Sports Betting Lines

Sportsbetting Lines

Use these tips to get your hands on real money through sportsbetting.

There was once a time when you called your bookie if you wanted to make a bet on a game or match. If you disliked the line he was offering, you might call one or two others. Today, you have dozens of online bookies (or, sports betting sites) at your fingertips setting lines for nearly every game and match imaginable. There’s a lot of competition out there, and every site wants your action. The question is, where do you find the best sportsbook lines?

Ratings of Top Sportbook Sites

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single sports betting site that consistently carries the best lines for every event. It varies by game and match. For example, you may find that Bodog Sportsbook carries the best line on an upcoming football game, but not This is the reason it pays to have active accounts at a few high-quality sites. Finding the best sportsbook lines is a matter of searching through each site before making your bet.

But there’s more to the story.

Below, we’ll explain why focusing solely on the lines offered by any given sports betting site is a bad idea. You’ll also learn why a lot of sports bettors – even those with experience – continue to lose money. Lastly, to get you started, we’ll share our list of top online sportsbooks that have consistently offered good lines.

The Best Sportsbook Lines Don’t Tell The Entire Story

Suppose you find a site that offers an astounding line on an upcoming Bears-Seahawks game. The line is far better than those offered at every other sportsbook you’ve checked. So, you decide to place your bet. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  1. How confident are you that you’ll receive your winnings if you win your bet?
  2. Does the site have a reasonable payment history?
  3. Have you neglected to calculate the effect of reduced juice at other sports betting sites?
  4. Are there special promotions elsewhere that would have made a difference to the odds?
  5. If something goes awry with your bet, can you pick up the phone and call a representative?

These and other issues should be taken into account before you place your wagers. Remember, getting in on the best sportsbook lines means little if you’re unable to collect your winnings.

Top 3 Reasons Sports Bettors Lose Money

It’s no secret. Most sports gamblers hemorrhage cash. They might win a big game once in awhile, but still manage to lose money over the long run. Ask yourself: why does this happen? Sports betting is not like a slot machine where a random number generator gives an edge to the house. The lines are set (for moneyline bets), and you choose the side to back. With this in mind, here’s our 3-point theory regarding why so many sports bettors lose:

#1 – They Follow The Crowd

If you’re sticking to NFL games, you’ll have a tough time making a profit. Same with betting on MLB games. Why? Because these are the sports that draw everyone. As a result, the lines slim down, and it becomes more difficult to make money.

#2 – They Don’t Know Their Teams And Players

Knowing how to bet is not the same as knowing when and why you should bet. The more you know, the better edge you’ll have. You should be aware regarding whether certain players are injured. You should know if the team you’re backing plays well on a certain field. The sports bettors who do well are those who research.

#3 – They Manage Their Cash Poorly

Managing your bankroll is a simple concept. But it is critical. Poor cash management sabotages more sports bettors than any other factor. Learn to manage your bankroll, and you’ll be able to weather a string of bad picks.

Places To Find The Best Sportsbook Lines

Recall the features we mentioned earlier. You want to have confidence that you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings from the sportsbook at which you’re betting. You also want access to special promotions, such as reduced juice. And you want to be able to call someone at the sports betting site whenever you have a question or problem. These features (along with others) trump the best sportsbook lines because they play a key role in your long-term gambling experience. The following sports betting sites not only offer some of the best lines you’ll find, but the other features, as well.

Uncovering the best sportsbook lines can help you improve your sport betting results. But don’t neglect other important features. Start with the sites above to start building your bankroll.