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There’s a good chance you’ve participated in fantasy basketball leagues at some point in the past. Draft your team; keep score as your players rack up points; and at the end of the season, determine whether you’ve won. Daily fantasy basketball sites follow a similar framework, but operate differently. Everything happens within a day. Rather than competing for an entire season – and potentially watching the season go up in smoke due to a key player’s injury – the contests open and close each day.

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There are a lot of advantages. First, you can avoid investing yourself into a season – both in terms of time and money – only to see it end early for reasons beyond your control. Second, you’ll have many more opportunities to win real money. You can risk less money per contest than would be at stake during a season, but in aggregate, you’ll stand to make much more. Third, it is completely legal to bet real money on daily fantasy basketball games. Doing so is possible because they are defined as games of skill, rather than chance (i.e. gambling). Here are step by step instructions to playing your first contest for cash.

This area is still relatively young in the online sports betting industry. On this page, we’ll explain the concepts of betting on daily fantasy basketball contests. We’ll cover how they work, scoring factors, and different ways to pick players. We’ll also highlight the top real money fantasy basketball sites we’ve found thus far, and point you to detailed reviews of each to learn more.

How Daily Fantasy Basketball Contests Work

Getting started with these events is very simple. After you have chosen a fantasy sports site ( is great for beginners) and selected a contest, you’ll need to draft your team. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of strategy that goes into picking your players.

With your players drafted, all that remains is to enjoy the game that evening, and check their stats afterward. If your players manage to collect a higher score than your competition’s players, you’ll win real money. At that point, the contest is officially over. You can start again the following day with an entirely new roster of players.

Scoring At Real Money Fantasy Basketball Sites

The top real money fantasy basketball sites handle scoring a little differently from each other. It is important to familiarize yourself with the scoring systems used at each site. Also, be aware they might change as the sites try to better accommodate their members and respond to feedback.

For example, you might find that one site emphasizes – to the exclusion of everything else – positive scoring. It may award points for free throws, blocks, assists, etc. Another site may include those scoring items, but also integrate deductions. For instance, if one of your players makes a free throw, you might earn 1 point. If, however, your player misses the shot, 0.75 points might be deducted from your score. Turnovers, failed blocks, and bungled field goals may be handled in a similar manner.

The reason this is important is so you can avoid picking high-performing players that end up costing you points. A crackshot 3-point shooter who also tends to lose the ball may not be nearly as valuable as his field scoring ability suggests.

Picking College And NBA Fantasy Basketball Players

Different methods are used to pick players at the top daily fantasy basketball sites. You should be familiar with them before paying the buy-in to participate in the contests. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Recruiting Players By Salary Cap – All of the sites on our recommended list (see below) host salary cap drafts for NBA contests. You’ll have a specific amount of money you can spend on players, each of whom is accompanied by a price. You cannot exceed your cap. The challenge is building a team under budget that can rack up fantasy points. Each player can be drafted to multiple teams; players are not removed from the list once you or anyone else drafts them.
  • Recruiting Players By Snake Draft – Here, players are removed from the list once they are drafted. The order of the draft flip-flops with each pick. The first round progresses in a normal order. For the second round, the order “flips.” The person who picked last in round 1 now picks first. This removes any unfair advantage. Among the three top real money fantasy basketball sites that we recommend, only offers snake drafts for NBA fantasy contests.

Top 3 Fantasy Basketball Sites To Win Cash Prizes

The current field of real money fantasy basketball sites is limited. This is likely to change as the industry matures over the next few years. In the meantime, we have found three high-quality sites that have proven to be reliable:

  • (review) – Currently the leader in daily fantasy sports sites, organizes high-volume contests with guaranteed payouts. They also host a number of support options (phone, email, chat) in the event you need to have an issue resolved. It’s easy to get started, especially for those who are new to daily fantasy sports betting. Use Fan Duel promo code “KICKASS” to lock in your new member bonus.
  • (review) – If you want to participate in NBA fantasy snake drafts, this is the place to do so. You’ll find freerolls, daily and weekly contests, and events with guaranteed payouts. Be aware that there are a few states in which participation in real money fantasy sports games is prohibited. See our Draft Street review for details. Also, to ensure that you receive a 30% match on your first deposit (up to $100), use Draft Street promo code “freak”.

A lot of fantasy sports bettors assumed the recent NBA lockout would place a huge damper on the season. But the activity at, and is as lively as ever. To get started winning cash in real money daily fantasy basketball games, visit the three sites above and register your accounts today.

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