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DailyJoust is a fantasy sports site offering daily fantasy contests for the major sports. You can join the site, enter a contest, draft your team and see how you do! Here are the quick DailyJoust facts for the review.

What is DailyJoust.com? Daily Fantasy Sports Contests For Cash

Daily Joust offers fantasy sports contests for real money!

Daily Joust is a leader in the new wave of daily fantasy sports sites that offer contests and competitions for fantasy sports players. They are also one of the select few to make it on KickAssPoker.com. Launched in June of 2011, DailyJoust is the creation of EA Sports Co-Founder Michael Brook. They have received venture capital and are led by titans of the industry. You can play fantasy football, baseball, hockey for real money. 100% legit and legal. Compete in daily fantasy sports contests for real money and win real money.

They are a leading player in the new daily cash fantasy sports industry.

Types of Games offered at www.DailyJoust.com

Different Tournaments and Contests at DailyJoust.com

The DailyJoust.com Lobby – View all the contests and open tournaments you can participate in.

  • Solo Fantasy Contests – DailyJoust.com is the only fantasy site offering this style of contest. A points threshold is set by the site. If you reach that number you win, if not you lose. A certain amount of points are listed, a salary cap is set and players are given prices. If you join the contest then you are only playing against yourself (or the site) to see if you can hit a certain points threshold.
  • NFL Fantasy Football Salary Cap Games – Draft a team under a salary cap. Compete with other members in your contest and see who wins!
  • NCAA Fantasy Football For Cash – Only site with NCAA football fantasy leagues that run each Saturday. Pick your team under a salary cap and see how many points you can win. Multi-player, heads up and solo contests also available.
  • College Basketball – Daily fantasy contests for the days line up of MLB baseball games. Multi-player to heads up games and even solo games available.
  • NHL Fantasy Games – Big multi-player games to heads up and solo contests.

They are the pioneer of the solo fantasy contests where a points threshold is set by the fantasy site. If you hit that points threshold you win. If not, you lose. This new and innovative game offers fantasy enthusiasts the chance to play only against the point threshold and not against other players. It is a new twist on the daily fantasy football games, that’s for sure.

DailyJoust Promo Code & Username Referral Code

When you first get started at DailyJoust they ask you if you were referred by someone. Enter freak in the referred by box! We would appreciate it if you entered ” freak ” in the recruiting code box. If you do not, DailyJoust themselves get all the credit and there is no point in giving them more money as they make money off of every contest entry someone plays in (assuming a real money contest). For quick information, here is the Daily Joust bonus offer:

Daily Joust Promo Code

Use freak in the referred by field to lock in the 25% bonus!

  • Daily Joust recruiting code = freak (Important! use this recruiting code for bonuses!)
  • DailyJoust.com promo code = freak (yes, use freak both places. This locks you into the higher bonus offer where you will get real cash bonus on your first deposit that you can use)
  • Bonus Offer = 25% 1st deposit bonus (rules apply, see site for details)
  • New Depositor Free Contest Ticket – Play in this one for free after you make your 1st deposit. Depending on the time of year will depend on what kind of ticket you get but usually it will get you into a freeroll of your choice with over a hundred dollar prize pool.

Other Fantasy Sites Like Daily Joust?
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Daily Joust Review Final Thoughts

In the world of daily fantasy sports sites, there are few that can compete with Daily Joust. Created with the leadership that brought us great games like the EA Sports Madden football franchise that is my personal favorite football game on the market as well as healthy venture capital funding, DailyJoust is poised to grow.

  • Awesome leaderboards – probably the best in the business with rankings and different leaderboards
  • Software and Interface – High quality, easy to use. Fun to play
  • Scoring Options – Fair and well balanced. Regarded as one of the most up to date of the big fantasy sites
  • Community interaction – well done with competitions, challenges and badges of accomplishment
  • Unique games including college football fantasy games and solo fantasy contests
  • Growing site that rewards it’s players and is focusing on growing a healthy and vibrant player base
  • Only a $10 minimum deposit is required.
  • Get 25% deposit bonus at DailyJoust – Click Here! Be sure and use ‘freak’ in the referral code field!

Daily Joust Updates Needed for Fantasy Football

  • Scoring for QB TD’s should be 6 pts, like every other position TD – the role of the QB in the NFL is to move their team down the field and score Touchdowns. only giving them 4pts for doing their job isn’t right with me. all the other real money fantasy football sites do the same thing. someone please explain this to me.
  • Scoring for WR catches should be .5 or 1 pt per catch vs having 0 pts for catches – it’s what WR’s do, they should get points for it
  • When picking your team every week the information provided including game info, injury reports and past weeks scoring for players is out of date.
  • If you play in multiple fantasy football leagues and games every week like I do, having up to date player information is important, especially in terms of scoring systems and where players rank base on that scoring system. in my one league Darren Sproles is a beast because he gets points at a RB, WR, KR and PR. other fantasy contests that are more TD heavy scoring would lessen Sproles as a top running back. so having up to date info on the entire season is needed at Daily Joust – similar to the system they run at ESPN.
  • Please add public Super Bowl contests. It appears only a select few are able to participate in the private Super Bowl event. “Single entry only for Jousters with two or more badges. Winner gets a seat in the $10k Super Joust.”

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