PokerVT Review. – A look at this innovative online poker training site featuring Daniel Negreanu.

Intro to Poker VT does poker training different than the other major online poker schools, and I have to admit once I figured out how to navigate through their site and get to the content, I was pretty impressed.

I’m a member, or was at one time, of most of the major online poker schools. To give the training site an honest review, I have to experience the training. The team over at offered up an account to use for an honest review. I suppose they were confident I would find the review one of quality. Here’s my review of Poker VT and this should help you answer the question of “Is worth it?

Let’s take a look at PokerVT.

The very first time I logged into my account I was greeted by Daniel Negreanu, the ‘face’ of PokerVT. He welcomed me to the course, congratulated me on joining and gave me a quick synopsis of how to use the training interface. My initial thought was this is cool, but I don’t want to see this each time I log in. Good news is I logged in later to view more content and he didn’t re-appear. I was ready to get in to some of the training and see if I found it worthwhile.
Daniel Greets me at PokerVT

PokerVT Training Software Interface

It took a few minutes to figure out the interface and find the videos the first time I decided to try it. Clicking on the “Watch Video” on the screen does not take you to the material as I suspected. Instead it plays an you an intro of the what you can find in the course. The first time I tried to watch a training Video, Daniel just kept repeating himself about what I would find when i clicked ‘watch video. Interface - Click Select Category to Get to the Materials
I then tried “Select Category”, which worked. Ooooh. Ok, so click select category and wah-lah… there’s tons of stuff to review.

Learning to Play Poker Better Using Poker VT is an interactive flash based online poker training site. It is different than the other online poker schools I’ve reviewed. The videos are done in flash and are very professionally done. Kudos to the development team for making a flash site that once I figured out how to navigate it, it is very easy and fast to load.

Just select the the section and the the category within the section you want to study and then click on the particular lesson.
Daniel Negreanu Gives Analysis of a Live Hand
The navigation goes like this: Section > Category > Lesson > Specific Video/Lecture/Example

Daniel gives his down to earth easy to understand concepts of things that you need to be thinking about while playing and what typical actions usually mean. The videos done in flash load nice and fast on cable internet service.

Get Better at Poker by Learning at PokerVT

Will improve your game? That’s the question that it really boils down to, right? I’m going to be pretty blunt with you. Yes.

If you play a fair amount of poker and have a desire to improve your game this virtual poker training will help you get better. I’ve been or am a member of many of the major online poker training sites and does it different.

If you aren’t familiar with how most online poker schools work is, they essentially record and display a screencast of one of their tutors playing playing online poker. The tutor discusses why they are doing what they are doing. If you want to check it out, you can try out some free poker strategy videos I did here free of charge for anyone visiting It’s really a solid way to learn and worth the investment in the other schools as does this and much more.

Way more innovative poker training methods like:

Innovative Poker Training Methods

  • Video of Live Action Including Microphoned Players and Daniels Play Analysis
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Online Poker Video Screencasts
  • Video Presentations and Strategy Lectures
  • Hand Analysis
  • Interactive Content really has gone “all in”, offering a wide range of training options. If watching someone play online poker doesn’t do it for you and you would like more of a live setting then barring going to one of the WPT Boot Camps which is in the thousands of dollars, I’d recommend giving a try.

Training Videos of Live Poker Action with Top Pros
Ok, this was one of my favorite things about so far, and I’d like to give credit where credit is due here. This was a really good idea and interesting way to learn.
Virtual Poker Training

What they did was they put a table full of live pro’s together to play cash games and gave them each microphones and sound canceling headphones so they could not hear one another talk. Each player plays their hand and talks into the microphone whilst playing, saying their thoughts about why they are doing what they are doing. This was a really interesting way to get insight into some higher level poker thought.
Poker Training Tutors at
They had some solid players in the videos, one of the guys was Alex Outhred who was an instructor at the WPT boot camp I went to in Reno, Paul Wasica, and a handful of other pro’s and amateurs mixed in for complication..

The Presentations and Lectures – I really like hearing Daniels thoughts and commentary on each hand, video or scene. He normally gives a quick strategy behind what just happened or why he thought it wasn’t played that well. One featured strategy piece is a full explanation of Daniels small ball tournament strategy that solidified some of the things I have been trying lately.

Poker Math Odds You Need To Know

One of the lectures that I still know I must go through, at least once, is a very comprehensive section on important math to know in poker. This looks like it is a very comprehensive section on poker math (oh the joy). I’ve only been able to stomach the wordy lecturer for about 40 minutes so far and he is just getting into everything he is going to share with us, but it sounds really useful and I am going to go through it as I have never been precise on my poker math.

Videos and Tutors
In addition to Daniel Negreanu, you’ll see Annette Obrestad, Adam Junglen, JC Alvarado, Boosted J, and Paul Wasika in the online poker video tutorials, and as time progresses I’m sure we will see more and more videos and high quality instructors added. You can see a wide range of other players styles and skills and Daniels gives commentary, advice and his take on the situation.

PokerVT Is Well Rounded Holdem Poker Training

Cash games, Tournaments, Online, Short Handed, Full Table, and heads up are covered at I haven’t yet seen anything on other game variations, but I have not been through everything the site has to offer, yet.

There is a lot of training to be had at Poker VT, lots of videos, lots of hands, lots of content. Prices

How much does cost?

  • Monthly Fee: $29.99
  • Visit and click on Join to see today’s specific price

I have been randomly checking the site to see if there are promo’s or price changes and will keep this up to date as possible but the price might go up at any time. We will attempt to keep the pricing up to date but as always check the site. You never know they sometimes run daily specials for slight discounts off of this price too.

Is worth it?
If you are serious about improving your poker play then yes, absolutely this course is worth it. Here are some of the strong points I like about

  • Totally Unique One of a Kind Content – Wont find it anywhere else
  • Variety of Learning Methods Available
  • 50 New Pieces of Content added per month
  • Well Rounded Texas Holdem Strategy Approach

If you will spend the time it will take to go through the entire course then it is most likely going to be very worth it to you. Poker VT provides a well rounded look at texas holdem. While other training sites focus more on either winning Holdem Cash Games or Winning Sit-N-Go’s, offers expert strategy across all of them.

You can access more online poker training site reviews at or see our full list of poker training school reviews.

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