Slow Signs of Improvement for Kevin “phwap” Boudreau after AVM

A large cross-section of the poker community continues to send good wishes and contributions to a new fund set up to benefit Kevin “phwap” Boudreau, the notable high-stakes online player who fell victim to brain bleeding from an AVM (arterivenous malformationphwap-bracelet).  Boudreau collapsed at one of the WSOP’s tables and has remained in an induced coma ever since, even as the poker community has rallied to support him and help defray the medical bills he and his family are likely to face.

The good news is that Boudreau continues to show slow signs of improvement, and is in the process of being transferred to a facility in Colorado, where his family lives.  According to the most recent family update, he’s beginning to react to external stimuli, and also recently faced a close call after being exposed to one of those nasty superbugs that infect way too many medical facilities these days.

Even better news is that the fundraiser for Boudreau has topped its initial goal of $50,000 in just a few days, and here’s hoping that it’ll climb much higher.  Boudreau faces a long road to recovery that’s likely to dwarf the amount of donations already received.

What happened to the 26-year-old Boudreau, a well-liked 26-year-old and a member of the Ship It Holla Balla crew of players once featured in Bluff, is a reminder of the fragility of life for all of us.  Boudreau went from being young, normal and healthy to being stricken literally in a moment’s passing.  As an example, just a few days before his collapse, Boudreau was among the many victimized former players of Absolute Poker protesting against the blatant rewriting of history done by Ben Mezrich in Straight Flush, as one can see by Boudreau’s Twitter feed.

Boudreau has a reputation for being one poker’s good guys.  Here’s hoping that not too many months pass before he finds his way back to the poker tables.

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  1. Frank R says:

    Praying for a speedy recovery…

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