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With online poker sites having to cope with numerous legislative obstacles, thousands of people have migrated to daily fantasy baseball sites. Fantasy sports are defined by the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in a way that makes wagering on them legal. Thus, betting on real money fantasy baseball contests poses none of the problems that online poker currently does for those living in the U.S. For example, at each of the sites we recommend (see below), you’ll be able to use your credit card to fund your accounts.

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Daily fantasy sports betting is still relatively new. A lot of people are interested in getting started, but aren’t sure regarding how to do so. This page will give you a “quick-start” guide to betting at the top real money daily fantasy baseball sites. We’ll share our favorite sites along with the reasons we use them. You’ll also learn a few savvy tips for getting the edge on other bettors.

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How To Get Started At Daily Fantasy Baseball Sites

There is one key point that distinguishes daily fantasy baseball contests from traditional fantasy baseball leagues: most contests last a single day. No longer are you locked into an entire season. You’re in and out as soon as your team finishes for the evening. If your team does poorly, you won’t need to wallow in despair for weeks or months, waiting for the season to end. Cut your losses and build a new team the following day. If your players do well, lock in your profits and look for another opportunity to cash in tomorrow.

It’s simple to start wagering at the daily fantasy baseball sites (refer to our updated list below). Once you’re inside the software, navigate to the lobby and choose your preferred contest. For example, you might see an “MLB head to head” game, an “MLB 5-player league,” or an “MLB 10-player league.” Simply choose one from the list.

The next step is to build your team. Most people get started in salary cap contests because the structure is simple and intuitive. In the software, you’ll see a list of players along with the salaries they command. Your goal is to put together the perfect team while staying under budget.

That’s it. Once you’ve selected the contest and picked your team, sit back and watch how your players perform. Whether you win or lose your wager depends on the number of points your team accumulates during the evening’s games. The real challenge is finding reputable daily fantasy baseball sites at which to place your bets (we’ve done the hard work for you).

3 Tips For Picking Real Money Fantasy Baseball Sites

You can skip this section if you decide to rely on our list of recommended sites. We use the following criteria when reviewing daily fantasy sports sites to recommend. It is one of the reasons our list is small; few sites meet our standards. With that said, here are a few tips if you’d prefer to do the legwork yourself:

  1. Note whether the site is friendly to new daily fantasy sports bettors. The software and features of the site should be easy to understand and use. This is valuable, even if you’re a veteran sports bettor. Why? Because easy-to-use software attracts new bettors, who are easier to make money from (they are less likely to research players).
  2. Pay attention to the rake. It should be reasonably low so you’ll have a chance to make a profit. It is almost impossible to walk with a long-term profit from sites that charge a huge rake.
  3. Pick sites with plenty of bettors. The more people who are wagering on a given contest, the more money you’ll stand to make. If a daily fantasy baseball site has virtually no traffic, you’ll end up spinning your wheels with little to show for your time and effort.

The Key To Winning Daily Fantasy Baseball Contests

  • If you hope to do well betting on real money fantasy baseball contests, do your research. This is the single biggest factor in determining whether you make money over the long run. Take a close look at your potential players. Who’s hurt, and who’s built a lot of momentum in recent games? Who plays well at home, and who’s a dynamo on the road?
  • Pay attention to the entire lineup. Which batters and pitchers are you picking, and do they perform well against the pitchers and batters (respectively) of the games they’ll be playing in?

Uncovering these details takes research, which in turn takes time. But bear in mind that most daily fantasy sports bettors won’t do it. That creates a huge opportunity to profit.

Top-Ranked Real Money Fantasy Baseball Sites

As mentioned earlier, we apply high standards to each site we review based on features we consider to be priorities. As a result, most real money daily fantasy baseball sites fail to make our list. The field is already small, and thus we’ve limited our recommendations to three high-quality, highly-reputable sites:

  • (review) – The biggest – and according to many daily fantasy sports bettors, the best – site of its kind. Fan Duel attracts more traffic than any other real money daily fantasy baseball site. They offer software that is both aesthetically appealing and ultra-easy to navigate. They have also designed their platform to be welcoming to new sports bettors. If you’re new to daily fantasy sports betting, you’ll feel completely comfortable. If you’re a veteran, you’ll find a lot of opportunities to make money. Visit today and use promo code “KICKASS” to lock in your sign-up bonus.

Even though the field is currently small, there are several real money fantasy baseball sites from which to choose. We recommend starting at the three sites listed above. With an active account at each, you may find there’s no reason to look elsewhere.

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