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Play Daily Fantasy Sports For Real Money – Daily Fantasy Sports 101

Daily fantasy sports sites are one of the hottest new things emerging on the internet. So hot that websites are popping up left and right offering games. It’s important to start out with the basics, which you can learn about here. You can play real money fantasy football, baseball, basketball, golf, hockey and even Nascar online. The way it works is different than the more traditional fantasy leagues you are probably familiar with. Here we’ll cover the basics of daily fantasy sports and list the best daily fantasy sports sites online.

Reviews of The Best Fantasy Sports Sites Online

FanDuel – Fan Duel is the leader in the fantasy sports sites market, awarding thousands of dollars every week. They are the largest in terms of player base and number of contests and competitions. If you are new to the idea of daily fantasy sports then you need an account at FanDuel. Take advantage of new players bonuses at FanDuel by using our Fanduel promo code – KICKASS when you create your account and can view bonuses you can get dependent on your deposit amount.

What Are Daily Fantasy Sports Contests Exactly?

As the word ‘daily’ implies, these are fantasy sports contests that last a day. In the case of NFL fantasy football, it lasts through Monday nights game. You can play for cash and win real money. Legally.

How it works is something like this:

  • Sign up at your fantasy sports site of choice (pick one of the few select fantasy sports sites listed above on KickAssPoker).
  • In the lobby you will find a list of current contests you can enter. You will see a list of upcoming contests, the buy-in, the prizes and the rules and a button to join the contest.
  • Join a contest. You can play for free or for as little as a few dollars. There are plenty of choices up into the hundreds of dollars of buy-ins.
  • Make a deposit (assuming you are playing for real money). It’s easy, you can use credit cards or even paypal.
  • Draft your team. Depending on what kind of game you are playing in will determine how you pick your players.
  • Watch the games over the weekend and compare your scores against the others in your contest.
  • Highest score(s) once the game is complete wins.
  • Winners get paid, losers get the experience
  • That’s it – you are done with that team win or lose
  • Draft a brand new team next weekend!

That’s pretty much it. In the case of fantasy football you draft a team, watch the games over the weekend and see how you score compared to your opponents. Win, lose or draw that’s it. It’s as simple as that. You draft a brand new team next week. In the terms of real money fantasy basketball the contest lasts the course of the evening games with new contests starting every day. This type of daily fantasy basketball is new, relatively speaking.

Winners win the cash (real money paid right back to paypal straight away) and the losers get to start fresh again next week. They are 100% legal some state exceptions!. They had their own exceptions carved out in the UIGEA that was passed in 2006 and signed into law by George W. Bush that led to a ton of poker sites being ousted from the US. Poker players are notorious for also playing fantasy sports so it seems like a normal fit to list the top real money fantasy football sites online.

These daily fantasy sports websites offer the legal and lawful fantasy sports contests and games. You buy into a contest, pay the fantasy website a small fee (ie the rake) and compete against other players. If you score the most points you win the cash!

Daily Fantasy Sports vs Traditional Season Long Fantasy Leagues

The new form of fantasy sports is focusing on the shorter duration fantasy contests offered up by fantasy sports sites. Sure you can still play in your season long fantasy leagues but that is different than what the sites are offering here. These are called fantasy sports contests, fantasy contests, real money fantasy football games, fast fantasy sports etc etc… Truthfully there is no universal term for what these sites are but the premise is that you can play in real money fantasy sports games that complete each day. Legal and regulated with super fast payouts.

  • These fantasy games are “daily” or over the weekend at most
  • You do not trade players with other members
  • You do not drop and pick up players each week
  • Your previous weekends players have no impact on who you pick in your new contests
  • Your players do not carry over on your team next week
  • Daily fantasy fooball is ‘one and done’
  • Win real money. Payouts FAST to paypal.
  • The scoring is probably different than your seasonal league.
  • Be sure to review the scoring rules and pick players accordingly.

What Kind of Fantasy Sports Contests Are Available – Types of Fantasy Games To Play

The most common contests include:

NFL Fantasy Football Salary Cap Draft League – Salary cap contests with buy-ins ranging from a few dollars up to big money events. You can join as long as there is an open spot and set your team at your leisure. These are the most common types of fantasy contests on the sites and what most fantasy football players are used to. There is no limit to the amount of times a certain player can be added to multiple teams.

NFL Fantasy Football Snake Draft – The snake draft works more like a traditional fantasy football leagues operates. Similar to a rotisserie style draft. In this style of fantasy contest, once a player is drafted then that player is gone from the player pool. No other teams can pick them up. This type of fantasy contest can be ran at any point up until about 20 minutes prior to the start of the first game as it takes around 30 minutes to draft a team.

  • It reminds me of playing a sit-n-go poker tournament as it is virtually ‘live’ with each player having 30 seconds to make their pick. *snake draft is only offered at

NFL Solo Fantasy Contest – this is a unique style of contest where you are given a salary cap and a point threshold to hit. If you hit or exceed the points target you win, if you do not you lose. This is more like playing ‘against the house’ as they are the ones who set the target points. These contests are single player, hence the ‘solo’ fantasy sports contest. Currently these are only offered at DailyJoust and only on a limited basis.

  • This is a new style of contest where you are trying to ‘hit a target’ instead of trying to outscore your competition. and recommend them for new players.

How Do You Deposit Money? Cashing Out?

The best news, since these are 100% specifically legal in the UIGEA, that all major credit cards and paypal work for deposits. Paypal also works for withdrawals.

  • Credit Cards Accepted – Visa, MasterCard etc.
  • PayPal OK – Deposit and payout fast and easy
  • Deposits are near instant
  • Cash Outs are FAST – days not weeks.
  • 100% Legal

Best Place To Play Fantasy Football / Baseball / Hockey?

We like the following three fantasy sports sites.

  • – biggest fantasy contests online. Win huge prizes!