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Card Runners – Online Poker Training Site
The Skinny:  Card Runners is one of the oldest and best established online poker training site on the market today. They pioneered the business model of providing top notch poker training videos from some of the most respected professional online poker players.
In a nut shell, is a poker training site featuring videos, blogs, quizzes and top notch poker strategy content from some of the best online poker players in the world. There is also a very active blog and a forum for hand discussion. There are hundreds of thousands of hours of video training examples offered and plenty of no limit cash games.
Largest poker training site online, 1900+ videos
Top choice for cash game (ring game) instruction
Tons of NL Texas Holdem Videos
Large selection of PLO cash games
Low, medium and high stakes video examples available
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You get to watch online poker pros play their cards and listen to him analyze the table and discuss why he is doing what he is doing.
The concept is incredibly simple, watch videos of top online poker players.
You sit at your computer and look over the shoulder of a professional poker player as they play No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Cash games. You get to see their hole cards and even better you get to hear the pro analyze the table, the situation, the other players and how & why he makes his decisions. You learn by watching and listening to the professional players.

Cardrunners Screen Shot
List of all the videos available for viewing. As you can see, there are plenty of choices of different types of videos, different stakes and different types of poker games. At first I couldn’t figure out how to sort the videos, then I saw the ‘search’ button.
From the search page you can find any type of video with all the options you want. No limit, pot limit, fixed limit and the different games and even the type of the table. Lets take a look at some of the limit holdem games and see what is available to watch.
I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first…
That is until I started watching some of the no limit cash game videos available from “Green Plastic.”
Green Plastic crushes the high stakes online games on a regular basis. He plays smart poker and not only that he can explain his plays in ways that make sense.

It is not math intensive, just mostly strategy based and reads combined with experience. The videos are excellent.

What I really liked was the large selection of no-limit cash game videos. There are lots of them and across small and large stake buy ins.

The other sites I had joined were mostly tournament and sit-n-go strategy videos. While valuable in their own right, I’m playing mostly no limit cash games right now and that’s what I want to see.
The other poker training site that I’ve joined and reviewed is Real Poker Training it is great for multi table tournament strategy. Watching Todd Arnold, aka NSXT2, play is great for the tournament player. Real Poker Training is great, but but they were lacking in the no limit cash game videos, which is what I wanted. We here at have also added our own online poker strategy videos available 100% for free. I’m not Brian Townsend (sbrugby) or GreenPlastic, but my strategy videos can show you what you will expect at

Card Runners has both cash games and tournament videos including Collin Moshman, faarcyde, Sippin_criss for SNG’s and mement_mori, augie and Timex for multi-table tournaments. These may or may not be names you know but they are winning online poker players specializing in certain types of poker. There are a lot of tournament videos on Card Runners. I haven’t watched them yet. I simply don’t have the time. If you want a mix of cash games and tournaments then you should take a look at Card Runners first. Plus, the poker training at Card Runners is less expensive anyway.

The No limit games videos at CardRunners start at .25/.50 blinds up to $10/$25 blinds. Most of the cash games are somewhere in the middle with a full buy in being between $50 to $400 dollars. Since I’ve been a subscriber at Card Runners and at the time of writing this (about 4 weeks after subscribing to CR, I’ve moved up 1 level and I’m up over $900 playing 6 man .50/1 no limit ring games at Poker Stars.
The course has paid for itself already!!!
So, how do the memberships work and how much does it cost?

The sign-up fee is $100 and then there is a monthly membership charge of $30. However, if you are willing to pay for at least 6 months up front you can get a 15% discount and if you are willing to sign up for the entire year then you get your best value of only $360 / year which essentially gives you full membership without the sign up fee.
1. Gold Member – watch as many videos as you want and get access to all the content on the site for one low monthly price. In my opinion, the unlimited access package is the way to go. Unlimited access is $99 dollars to sign up and $24.99 per month. $27.99/mo (they raised the prices sometime in early 2007 and again in mid 2008. With the continued investment in the site the prices have adjusted to market rates accordingly with a $30 per month tag and a $100 door fee.

2. Free Trial – Essentially this is just to try it out and you get limited access to videos. If you decide to join as a regular you get the money deducted from your signup fee. I believe you have 7 days to decide once you try it so I recommend you first try it out for free, spend some time watching some videos and see if you think it is worth it to you.

Card Runners is not for complete poker rookies or entertainment only players.
Card Runners is not for complete poker rookies or for people who are only goofing around or playing for kicks every now and then. It is designed for the players who want to learn winning strategies and willing to make the time investment to watch the videos and implement what they learn. You have to want to improve your game.

If you are looking to take your game to the next level, then this course will help you do so. I am up $500 playing low stakes 1 month after watching my first video. I would say the course has paid for itself already.

*edit, by the time I finished this article I was up to $900 positive about 6 weeks after joining. Schweet. Also – has TOP notch support. I got email answers within 10 minutes, seriously! Hat’s off to you CardRunners!

If you want to take your game to the next level.

Card Runners is designed for intermediate and advanced poker players who are looking to take their game to the next level. If you are still fairly new to poker and just want to learn some basic strategy, you might be better served reading through the Texas Hold Em 101 section and just playing some very low stakes poker and get some time under your belt before making this investment.

If you are seriously working on your game or if you have hit a plateau and can’t quite break out with a big tournament win or move up to the higher limit cash games then you should consider joining Card Runners. They have a demo video available on their site if you want to see what it is like.
Jungleman, iRock, Vemeer, MDoranD, [vital]Myth, JBaller88 Green Plastic, Muddy Water just to name a few! These are some of the guys you get to watch and listen to as they play. I’ve been watching their videos for a while now and I have plugged numerous leaks in my game, learned how to turn on aggression properly and how to play a LAG style. These guys are good players.

Not only that, the videos are good – really good!

You get insight into some of the most talented poker minds playing online poker today. You watch them play, they explain what they are doing and they go into detail about why they are doing what they are doing, and things that you should be watching out for at the table.

They explain what certain bets in certain situations typically mean, and how to react accordingly. This advice has already picked me up a handful of sizeable pots that I would have typically not won with well timed raises. You can visit the site and browse the entire selection of videos available.

Cash Game Players – there are a lot of videos!
Including low stakes and high stakes cash games. Great selection of no limit cash game examples.

If you’ve read poker strategy books but wish someone would show you in detailed situationals then you’ll like the videos. When you watch someone apply techniques you’ve read about, or if you watch him make a move and say that 80% of the time when a player makes a bet like that he is weak and will fold to a raise, and then they raise him and they fold, it gives you something to watch for in your game. I’ve picked up a handful of extra pots already. Part of the reason I’m up so much $$ after joining.

What games are covered?

Cash Games, Sit-N-Go Tournaments, Heads Up Tourneys, Multi Table Tourneys, rebuys. Most videos are of No Limit holdem, but there are some omaha videos as well. PLO instructors include Stinger, LearnedFromTV, Skjervoy, Mindcirkus and Lefty2506 and there are a handful of mixed game specialists as well.
Cardrunners being one of the largest online poker training sites means you have a wide variety of training available at your fingertips 24-7.

How much does does it cost?

Unlimited access is $100 one time fee and $24.99 per month $30 per month (price went up) for the Gold Plan. Be sure and check the site as these prices do change without notice. They have already went up from when I first became a member.

What do I think of Card Runners?

For the price, the unlimited access plan is the best online training option on the web. It is the least expensive to get started up and it offers the most variety of video training and has some of the best online cash game players on the net.
It is the best value on the web from the three major online training services. You’ve got Card Runners, and Real Poker Training, which I also joined and reviewed here, and two other major sites, Pro Poker School and “Poker X Factor” which I have not yet reviewed.
For my game, Card Runners is the best choice of what I’ve seen and read so far on the online training sites.

It is less expensive to sign up and has more videos suited to what I’m looking to do, win at the no limit ring games on a regular basis. So far, so good.

The videos take a time investment to watch, but to the student of the game things you learn will be well worth the investment. Card Runners is my favorite choice for people wanting to see a lot of videos of no limit ring cash games.

There were a few videos where the sound was somewhat low, but most videos played quickly on my high speed connection and I didn’t have any customer support issues. They also have a lot of articles, I’ve read 1 of them so far and it was good.

For the poker player more intent on improving his game, and those of us who enjoy playing poker and are actively trying to get better, we’ll find this course worth every penny charged and more. Get the course. I honestly feel that the information shared in Card Runners is worth every penny they charge for access if you are serious about improving your poker game.

Final Thoughts on Card Runners

I’m impressed. I was really looking for a site that would help me out with my cash game. I was a member over at RPT and while I thought the videos there were great, they were mostly tournament examples.
I don’t have the time to play a lot of tournaments, but I can often get in an hour session of no limit cash games, and when I play I want to win. I needed more cash games. I also needed cash game videos at the lower stakes levels. It’s great watching a $5/$10 no limit cash game but I’m not playing at that level. I joined Card Runners because I would like to be playing at that level, and I need examples playing in similar levels to what I can play.

Card Runners provides no limit cash videos starting at $25 buy-in tables up to $1000 table buy-ins. Variety and quantity and great quality with the instructors playing behind the camera. Thumbs up.

I really like the way Green Plastic and Muddy Water analyze the table and explain why they are doing what they are doing. I’ve been dually impressed. I think the videos I’ve watched so far have certainly improved my game.

Is it worth it? For the more serious poker player, yes absolutely.

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Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!
P.S. We have also reviewed other poker training sites as well, some that are more focused on on Multi Table Tournament Poker and Sit-N-Go’s check out PokerXFactor and Daniel Negreanus PokerVT, or even Real Poker Training as they.