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Watch a quick video and then click the orange sign up link to get the best discount available at Tells is unique in the world of online poker training schools in that it is the only school that focuses on poker tells. You will learn how to read body language and how it applies to the specific situation at hand. The instructor is named Nicholas Fradet and he is a professional poker player who earns his living playing live poker. The tells training school consists currently of around a hundred or so videos of live poker being played. While the hand is being played, Nicolas is talking about the tells and how to spot them and why they mean what they mean in the context of the poker hand. It is a one of a kind training that you can not find at any of the online poker schools. Visit TellsKitchen now!

Can You Tell Which Poker Player Is Bluffing

Which Poker Pro Is Bluffing? Can you tellSo, do you think you know which of these players is bluffing? We have Phil Ivey looking genuinely uninterested with a crooked smile (showing contempt on a micro-expression level), Daniel Negreanu showing a lip pursing tell and or possibly about to blow air out of his mouth, and finally John Juanda looking at his opponent across the table intently and giving off one facial tell that is a clear sign that someone is feeling anxiety.

So, which of these pro’s is bluffing? Which one do you think? Is it Phil who really does not like his hand anymore and is bored since it’s only a few grand in the pot? Is Negreanu who does look a bit tense and possibly nervous? Or is it Juanda who is intent on his opponent across the way?

The answer: The player that is most likely bluffing is John Juanda

Why: While it is true that all of these players are showing tells that could indicate a bluff, but the one facial tell that gives Johns bluff away is that his lips are curled into his mouth and they are ‘invisible’. This is probably the strongest of these tells shown by our three professionals. John is biting down on his lips and you can not see any color in his lips. This is a classic lip / mouth tell that is an indicator of being insecure and stressed. This tell is the most ‘telling’ of the ones we are able to discern from these three pictures. When you compare the three choices, Phil looks unhappy and shows classic contempt micro-expression (see the upraised corner of his mouth) which most likely means he does not like what he thinks is about to happen. He very well could be bluffing in this spot as this does look genuine. Negreanu looks a bit tense but he is not showing any classic tells that would certainly indicate a bluff. The pursed lips mean that Daniel is feeling some stress but not so much so that there is a bluff there guaranteed. Perhaps Daniel does not love his hand enough to call a huge bet or he does not like the thought of getting raised. When we look at John Juanda, we see that John is interested in his opponent and staring at him, leaning forward and trying to look strong but his lips show his sign of insecurity, giving his play away.

Body Language Tips – Which Body Part Is the Most Honest?

It’s not the mouth, it’s not the lips, nose and it’s not even the eyes. You have probably heard the famous line “Those lying eyes” and that’s because everyone knows that people are looking at their eyes. Sure there are eye tells that are fairly reliable but they are not the most honest part. You have to look farther down the body to find the most honest body part when it comes to looking for tells.

So, what is the most honest part of the body? It’s the feet. That’s right, it’s the feet. If you can see the feet of your opponent, and if they are not actively trying to hide feet tells then you can learn a ton of information about your opponent. Sure fire information that tells you if they are strong or weak, if they intend to ‘engage’ in combat or not and even if they are bluffing! This is one of the things you will learn at and that is how to gauge which body part is the most honest and how to dechiper what each tell means as it relates to the hand! For a full explanation on why the feet are a great indicator of tells at the poker table then we recommend Joe Navarros book on poker tells called Read em and Reap (link at the bottom of this article). It explains why the feet are hard wired to react to situations in certain ways and unless you are actively working to control feet tells you are almost certainly giving some away!

Looking at players feet has made me so much money at the poker tables you would not believe it! Learn how to spot these tells and a ton more at – click here for discount sign up rate! (watch short video and then click orange sign up button)

Learning to Read Tells

Physical cues your opponents give off can give you tons of information about what your opponent things about their hand if you know what to look for. If a player rubs his neck does it mean strength or weakness, if a player taps his foot impatiently is he letting off stress and nervous or is he excited about his hand? If a player is chewing his gum and all of a sudden stops does it mean he is weak or strong? These examples are just a slight few that you will learn from TellsKitchen poker tells school, there are tons more. Learning to read body language has improved my live poker game more recently than any other factor.

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What do you get at

At the time of this review (May 2011) there are around 75 videos and at least one new video per week. There is plenty of content to keep you busy for months. There is also a private forum, some articles on body language and a section where photos are scrutinized. In each video Nicolas tells you what to look for, shows you the tell and explains what it means and how it fits in with the context of the hand.

Is TellsKitchen Worth It

One of the most common questions I get when I mention Tells Kitchen to them, is “Is Tellskitchen worth it?” I always tell them, well that depends on you. If you are playing live poker and are actively working on improving your game and have the fundamentals and a somewhat solid poker game under your belt then yes TellsKitchen can give you the edge you have been looking for. If you are playing live poker and do not study body language then you are leaving a ton of information available to you unused.

In closing, we highly recommend for players looking to improve their live poker games. Visit through our links and get the rock bottom price!

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