Poker Strategy

Poker is a skill based game mixed with elements of chance. This means that there are Poker Strategywinning poker strategies and over the long term, you can play winning poker. Over the short term, the element of chance means that even if you make the right play using well thought out reasoning and strategy, you can still lose! This element of chance is what makes poker so great and allows it to appeal to a much broader range of players when you compare it to a total skill game like chess. Chess does not have any elements of chance.

If quality poker strategy is applied over the long term will, the end result is a winning poker player. To become a winning poker player you have to develop your own poker strategies and techniques you use to win more and lose less. This is our poker strategy directory where you can find links to the poker strategy articles and videos found here at as well as links to quality strategy information from around the web.

We list and review the top poker strategy schools where you can learn advanced strategies via virtual training from some of the best and brightest online poker players today. We have a growing list of quality poker strategy articles with a focus on texas holdem strategy. We have beginner poker strategy articles including tips and advice on how to improve your game and how to develop a long term winning poker strategy. We are best known for our heads up poker strategy information where we give advice on playing heads up texas holdem, both no limit cash games and tournaments.

Poker Strategy Basics

If you are still learning the basic rules of how to play Texas Holdem then we recommend starting out with the texas holdem 101 guide which will walk you through the details like how the blinds work, hand rankings, how the betting works and other basics to get you started. If you are more advanced and looking to improve your game then we recommend starting out with some of our poker strategy articles or signing up to our newsletter and getting our free poker strategy videos.

Poker Tips

These articles are designed for a quick read and have lists of tips.

Advanced Poker Strategy Schools and Online Training

More Poker Strategy

  • Poker Probability Tables – learn the probability outcomes of common poker situations
  • Holdem Hand Charts – a beginners guide to the top starting hands
  • Calculating Pot Odds – how to calculate your pot odds using easy techniques
  • Poker Rules – Links and information to current poker rules and governing bodies

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Free Poker Strategy Videos

These are videos and thoughts from a non-professional poker player. Plenty of mistakes are made and you would and should disagree with many of the plays made. However a lot of players have found these videos very informative for newer players especially to learn how to play with aggression. Enjoy the videos.

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