PokerXFactor Review

Poker X Factor is an Excellent Poker Training Site Focused on Multi Table Poker PokerXFactorTournaments and Sit-N-Go’s.
PokerXFactor – Online Poker Training Site
The Skinny: PokerXFactor is an online poker training site featuring some of the most well known online poker players in the world including JohnnyBax, Sheets, BeLOWaBOVe and cash game specialist Rizen.

If those names do not ring a bell to you, don’t worry. Unless you keep up with the online poker world you probably do not recognize those names. That’s ok, these guys kick ass at poker.

They are some of the best online poker players in the world, constantly ranked at the top of the online poker ranking sites. Their videos are excellent.

How Poker X Factor Works

The idea is really simple. You download and watch videos of professional online poker players playing poker and explaining things as they play.

Essentially, you look over the shoulder of a professional poker player as they play No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. You get to see their hole cards and listen to them explain why they are doing what they are doing. It is a personal look into the minds of some of the strongest online poker players in the world.

PokerXFactor focuses mostly on multi table poker tournament play, also known as MTT’s as well as offering a wide variety of sit-n-go’s, SNG’s.

What makes PokerXFactor Unique – Hand Replayer

Here is the one thing that I have really grown to like at PokerXFactor. They have a unique tool call the ‘hand replayer’ that allows the pro’s to download the hand history and it graphically re-create the tournament.

The hand replayer does not have to be done ‘live’. They can import hand history, play the hand out and talk about why they are doing what they are doing, just as if they were doing it live… but with more perks. They can pause, rewind, fast forward etc…

At first, I was skeptical of the hand replayer because I like to hear them talk WHILE they are playing… I thought that it would make it more truthful poker but I have to admit, I really like the Poker X Factor Hand replayer as you can fast forward through foldfests and it makes the time required from me to watch a complete session shorter… plus them being able to rewind hands to talk more in depth about it or pause them is excellent.

PokerXFactor also has LIVE Videos, similar / same as the other two major poker training sites (cardrunners and real poker training).

The Online Poker School Instructors at PokerXFactor:
PokerXFactor has the line up of some of the best online poker players anywhere. These guys (and girls) are literally dominating all of the online poker ranking websites that rank the top online players.
JohnnyBax is probably their most famous instructor and if you have played the big tournaments on you have probably heard the name JohnnyBax. Bax held the long time 1st place rankings over at P5’s for a record amount of time and is considered one of the top multi-table tournament players online. His videos are excellent. Johnny Bax Kicks Ass! He was the top ranked player on PocketFives forever and plays a smart, aggressive, logical game. Excellent player.

Sheets – Eric “Sheets” Haber dominates the Sit-N-Go’s up to the biggest stakes online ($1000 + SNG’s). His videos are also most excellent giving top insight on how to play sit-n-go’s like no other. If you are a sit-n-go player and are having a hard time winning money (or even breaking even) then with a handful of these videos you will have your game in shape. Highly recommend these SNG’s.

Guest Pro’s
BeL0WaBOVe – one of the sickest multi-table tournament players anywhere and arguably one of the best rebuy players online. If you want to see how to effectively play loose aggressive then look no farther than BeLOWaBOVe’s videos. Sick, sick indeed. 46 suited is a beautiful hand, and BeL0W always plays it (well almost always).

PearlJammer – dominates online poker MTT tourneys. Current leader at points race and a fearsome player in the multi-table tournament. Also is a mentor and advisor of’s own player bearw8 who is playing really well and is due for more big scores

Rizen – Top Player, TV time during the WSOP. Great no limit texas holdem cash game strategy. Gives a nice balance to the amount of tournament and SNG videos offered. Here is Rizen’s home page.

There are a handful of other pro’s including inssint, Apestyles and brsavage that I am only vaguely familiar with, but have seen their names at the top of the online poker leaderboards and know that they know what they are doing.
Quality and Quantity of Poker Training Videos offered at

100’s of hours of videos.

I have only watched a tiny portion of videos, there are plenty to keep you busy.

There are hundreds of videos currently in the library at PokerXFactor. I have watched maybe 3% of the videos available so far. Hundreds of hours of content that you could not possibly view them all in a day, week or even a month unless you were watching videos non stop.

The short answer is that there are PLENTY of videos to watch.

The majority of the videos are labeled “MTT” which stands for “Multi Table Tournaments.” If you want to take your game to the next level and really give yourself a real chance to win a big Multi-Table Tournament (sometimes LIFE changing tournaments) then the training from Poker X will no doubt help you on your way.

If I were to break down the % of types of videos / training available I would break it down like this:

70% Multi Table Tournaments
30 % Sit-N-Go Tournaments
10% Cash Games.

Most of the videos are of no limit texas hold em. If you are more interested in No Limit Cash Strategy then I recommend as they have more of a focus on Cash Games.
Poker X Factor Price and Cost of Joining as a suscriber.
PokerXFactor has (at the time of this review, 8/23/07) a membership fee of $149.95 which also covers your 1st month. You can pay via Credit Card or Paypal. These prices can change at any time, and rumors is that they are going up.


1. Sign Up Fee + 1st Month = $149.95 – You may subscribe for 3 months for a price of $199.85.

Essentially you get three months for $200. If you are serious about improving your multitable poker tournament skills then this is an investment that will yield positive results, no doubts about it. Watch as many poker training videos as you want for three months. Even if you are playing $5 and $10 Tournaments online, one big win can pay for the membership right away. PokerXFactor has a $24.95 per month recurring charge for each additional month you remain a member.

*prices are subject to change without notice and this is just the current rate at the time of this review (Sept 07)

Final PokerXFactor Thoughts

PokerXFactor was the last of the big three online poker training schools that I reviewed (after RealPokerTraining and CardRunners) and I was honestly impressed enough to say that for Multi-Table Poker Players, this is the best place to go to get your online poker training. Cash game players I still recommend but for Tourneys – Poker X Factor Kicks Major Ass.
The custom hand replayer took a little bit getting used to since at the other training sites it is all live video recording, but I do like the fact that they can speed through boring, non-eventful hands and when a series of important hands come up they can rewind, play again, pause, and just take their time explaining why they are doing what they are doing. I really like it. Especially when they intermingle live and hand history recordings.

Is PokerXFactor worth it?

If you are working seriously on your Multi Table Tournament Game and or Sit-N-Go Game game then yes, absolutely. It will be some of the best money you ever spent. I say that with confidence.

Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!
P.S. Oh, have you heard about’s free poker strategy videos? Great for small stakes and new players! Check them out!