl Edwards +200
Jimmie Johnson +250
Mark Martin +150
David Stremme +400

Note how the payouts are smaller than those for “bet to win” wagers. The reason is because there is a higher likelihood that a driver will place in the top 3 than the odds he’ll win the race.

  • Proposition Bets – As with the other top sporting events (football, basketball, baseball, etc.), you’ll be able to place prop bets at most online sportsbooks. These are wagers that specific incidents will occur during the course of the race. For example, you might place a prop bet that a collision will occur before a certain lap. These bets are fun, and can offer high payouts, but don’t depend on them to make a consistent profit.

Quick-Start Tips For Online NASCAR Racing Betting

The more information you have about the drivers in a race – and particularly those on whom you’re betting – the more successful you’ll be with your wagers. Online NASCAR racing betting is just like betting on any other sport. You want to learn about the drivers’ strengths and weaknesses. You also want to know about major problems that jeopardize their ability to perform. Here are a few quick tips:

  • First, look at the race histories for the top drivers. Where have they done well, and where have they done poorly? Every track is different, from super speedways to short tracks. A lot of drivers have trouble negotiating certain tracks, a fact that can uncovered in their race histories.
  • Second, if possible, invest a few minutes to watch the interviews conducted with the drivers prior to the race. Some of them are like poker players; they cover their emotions, and provide few clues. Others are like an open book; you can read everything on their faces and in their voices. They’ll tell whether they think they can win without actually saying the words.
  • Third, look for personal details in the lives of the drivers that might indicate they are distracted. For example, is one of the top contenders going through a divorce? If so, he may find it difficult to focus on the race. That makes him less likely to win.

Top 4 Sites For NASCAR Betting Online

What do you consider important in a NASCAR sportsbetting site? For us, the priorities are reputation, bonuses and promotions, software, banking options, betting flexibility, and customer support. Over the years, we’ve found that online sportsbooks that focus on these areas tend to offer a better experience. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our top 4 recommendations for NASCAR betting online.

Bookmaker – Bookmaker has a rock-solid reputation in the sports betting industry. They’ve been around longer than most of their competitors, and continue to draw new sports bettors with their 20% matching sign-up bonus. Once you’re an active member, you’ll receive a 10% reload bonus on each deposit. You’ll also find plenty of betting options, several deposit and withdrawal options, and a responsive, around-the-clock support team. If you’re not already a member, we highly recommend that you visit and register your account. Use promo code “AMP” to grab your bonuses.

Bovada – Although Bovada technically launched in December 2011, they have a long history in the online sports betting field. They’re a rebrand of the highly-respected sportsbook Bodog. You’ll find a good range of wagering options and plenty of live betting action. They also offer a 20% match bonus on your first deposit. Keep in mind, there are a lot of recreational sports bettors at Bovada. That means there may be opportunities to make money on the underdogs since few hobby bettors research drivers. Quick payouts, intuitive software, and first-class support have helped put Bovada on our list. When you register your account, use promo code “130347” to lock in your bonus.

BetOnline – They make sports betting simple. BetOnline has earned a reputation for streamlining deposits (they accept credit cards), providing straightforward software, and prioritizing customer support over sales. When you register your account, you’ll also enjoy plenty of betting options, attractive promotions, and favorable lines on all of the top sporting events. Visit BetOnline and use promo code “TXBONUS” to receive up to a 25% match bonus on your first deposit. You’ll also receive a 25% match on all qualifying future deposits.

5Dimes – 5Dimes consistently offers soft lines, generous bonuses, reliable payouts, and a huge list of betting options. Also, if you’re an experienced sports bettor, you’ll enjoy their high limits. The bonuses and promotions are unique in that you can choose which to receive. 5Dimes offers Reduced Juice Rewards, a Free-Play bonus, and a Cash Back reward. Look for the details on each promotion when you visit the site and register your account.

Even though NASCAR betting online has grown in popularity, it has yet to catch up to football, basketball, and baseball. As a result, there are a lot of opportunities to make a consistent profit. Register an account at each of the four sites profiled above, and start placing your NASCAR bets today.