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Bluefire Poker Review – An in depth look at this online poker school featuring Phil Galfond, also known as “OMGClayAiken” at FullTilt or “Jman28” on PokerStars. You may have seen him at the nosebleed stakes battling Phil Ivey, durrrrr, Patrick Antonious and other top pro’s at the online poker tables. He is the lead instructor for the site and is the driving force behind many of the videos available on the training site. The goal of this page is to help you answer the question: Is worth it?

Intro to BlueFirePoker
Bluefire takes a different approach to their online training videos than some of the larger and more established training sites like CardRunners or the FTP Academy and that is that they produce fewer but higher quality training videos. You know when you are watching a video from one of the instructors you are going to learn something and be able to take away good advice from the video. Quality over quantity is the Bluefire poker plan of action.

At BFP, we only bring you videos from pros that crush the games. Most sites will have a few great players doing the occasional video, and then a slew of mediocre pros making up the bulk of their library. All of our pros are top players at their stakes, hand selected by our lead pro, Phil Galfond, who will be making 4-6 videos a month. Home Page

Let’s take a look at BlueFire Poker Training
The training at Blue fire poker is anchored by Phil Galfond (OMGClayAiken on FTP) and they have a 200 hour plus video section that is growing by the month. At the time of this review there are over 200+ high quality video reviews and every video at is going to be a high quality video with positive learning experience so it will take you quite a long while to watch the current videos and they are adding more each month.

Sortable Poker Training Videos

Poker Training Offers

While the lead instructor on the site is Phil Galfond who is known for crushing the nosebleed stakes online, and his high stakes play is very interesting to watch, they offer a larger selection of medium and lower stakes games that the average players are interested in. All of their videos are cash game videos, mostly no limit texas holdem although there are some Pot Limit Omaha videos as well. If you are looking to play 6 max NLHE (no limit short handed training) then Blue Fire would be a top choice for you.

Different types of poker training videos offered

  • NLHE 6 max (most common)
  • NLHE Heads up
  • PLO 6 max
  • PLO HU

Game Stakes

  • Lower stakes, NL $25, $50, $100 (around 40 videos)
  • Medium stakes, NL $100, $200, $400, $600 (around 60 videos)
  • High stakes, NL $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 (around 50 videos)
  • Nosebleed stakes, NL 20,000, PLO 40,000 (around 9 videos)

Is Blue Fire Poker worth it for you? – if you want to win 6 max nl games – yes.

The majority of the Blue Fire videos feature top players who dominate the 6 max no limit holdem games online, which is one of the most popular ways to play online poker. It’s fast, aggressive and can be extremely profitable. 6 max is my personal favorite style of nl cash games, I really enjoy playing it online so the course has been great for me already. Plus, I’ve only watched a few hours worth of videos so far and there are a couple hundred of hours worth to watch with new ones often. The instructors and trainers at BFP really go in depth discussion of each hand and the strategies and reasoning behind the plays that they are making and the talent they have instructing at the 6 max games is one of the top rosters online.

Again, if no limit short handed or heads up poker is your game, you will get tons of value from Blue Fire Poker. On the other hand I would not recommend Bluefire poker to players looking to improve their poker tournament play. As a matter of fact virtually every video I see right now is cash games only, so if you are looking to improve your tournament play then you need to look elsewhere. I recommend PokerVT as an alternative as they have lots of tournament and cash game strategy from one of pokers best players (Negreanu), but is not for tournament guys.

Remember, only puts out high quality videos so each video should contain some very valuable information from a top pro in the field. There are also a very limited amoutn of articles (five, lol) but there are more in depth player blogs and the forum is new but growing with a few thousand posts.

Poker Traininers at BlueFirePoker

The instructors are some of the best poker players on the internet at the games they are teaching. Led by ‘Jman28’ aka Phil Galfond the crew of instructors are top notch. If you are familiar with the goings on of the online poker world then you will be well aware of who these players are but if not just know that these guys have dominated the poker game and are very much winning poker players. The strategies and techniques you will learn from them will be those you see from a winning poker player.

Here is a list of the instructors.

  • Phil Galfond (Jman28 on Stars, OMGClayAiken on FTP)
  • Jason Senti (PBJaxx)
  • Niman Kenkre (Samoleus)
  • Martin Fournier Giguere (Giggy)
  • Ryan Fee (Fees)
  • Don Nguyen (SoCalQuest)

You can read more in depth bio’s about them on their pro poker instructors page. The short answer is these guys are all really good poker players.

How Much Does Blue Fire Poker Cost?

At the time of this review there is a sign up fee and a monthly fee.

  • $99 one time sign up fee
  • $29 per month membership (discounts for 6 mo and 1 year subscriptions

Keep in mind that the prices do change over time so check the site for the latest. We will also keep up with any specials or price breaks if they are ever offered but I don’t expect too much on that front, the prices are already at current market prices and the pro’s and names behind the site do a lot to sell the site itself.

Final Thoughts about

With the growing number of online poker schools available to choose from it is important to know what part of your poker game you want to improve before choosing which training site is best for you. If you are looking to get better at No limit holdem six max games then Blue Fire is certainly a top contender in the field and I think you will easily make your money back at the tables if you employ the strategies offered by the BFP instructors. However if you are more interested in limit holdem, tournaments, sit-n-go’s then BFP is not for you.

We like and recommend it for cash game no limit / pot limit players. You should recoup your costs quickly by implementing the strategies, techniques and styles into your own game. My favorite part about Blue Fire Poker is that they only put out videos of high quality, from top pro’s. It takes a lot of time to watch these videos so at some of the other poker training sites you can often waste a lot of time watching videos and lessons that might not teach you very much, while at BFP you can be pretty much assured from every video you watch you will learn something new that will help you win more money.

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