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One of the newest and hottest things to emerge on the internet in 2011 has been the rise of the daily fantasy football sites. I am talking sites like and up and comer Daily Joust. These sites allow you to play in real money fantasy football contests that last the course of the weekends games. They are legal, legit and virtually brand new. While playing fantasy football for money may not be new, the way you play in daily fantasy football contests is.

This page will list the best place to play fantasy football for money and link to our reviews of fantasy sports sites.

Top Fantasy Football Sites For Cash – Play Real Money Fantasy Football

Types of Fantasy Football Games Available

  • Fantasy NFL Salary Cap Draft – This is the most common type of fantasy football contest offered. You can play the Fantasy NFL football salary cap draft at FanDuel, DraftStreet and DailyJoust. The way it works is you have a salary cap where you have to draft an entire fantasy football team. Each player has a listed price and you have a limited budget. You have to fill your entire roster under budget to have a legal entry into the contest. Once you are entered, you just watch the games and see how many points you score. The highest points totals are the winners!
  • Fantasy NFL Snake Draft – This is only offered at DraftStreet. It offers a snake style draft where you and your opponents are randomly selected into a drafting order and each pick players in turn. There is no salary cap however each NFL player may only be on 1 persons team. Once they are picked, they are off the board. These play out in real time and take 15 minutes. Once the team is set you watch the games and see how your players do!
  • NFL Solo Fantasy Challenge – This is only offered at DailyJoust. It works the same as the NFL Salary Cap Draft with the exception that instead of trying to score more points than other players, you are given a points threshold to hit. If you hit the threshold you win, if not you lose.
  • NCAA Fantasy Football Games – Offered at DailyJoust only. The only place to play in college fantasy football contests for cash, that we recommend, is Daily Joust. They have a wide range of college football contests that fantasy football players are loving.

Best Fantasy Football Sites To Win Cash Daily

Fantasy FootballWe are careful to only list a small and reputable number of fantasy sports sites. The truth of the matter is that the industry is young and there are going to be a lot of sites starting up and failing. That is why we only recommend playing at the reputable and legitimate daily fantasy football sites.

  • (review)- Largest fantasy football contests online. Win huge money in large field tournaments
  • Fantasy Football season is upon us! It’s time to signup for a league where you can win real cash. The only thing better than a break from the summer heat is the fall fantasy football season that is now in play!

    For those fans who love to get in on the action there is now a FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship (FFFC).  The FFFC is a weekly fantasy football draft tournament with two rounds. The finalists will be flown to Las Vegas for an intense one day fantasy football league held on December 11th. $200,000 in cash payouts! The winner will take home the top prize of $75,000. Every week for 12 weeks after September 11th there will be a winner chosen from a qualifying league to participate in the grand finale championship for a chance to be crowned FanDuel Fantasy Football Grand Champion. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Weekly fantasy football for money is legal, legit and quite fun.

    Fantasy sports betting has been increasing in popularity and the easiest way to participate is through online fantasy football leagues. FanDuel brings a whole new meaning to play and win because it can be done just that quickly. They have fantasy football weekly winners as well as daily. That’s right… You can receive fantasy football cash prizes with three easy steps to follow: select the game you want to enter, pick your team from today’s players, score the most fantasy points and win! Once you’ve followed those three easy steps at FanDuel you’ll wonder why more people don’t get in on the action and win real cash.  Don’t be left on the sidelines- play real money fantasy football today!

    Real Money Fantasy Football Resources

    Use these resources to get one up on the competition when you play real money fantasy football.

    Review Real Money Fantasy Football Sites

    Real money fantasy football is clearly legal in most US states and that has lead to tons of real money fantasy football sites springing up. This is good and bad. The good part is that there are some real players in this industry, including one of our favorites, Daily Joust. They are spear headed by the co-founder of the “Madden” football franchise of EA sports. In addition, other real players include, the current largest cash fantasy football site (see our Fanduel Review page and compare it with our Draftstreet Review to get your best fit!