Training Schools

Online poker training schools started hitting the market in 2006 during the online poker boom. In that time, there have been a handful of really good online poker training schools listed below and some that simply did not make it or were underfunded. Here is a quick list of the top poker schools online and links to our reviews.

How Online Poker Schools Work

In a nutshell, online poker schools work by having the instructor video record himself playing online poker and him explaining why he is doing what he is doing. It is like you are sitting next to the instructor and watching him play and listening to him explain what he is doing. Most of the schools have integrated forums or message boards so you can write down questions and ask them and usually get an answer, considering there is a monthly fee to be a member of this training site. I’ve seen the following types of training at the online poker schools.

  • Poker Videos
  • Hand Replayers
  • Written articles and guides
  • Forum Q&A

You pay a sign up fee to get started (usually) and then there is a monthly subscription charge to keep your account active and so you can keep seeing the latest and greatest videos produced by their instructors. The sign up fee is usually between $50-$150 and the subscription rates vary from around $20 per month to $35 or so. You can find links to the current prices (as they change all the time) by clicking through to each of the training schools through our links. We ensure our members are linked to the best deals possible at the training schools we list.

Learning to Play Better Poker at Training Schools

The vast majority of people can learn to play better by becoming a member of a training school because of the way the lessons are delivered. The vast majority of the poker schools use screencast videos that display to you exactly what is on the instructors screen just as the instructor sees it. It is like you are sitting in the room with him watching him play and listening to him explain why he is doing what he is doing. If you have ever wondered what a pro would do in a certain situation or thought about how a pro might play this hand then these training schools show you that exactly.

Along with reading poker books and poker strategy discussion with good players, watching videos of professional play poker is one of the best ways to improve your game. I will give a word of caution about the poker school training and that is that they take time. Watching a pro play a session takes the same time (or a little more) than playing a session yourself. Since all of these offer a monthly subscription service you need to dedicate yourself a certain amount of time each month that you will devote to watching training videos or utilizing one of the features that the training school has to offer.

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