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A single injury to a pivotal player is enough to jeopardize your entire fantasy hockey season. That’s one of the downsides to traditional NHL fantasy leagues. With daily fantasy hockey games for real money, you won’t encounter this problem. Each competition begins and ends within one day, allowing you to draft an entirely new team the following day. It is a revolutionary way to play fantasy contests. And the best part is that it is specifically legal in the majority of states. That makes depositing fast and easy. Credit cards, paypal, they all work and pay outs are fast.

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Hockey betting may not be as popular as betting on basketball, football, or baseball which makes daily fantasy hockey sites a relatively new phenomenon. Below, you’ll learn what to expect when participating as well as the type of competitions available. We’ll also address scoring and give you a few things to think about when drafting your team. Lastly, to help you get started, we’ll point you to our 3 favorite real money daily fantasy hockey sites.

Experience Playing Daily Fantasy Hockey For Money

With daily contests, you’re not locked into a season, where your fortunes can turn on one or two major events. The players you draft for your team are disbanded after the weekend’s games. There’s no trading of players involved, nor do you go through subsequent drafts for the same contest, as you would for a traditional fantasy hockey league.

The daily competitions also give you an opportunity to play for a small amount of money. Although you can find buy-ins measuring into the hundreds of dollars, you can also wager as little as a few dollars, or even participate for free. Contrast this to a typical season-long league, where you might be required to post $1,000 or more throughout the season.

A lot of would-be sports bettors are concerned that daily fantasy hockey sites are destined to follow the path of online poker sites. In reality, playing real money fantasy hockey is 100% legal. There is little chance the sites will be forced out like the poker sites.

Types Of Real Money Fantasy Hockey Contests

  • There are several ways to enjoy daily NHL fantasy competitions. The most popular offering is the salary cap draft. You’re given a set amount of money with which you can purchase players for your hockey team. Because there’s a cap in place on the amount of money you can spend, you need to pick players who will deliver maximum value. It’s easy to go over budget, so be sure to watch your purchases. You’ll find salary cap fantasy hockey contests at FanDuel, DailyJoust, and DraftStreet, all of which we recommend.
  • Another type of competition involves putting your team together via a snake draft. This differs from a straight salary cap draft in a couple ways. First, there’s no cap on the amount you can spend, which frees you to pick up any available player. But there’s a catch: the second difference is that once a player is selected, that player cannot be drafted to another team. He is removed from the roster. Snake drafts are less popular than salary cap drafts, but are just as much fun. You’ll find them at DraftStreet.
  • You can also wager on solo competitions. This type of real money fantasy hockey contest doesn’t require an opponent; you’re competing with the house (i.e. the site). These work by pitting your team against a specific number of points. If your players are able to earn more than the number set for the competition, you’ll win the payout. These contests are only offered at DailyJoust at this time.

Scoring In Daily Fantasy Hockey Competitions

You should be familiar with how scoring works for any type of daily fantasy sports competition. With real money fantasy hockey contests, be aware the goalie typically carries a premium on wins. That is, if his team wins the game, you’ll learn a few extra points for having your goalie on the ice.

Also, some fantasy sports sites impose a +/- (plus/minus) point structure for players who are on the ice when goals are made. If one of your players is active when his team scores, you’ll earn a few points because he is on the ice. On the other hand, if the opposing team scores while your player is active, you’ll lose a few points.

These types of situations should influence your draft picks. For example, you want to pick a value-priced goalie who has a good winning track record, and tends to not get pulled. Likewise, you want to stack your team with players who perform well in +/- circumstances. Those who have good track records will usually have higher-than-average salaries. However, you can occasionally find bargains your opponents miss (important for salary cap contests).

Best Daily Fantasy Hockey Sites To Win Real Money

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Even though daily fantasy hockey contests have attracted a lot of attention recently, the niche is still relatively new. This is worth noting because a lot of the sites that are trying to establish themselves in this space will end up disappearing. It’s important to use real money fantasy hockey sites that have already shown themselves to be trustworthy and likely to outlast the others. Here are our three top recommendations: (review) – FanDuel is the largest daily fantasy sports site offering hockey competitions. They have more members than any other site, and host more contests. One of the reasons they have become so popular is because their system is easy to use. So, if you’re new to daily fantasy sports, we recommend that you start here. Use FanDuel promo code “KICKASS” to make sure you get your “new member” bonus. (review) – Among the up-and-comers, DailyJoust stands a good chance of becoming one of the titans. They have attracted substantial venture capital, partly due to being the brainchild of one of EA’s founders, Michael Brook. In addition to offering solo fantasy hockey games, Daily Joust maintains a straightforward interface, well-distributed player salaries, and hosts tournaments. Use DailyJoust promo code “freak” as the “promo code” and “recruiting code” to lock down your “new member” bonus. (review) – Draft Street’s player base has been growing quickly, suggesting it is on the path to becoming one of the major players in real money daily fantasy hockey competitions. You’ll find snake drafts, freerolls, a reasonably good interface, and large field tournaments. Use DraftStreet promo code “FREAK” to grab a 30% match on your first deposit (up to $100).

As noted earlier, playing in real money daily fantasy hockey games is completely legal. For this reason, you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your accounts with few problems. Start at the three daily fantasy hockey sites we’ve recommended above.