Baseball Betting

Baseball Betting

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The best baseball sportsbooks are content to break even during the MLB season. Why? First, betting on baseball is different than doing so on football. Baseball’s format precludes the use of a point spread, replacing it instead with the moneyline.

Second, the score of any given baseball game rides, in large part, on the performances of the teams’ pitchers. Sports bettors are forced to learn not only about the teams, but also about the men who occupy the mound. As a result, the sports betting sites see a lot less action on the line.

Oddly, most experienced sports bettors agree that making a profit is easier with baseball than it is with football, basketball, and other major sports. With this in mind, we’ll explain how the best baseball sportsbooks make money, and describe some of the bets that follow the pitcher. The following will assume you’re familiar with the main types of sports bets (totals, parlays, moneyline bets, etc.).

How The Top Baseball Sportsbooks Make Money

Sportsbooks make most of their money by charging a commission on wagers. This is the reason the top baseball betting sites are happy to break even when the MLB season is in play. The games see very little action compared to football and basketball. Here’s an example of how the commission works.

Suppose the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets are scheduled to play. The Braves are the favorite while the Mets are the underdog. The moneyline might appear as follows:

Braves -160
Mets +130

This means you would need to bet $160 on the Braves to win $100. You would need to bet $100 on the Mets to win $130. Since most people can be expected to bet on the favorite, a small fee is applied to their wagers. When the underdog wins, the sportsbook makes the difference between the amount of the bet and the amount of the payout.

A simple example: Assume two people place a bet on the Braves-Mets game, with one person betting on each team. If the Mets win, the difference between the total amount wagered and the payout is $30. This is the sportsbook’s profit. This is one of the main ways they make money.

Baseball Betting Follows The Pitcher

We mentioned earlier the importance of the pitchers to the outcome of any given game. Because of their contribution, the moneyline is based largely on those who are starting on the mound. From this, four different pitcher bets have emerged. Here is a brief overview:

  • Listed Pitcher – This wager requires that both starting pitchers listed actually start the game. If either pitcher is changed prior to the game’s first pitch, the wager is considered null, and the money is returned.
  • Specify Team Pitcher – Here, your wager is considered null only if the listed pitcher for the team on which you’re betting is changed prior to the opening pitch. It does not matter if the opposing team’s pitcher is changed.
  • Team Action – Your bet is considered active regardless of whether your team’s starting pitcher or the starting pitcher for the opposing team is changed before the game. Keep in mind, the odds may shift following a change.
  • Team Action Against Listed Pitcher – This wager is essentially the opposite of the Specify Team Pitcher bet. Your bet is active as long as the listed pitcher for the opposing team starts. It does not matter if the listed pitcher for your team starts as planned.

Where To Find The Best Baseball Sportsbooks Online

It’s no coincidence the best baseball betting sites are also among the most well-known sportsbooks in the world. They have spent over a decade attracting – and keeping – customers in a hyper-competitive field. The only way to do this is by catering to sports bettors in a way that accommodates their preferences. This means offering generous sign-up bonuses, providing trouble-free payouts, and maintaining a healthy list of popular sports. But there’s much more involved. Read on for our list of the best baseball sportsbooks.

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