MMA Betting

MMA Betting

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Interest in MMA wagering has enjoyed spectacular growth online over the last four or five years. Always popular, the sport has attracted mainstream attention thanks in large part to Dana White and the UFC. In some ways, the UFC has become a veritable clearinghouse for many of the world’s best MMA fighters. Every match is heavily promoted to draw as much attention as possible. This means the lines will be covered at all of the top MMA betting sites, making it easier to shop for the best odds.

Top Online MMA Betting Sites

Because betting on MMA matches has become so popular with sports bettors, we’ll cover the essentials below. We’ll give you everything you need to get started. First, you’ll learn how to hit the ground running at the top MMA betting sites, including details on funding your account, placing bets, and reading the lines. Second, we’ll give you a few key tips that will improve your return. Third, we’ll share our “short list” of websites to bet on MMA matches so you can avoid some of the frustrations we experienced.

Getting Started With MMA Betting Sites

Prior to the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act (UIGEA), it was much easier to make deposits at MMA betting sites. Back then, you could do so with your credit card, or you could use Neteller, which was similar to Paypal. Following the passage of the UIGEA, things changed. Neteller left the U.S. market and financial institutions began rejecting transactions meant for gambling sites.

Today, the best way to fund your sportsbook accounts is to use your credit card since doing so is convenient. The problem is, there are only a few MMA betting sites that have managed to maintain a high credit card acceptance rate (see our list below). An alternative is to use an e-wallet service, such as eWalletXpress. You can also use Western Union, but that approach involves more effort.

Once you have funded your accounts, it’s time to place your bets. MMA fights have odds that are based on the moneyline. For any given match, you’ll see the two fighters listed, along with their respective odds. Here’s an example match between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir…

Brock Lesnar -140
Frank Mir +130

The above means Lesnar is the favorite (the MMA fighter with the “-” sign is always the favorite). Mir is the underdog. If you wanted to wager on Lesnar, you would need to risk $140 to win $100. If you wanted to back Mir, you would win $130 for each $100 you risk (assuming Mir won the match, of course).

Smart MMA Betting Tips To Make More Money

As with any type of online sports betting, being a contrarian is smart. This is especially true when laying odds at MMA betting sites. Realize that the odds for a given match are going to change. They change constantly leading up to the day of the match as money pours in on both sides of the line. (This is the case with all moneyline sports betting.)

If you understand mass psychology, you’ll know that most of the money will gravitate to the favorite. As a result, you’ll see the odds shift to draw cash to the underdog as the match approaches. How can you gain an edge? If you intend to back the underdog, wait to lay your bet to get better odds. If you’re going to back the favorite, get your bet in as soon as possible before the odds start shifting.

Another tip: avoid backing the “slam dunk” favorites. You’ll see some matches where one fighter has a massive advantage over the other. The moneyline may look like the following:

Fighter #1 -555
Fighter #2 +405

A lot of novice sports bettors jump at the chance to back huge favorites, thinking the bet is a no-brainer. You’ll never make any money that way. Backing favorites is fine, but keep the line to under -350 or -300. On a related note, be willing to back the underdogs. A lot of experienced MMA bettors will tell you that’s where the money is made since there’s usually less juice on them.

Top Websites To Bet On MMA Matches

So, you now know how to get started betting at MMA betting sites, how to fund your accounts, and how to read the moneylines. You also have a few smart betting tips you can use to gain an advantage over others. It’s time to put those tips to work. There are a lot of websites to bet on MMA matches, but we only recommend a few. Here’s our list of favorites:

  • Bodog Sportsbook – Not only does Bodog have a stellar reputation in online gambling and sports betting, but they have also established themselves as a leader in MMA betting. You’ll find odds on every major MMA event, including UFC, Bellator, and Strikeforce matches. With highly responsive customer support and easy-to-use software, the Bodog Sportsbook should be on your list. Use promo code “130347” to grab an instant and unlimited 10% bonus match on your first deposit. Also be sure to check out our indepth articles on Bodog Sportsbook.

We recommend that you maintain accounts at multiple MMA betting sites since the odds will be different at each one. When you’re about to bet on a match, shop the odds to make sure you’re getting the best line. Take the tips we gave you earlier, visit the sportsbooks above, and get started building your bankroll.