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Ever wandered if the person that’s playing poker with you at the virtual table is a pro? Poker PlayersWell, here is our growing list of the top pro’s online poker names. This list is not verified, confirmed or guaranteed to be accurate. If you see any known errors or additions to the site let us know. Most of these names are from Poker Stars.

#1 Lucky One – Phil Hellmuth
Twoblacknines – Phil Hellmuth (PokerStars)
Joe Buttons – Phil Ivey
Broksi – Gus Hansen
Capnncoke – Chip Jett
Crazyplayer – Barry Greenstein/Mimi Tran
Doublesuited – Daniel Negreanu
EasyH – Hoyt Corkins
EDOGN – Erick Lindgren
El Capitano – Marcel Luske
Emptyseat88 – Scott Fischman
Erguon Love – Phil Ivey
Evybabee – Evelyn Ng
Extempore – Paul Phillips
Fossilman – Greg Raymer
Gank – Brett Jungblut
J9 of Clubs – T.J. Cloutier
KidDutch – Dutch Boyd
LuckBox – John Juanda
MarkDShark – Mark Seif
Money800 – Chris Moneymaker
Mrpokejoke – Mike Matusow
Noo Limit – Scotty Nguyen
PICKLED EGG – Dan Harrington ??
Razorbax – Josh Arieh
The Grinder – Michael Mizrachi
Theprofess – Ted Forrest

Screenshots of Pro’s Playing on Fulltilt (many pro’s use their real name and have custom avatars when they play at Full Tilt Poker.)

If you know more top pro poker player names let us know and we can add them to the list. Yes, we know that a ton of pro’s play at Full Tilt under their real name 🙂 I played online against Chris Ferguson on FullTilt and chatted with Phil Ivey briefly.

This list was compiled by pulling information from other poker forums, blogs, lists and a big thanks to Jeremy, the master Poker Affiliate for the majority of the names on this list.

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Search through our poker players database for articles written by and about these professional and poker league players. We are working on this database and hope to have it completed by the end of April. Please check out the Atlanta Poker Club poker league players and the select few pro’s we have listed below.. Select a player to view their profile (profiles limited and will be available soon).

Professional Poker Players

Doyle Brunson

Phil Hellmuth

Howard Lederer

Evelyn Ng

Brandi Hawbaker

Poker League Players

Brad Fuller

John Furg

Nicky Nichols

Jason Spry

Be sure and check out this picture of Brandi Hawbaker, an up and coming poker player who also decided to accept Full Tilt Poker’s offer of whatever amount of money it took for her to post for this picture with the Full Tilt Poker logo over her right breast.

Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!

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Phil Hellmuth Poker Player

Phil HellmuthThe notorious poker brat, loud mouth…self proclaimed ‘poker genious’, has plenty to say at the poker table. Check out some of his wit below…

2005 World Series Of Poker – Main Event

On the walk from the limo to the casino
Phil is late, as usual. “I have an opportunity to step up to the plate….and hit a long, long ball…so we’ll see. My hopes are high fellas.”

Hellmuth vs. Jim Pittman
Pittman raises to $1200 with Kheart Jheart. Phil, seeing he has Adiamond Kspade, raises to $3200. Pittman re-raises all-in for over $16,000. Phil calls immediately.

Flop: 4club 4spade 2heart – Phil is still ahead.
Turn: 9club – Pittman now needs one of three J’s (7%) on the river or his day is over.
River: Jdiamond – and the fun begins…

“This frickin’ donkey stuck $15,000 with King Jack…I mean…the guy can’t even spell poker. I re-raise to let him know what I had. (points to the board) He peeled (a King off), a Jack off for the sucker. Learn how to fold a hand. Some of the worst players in the world. I can’t believe this is the World Series of Poker.”

Pittman sarcastically: “Yeah, go figure, huh?”.

“I threw away all those hands just to make it look like they could move in on me. What a terrible play. If I ever stick all my money in with King Jack. Shh…but of course that will never happen in a million years.”

Pittman interrupts: “Yeah, I’ve seen worse”

“Not from me buddy. That’s why I’m the 9 time world champion of Hold ‘Em, cause I always have the best hand. You found a Jack for the live one, huh?”

Phil voices his displeasure to his wife in the crowd…

”Cuuuuh’ mon, you know hun? C’mon. The guys trying to catch a flight.”

Pittman shakes his head…“What a cry-baby!”

Phil then wanders around the Casino, blowing off steam to anyone who will listen:

“I got a whole table full of people who don’t know what they’re doing. I can’t even tell you what happened to me…it’ll make you sick.”

He then makes his way back to the crowd and asks his wife “Should I go back and play?”. She says nothing, and Phil returns to the table.

Join Phil Hellmuth online, he is endorsed by Ultimate Bet but you can also see him playing online at sites like Poker

Here is a list of screenames of online poker pro’s.

Hellmuth vs. X22 Paul MaGriel
Paul MaGrielOn Phil’s first hand back (after his bad beat against Pittman), he looks down to see Adiamond Qheart and raises to $1600. Paul is next to act, sees 7heart 7diamond, and raises to $6600, which would leave Phil with $125 if he decides to call…Phil goes all-in…Paul calls.

“You got AQ beat?”

Paul says happily: “Yes.” then shows his pair and looks at Phil with a twinkle in his eye – “We’re off to the races.”

Norman Chad: “Phil doesn’t look like a happy jockey.”
Photo Copyright © 2001 by Michael Strato

Flop comes: 9heart Jclub 4club
Turn: 9spade
River: 5diamond

Phil Hellmuth is gone…“Nice hand.”

Again looking for some comfort from his wife – “That maniac put all that money in with two sevens, honey. Did you see that? That maniac put all the money in with two sevens.

“That’s about the worst hour of poker I’ve ever had in my life. I knew Magriel was gonna go off like that too…sevens….g*d damn…f*cking worst players in the world around here. I mean, do you think I could catch a f*cking break.

For me to be out…It’s just a…I’m still in shock. I felt like I rose up and played like I was supposed to play, but what the hell can I do. If it wasn’t for luck, I’d win a hell of a lot more of these g*d damn tournaments, I tell you that much.”
Phil HellmuthRandom quotes
“Buddy, are you the kind of guy that just pushes all in with Q7. Just in a hurry to go, huh? Might be….” Phil folds.

Phil wins and whines – “He walked on water that hand…I mean, it’s just scary.”

By the way, Phil is the one…and only, member of the ‘Flushy’ Hall of Fame for spilling a rack of chips when changing tables during the 2004 WSOP. He also won the ‘Best Phil’ Flushy in 2005.

Flushy – an award announcer Norman Chad gives for his ‘best performances’ during the World Series.

Some of Phil’s starting hands – 33, JJ, AA, JT, AJ, AQ, AK, AK, AQ These starting hands netted Phil an early exit on day one.

Phil’s Nicknames – Poker Brat, The Madison Kid, Bologna Tits

Words used to describe Phil: restless, immature, obnoxious

If you would like more on Phil, check out Phil Hellmuth’s Online Poker Chat Transcript from ESPN.

Daniel Negreanu talks about Phil Hellmuth in his blog over at FCP. It looks like Phil doesn’t normally play in the big game. Daniel spoke like the other players were licking their chops to get at Phil’s money when he finally sat down, and Phil did dust off over $100k in no time flat, as well as several rebuys. Be sure and check our recap of the little known facts about the 2005 World Series of Poker.

We would like to thank Phil for providing us with some great web content. We apologize to Phil in advance if he has been misquoted. If you are ‘the’ Phil Hellmuth and you are reading this, I think you’re a great player and would also like to thank you for helping Spry at the 2006 WSOP, Event #2. You informed him that he had picked up a flush draw on the turn. Here’s a photo of Spry and Phil as Spry busts out with his pocket 2’s.

The Beautiful Women of Poker!
They’re smart, they’re lovely and they
kick ass at poker…
Pictures and info on the lovely ladies of poker.

Our first Add – Brandi Hawbaker – This Chick is one of the most searched for ladies of Poker Ladiespoker on the net right now, due to the epic drama created over at the 2+2 Forums when she dropped a bombshell about herself and Captain Tom Franklin!

Ok, we admit it, we first added Brandi because she posed for this picture with her boob out, and now she started one of the biggest threads we have ever seen on any internet forum! More Brandi Rose Hawbaker info here

More lovely poker ladies will be added soon.


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