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UFC Betting

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When deciding which UFC fights to bet on, you must first look at the money line, then think of the traits that comprise a good mixed martial arts fighter. He should obviously be in good physical condition. He should also be involved in a rigorous training regimen. Ideally, the fighter should be able to stay on his feet, avoid getting trapped, and deflect takedown attempts. These skills should complement a honed instinct for delivering powerful, well-aimed strikes.

Top UFC Betting Sites

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But even these traits will not guarantee you’ll win your wagers when betting on such fighters at the best UFC sportsbooks. Placing profitable bets requires its own type of training. On this page, we’ll offer a few basic tips that will improve your results at the top UFC betting sites. You’ll also learn the importance of managing your bankroll. While the following suggestions cannot guarantee you’ll make a profit when wagering on MMA bouts, they’ll help you develop a reliable betting system of your own.

Understanding Odds At The Top UFC Sportsbooks

Point spreads are not used in mixed martial arts betting like they are in football. Instead, odds on MMA matches are reflected by the moneyline. Here’s an example line, taken from Bookmaker, for a bout between Randy Couture and Lyoto Machida:

  • Randy Couture -130
  • Lyoto Machida +140

The fighter with the negative number next to his name is always the favorite. The above betting odds mean you must wager $130 to win $100 if you intend to bet on Couture. Or, you can wager $100 for a chance to win $140 by betting on Machida.

On any UFC fight, you’ll see the line shift as the event grows closer. This happens because bets continue to come in on both sides, which prompts the sportsbook to adjust the odds.

3 UFC Betting Tips For Better Results

The following tips can be applied when betting on nearly any sporting event. That said, they’re particularly handy when placing wagers at the best UFC sportsbooks.

  • First, resist the temptation to bet on highly-favored fighters. The odds make it seem as if doing so is a sure bet. But if a fighter is heavily favored, you’ll need to wager a lot of money in order to win very little. If the bout ends in an upset, which happens often, you’ll lose a lot of money.
  • Second, until you’re familiar with the high-profile fighters, stay away from rematches. They draw a lot of money (both in pay-per-view and bets), but are often unpredictable. Anything can happen, which means your money is at even greater risk.
  • Third, look for matches between high-profile fighters (e.g. Rich Franklin) and those who are relatively new, but have already established a track record. The reason is because big-name fighters draw a lot of bets, often on name recognition alone. This means the line shifts further than it should, exposing opportunities to ride the underdogs.

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Managing Your Bankroll At The Best UFC Sportsbooks

A website full of UFC betting tips is less important than the ability to manage your bankroll. If you learn to manage your money well, you can afford to lose most of your bets, and still come out ahead.

The biggest rule to remember is to limit your individual wagers to under 5% of your entire bank. Experienced MMA bettors often limit their bets to 3% or less. For example, suppose you have $2,500 to bet. If you’re staying under 5%, you should wager no more than $125 on a match (or $75 if you’re trying to stay under 3%).

Also, if you lose a bet, let the loss go. Avoid being coaxed into chasing it. A lot of novice sports bettors, including those at the top UFC betting sites, try to recoup their losses by making bigger bets. Bad idea. It’s a good way to go broke.

The Best UFC Sportsbooks Online

There are many good MMA sports betting sites that carry lines for the major matches. But there are a few notables that stand apart from the pack. They not only offer lines on UFC bouts, but also matches in Pride, Strikeforce, and other mixed martial arts leagues. These sites also launch regular promotions, offer generous bonuses, and maintain around-the-clock customer support phone lines. Based on our review criteria, we consider the following sites to represent the best UFC sportsbooks:

  • Bodog Sportsbook – The lines are usually posted a month before the bouts happen. You’ll have a chance to place bets before the lines start to shift. In addition to UFC matches, you’ll be able to bet on Strikeforce, Bellator, and other leagues. One of the features we enjoy at Bodog that gets very little coverage is their customer support staff. They’re responsive and trained to resolve any issue. Visit Bodog today to claim an unlimited, instant 10% match on your first deposit. Be sure to use special bonus code “130347”. Check out our articles and reviews on Bodog Sportsbook.
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Take a few minutes to register an account at Bodog.com or Betonline.com. Test drive their sites. It’s the most effective way to see which of these best UFC sportsbooks you prefer.