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Online Poker Articles

Online Poker ArticlesPoker pro Mike Sexton once said, “No Limit Texas Holdemtakes a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master.” To some extent, the same can be said about several poker variants, including Stud and Omaha. This is one of the reasons we’ve put together such a large collection of online poker articles. We’ll give you everything you need to become a winning player.
You’ll notice we’ve categorized our poker articles into several groups. This will make it easier for you to find exactly what you need. We’ll start at the beginning, and take you through every component of mastering the game.

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Online Poker Rules

A lot of novice players are unfamiliar with the different poker variants they can play. For many of them, the first hint that anything besides holdem and Omaha exists comes when they see the games listed at their favorite poker sites. With this in mind, we’ve created a series of mini tutorials, clearly laying out the rules of each game in detail. Use them to quickly get up to speed. You’ll find the rules to Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, 7-Card Stud, and many other variants by clicking here.

You won’t find poker tips and strategy lessons in that area. We have a large section devoted solely to these topics…

Beginning Poker Tips And Strategy

When you’re getting started at poker, learning advanced strategy can quickly become overwhelming. So, we’ve gathered a collection of beginning tips into a separate area. If you’re new to the game, check out poker tips.

You’ll find online poker articles covering pot odds, starting hands, counting your outs, and how to play position. You’ll learn how to manage your bankroll, and spot the signs that you should fold. We’ve also put together tips for playing before the flop, bluffing, and how to identify different types of players. There’s plenty to keep you busy.

Advanced Poker Strategy

After you’ve gone through our beginner’s poker articles, it’s time to dig into advanced strategy. Here, we’ve placed several strategy guides for Texas Holdem, Omaha, and other popular variants. While some of the games listed in this area may follow similar rules, each requires a unique approach. We’ll describe them here.

We cover topics ranging from betting strategy, coping with a bad run, and how to put your opponents on hand ranges. You’ll also learn how to win at different types of tournaments, including sit N gos, multi-table events, and heads-up tourneys. There’s a lot of information to absorb in this section. When you’re ready, click Poker Strategy to get started.

Poker Strategy Videos

We realize that some players learn best when concepts are explained visually. So, we’re putting together a group of strategy videos to complement our online poker articles. We’ll discuss outs and odds, playing pocket pairs, how to win against different types of players. Click here to take a look at the videos we’ve created for you so far.

Top Poker Tournaments

There are several large poker tournaments taking place throughout the year. We’ve created a fact sheet for each of them here. You’ll learn about the World Series Of Poker (and its European counterpart), the World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour, and the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, among others. Even if you never plan to participate in a live tourney, it’s worth becoming familiar with them.

Poker Room Reviews

Choosing a poker site is not easy, especially with some of the top rooms closing their doors to U.S. players. Every site poses its own set of strengths and weaknesses. For example, one online poker room might offer a large sign-up bonus, but miss the mark with their software. Another may offer a great bonus and well-designed software, but be unable to provide more than a trickle of player traffic.

The purpose of these online poker articles is to give you the nuts and bolts about the “best of class” poker sites. We’ll highlight the strong points of each as well as the weak spots. By the time you finish reading about any given site, you’ll have a good idea whether they offer what you’re looking for.

Poker Training Reviews

There are several poker training websites that offer paid memberships. Some are good, and will give you tips and pointers that go far beyond many of our poker articles – even those in the Advanced section. Other training sites are mediocre. They provide good instruction, but you can find a lot of it on our site for free. Still others are not worth the money they charge for access.

Assuming you want to avoid wasting your time and money, use our reviews as a roadmap. We’ll describe each poker training site in detail, pointing out the good and not-so-good areas. We’ll tell you which ones are worth the price of admission, and which are a waste.

Poker News Around The World

From tournament updates to new poker legislation, and drama at the tables to the latest coups pulled off by your favorite poker players, we’ll keep you updated. Think of these poker articles as an ongoing news stream encompassing everything important – or just plain entertaining – happening in the poker world. Click here to plug in.

Poker Leagues And Tools

In this section, we’ve placed poker articles that are directly related to playing in a poker league, or organizing and managing one yourself. You’ll find tips on various tools, such as the software needed to create the leaderboards and manage results. We also cover training courses for dealers and directors. Visit poker leagues if you’re interested in running your own poker league.

Together, the links we’ve included above will give you a crash course on online poker. Whether you’re playing for the first time or have been visiting the tables for years, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy.

Poker Culture Resources Sites

Our favorite poker forum, of course, is the Kick Ass Poker Forum. It’s where the Atlanta Poker Club and Kick Ass Poker members chat it up about our favorite pass time…that being poker!

Lurkers, please join in on the fun and get registered already! 😮 We also participate in other forums and when we find a good one, we like to share them with you. You may not like all of them, but check ’em out anyway…you never know what you’ll learn…
Featured Poker Forum
Kick Ass Poker Forum
Join the KAP forum today. Lurkers, please join in on the fun and get registered already! 😮
More of our favorite Poker Forums:

Poker Affiliate World

Atlanta Poker Club

Welcome to the most active poker forum in Atlanta!

Click here and join the Forum now!

Want to Play Poker with the Atlanta Poker Club?
– Visit the Atlanta Poker Club Homepage or click over to Kick Ass Poker.

Atlanta Poker Club Online League
You can also play online poker with your fellow Atlanta poker players. We are registering for two different online poker leagues.

We run Forum Freerolls for members on a fairly regular basis and run a Sunday night online poker league for Atlanta Poker Club members only.

The forum is a great place to keep up with Atlanta Poker Club news (literally up to the hour info!). APC Online Poker league is also being discussed there!

If you’re interested in joining the online poker league, click here.

Listen and watch poker podcasts. Download these poker podcasts to your ipod or mp3 player.
All-In Poker Podcast

Ante Up Poker Podcast

California Poker Radio Podcast

Card Club on Lord Admiral Radio Podcast – a weekly podcast dedicated to the world of poker.

Poker Diagram Podcast – if you want to hear on-line poker action, described and analyzed as it happens, along with a little idle chat and banter from two clueless Brits… well, friend, you’re in the right place.

Rounders Podcast – podcasting allows you to listen to Rounders – The Poker Show!

Third Person Poker Podcast – watch and listen to me play No Limit Tournaments. Be part of the only video poker podcast – a poker vidcast if you will.

Listen to poker on the radio. If these poker shows can be heard in your area, be sure to add them to your radio favorites or check them out on the internet, archives or podcasts.

Saturday | 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm | Listen at
California Poker Radio
Broadcasting from San Diego, CA, California Poker Radio takes a fun and engaging look at the world of Poker. We go beyond play-by-play analysis of poker tournaments or mechanical instructions on strategy. Join radio personality Bobby Spade and top poker guests every Saturday for California Poker Radio. It’s where the NUTS tune in!!! Shows also available in archives and through PodCasts.

Hold ’em Radio


Poker TV Network
Poker TV Network keeps you informed of everything going on in the world of poker through their numerous video streams, including Poker Updates, Poker Beat, The Poker Show and more. Very interesting topics and interviews from the top people in the business – the ones who really know the scoop. This is a must watch for every poker player. Check out the video and I know you’ll agree.
Real Poker Training Videos
Real Poker Training is an online website that offers video and audio of excellent online poker players playing poker online. Real tournaments, real money, real situations, real poker. Real Poker Training is a revolutionary way to improve your poker game.

Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!