SkoreIt Penny Bidding Site Review

SkoreIt is my personal favorite penny auction site. It is fun, competitive, engaging and exciting to win on SkoreIt. Plus, they have precious metals to bid on, which is one of my favorites. WARNING – do not ‘blindly’ go bidding on skoreit. You will get your ass handed to you! It is tough to win, but it is possible. Facts and Basic SkoreIt Guide

  • Website =
  • Phone # 1-888-SKORE-30
  • New Bidder Bonus = 16 Free Bids. Use promo code “BIDNOW”
  • Games Offered = Penny Auctions
  • Uses a pay per bid business model
  • To participate you must purchase bids which cost around $0.65 each depending on how many you purchase
  • To Win – be the last person to bid in an auction when the timer counts down to ‘SOLD’
  • If you win the auction you can buy the item for the auction ending price
  • You can win with as little as 1 bid placed if you are the last bidder
  • They are a BBB accredited business
  • ESPN advertiser
SkoreIt screenshot of the high priced items for auction.

SkoreIt! screenshot of their high end auctions.

SkoreIt bidding page. Bidding Interface - Here is where you bid and set up your bid-agent. Features Overview

  • Bids cost around $0.65
  • To bid on an auction you must have bids in your bid bank
  • Each time you bid the auction price goes up a penny, your name is listed as the most current bidder and some seconds are added to the count down timer
  • Once the count down timer reaches a point, for example 30 seconds, it will not climb back above that threshold regardless of how many bids are placed and how quickly
  • If you can be the last bidder when the timer hits ‘SOLD’ you win
  • Bidding is strategic on
  • There are multiple auto-bidder options on skoreit. The most popular being ‘anytime’ and 5 second bid-agents.
  • Some auctions offer a buy it now option. These will show the “OT” badge.
  • They offer ‘no bid agent’ auctions, called AAA auctions.
  • AAA auctions on Skoreit need their own strategy. See how to win AAA auctions on SkoreIt
  • You can click on bidders name and see their past 28 day win history. Only penny auction site with this in-depth option

How Does Work

  • Utilizes a pay-per-bid model. They are one of the largest penny auction websites online
  • If you are not sure what a penny auction is then see this penny bidding sites overview page to see how they work
  • If an auction closes for $2.00 that means 200 bids were placed. (Each bid raises the auction price by 1 penny)
  • 200 bids times $0.65 per bid = $130.00. This means when an auction closes on SkoreIt for $2.00 that SkoreIt sold $130 worth of bids on that auction.
  • The auction ending price is only an ‘afterthought’ as far as revenue generation. The money comes from the selling of bids
  • Bids spent in an auction are gone out of your bid bank, even if you lose.

How To Win On SkoreIt

  • SkoreIt is a strategic game. There are winning strategies
  • It is not easy but it can be done
  • Intimidate others into not bidding against you
  • Build a reputation as a bidder not to mess with
  • Bid during the slower auction times
  • Research other bidders and do not bid against those who have a history of bidding a ton
  • These are just a few ideas. For a full blown guide to winning SkoreIt, we highly recommend the SkoreIt MasterClass BEFORE you get started at all on SkoreIt

SkoreIt Advertised on ESPN

SkoreIt Resources

Visit and get in the game! If SkoreIt is too hard for you, then don’t even bother checking out bidding auction.