Beezid Penny Auction Review

Beezid Penny Auction LogoBeezid is one of the largest penny auction sites in operation today. They are large and well established penny auction site. This page will list the things that Beezid does well, and the things that Beezid does not so well. If you are not familiar with what a penny auction is then read our penny auctions overview page.

Beezid Facts and Basic Overview

  • Website =
  • Phone # = 1-877-BEEZID
  • New Bidder Bonus? = 25 Free Bids. Use promo code 25FreeBids
  • Games Offered = Penny Auction
  • Utilizes a Pay Per Bid model
  • To win you have to be the last bidder when the count down clock reaches zero
  • Each time a bid is placed, the auction price increases 1 penny and ~ 10 seconds are added to the count down clock
  • If you win, you can then purchase the item at the auctions ending price which is usually pennies on the dollar screenshot of their auction listings. Auction Listings Home Page - Browse Auctions Closing Today

Beezid Auction Example Page

Beezid Auction Interface - Here is where you bid and see the details about the auction.

Beezid Features Overview

  • Bids cost $0.60 each.
  • Once a bid is spent trying to win an auction it is gone and is the money spent purchasing that bid.
  • Does NOT offer a “buy it now” (BIN) option. This means you can not apply money spent on bids towards buying the product if you lose.
  • Around ~ 100 auctions per day.
  • You can win high end TV’s, iPads, surround sound systems, just to skim the surface.
  • Bidding is intense on beezid.
  • The auto bidder fires your bids like a machine gun when you engage it.
  • There is also a sniper auto bidder you can engage 20 times to wear down your opposition with last possible moment bids.
  • Since there is not a buy it now option the risk level goes up for everyone.
  • The higher risk means higher reward when you win. You really can win big time items for cheap, but you can also lose your ass quick if you do not know what you are doing!
  • Best beginner only auctions – just look at what bidders with 0 wins only can bid on at Beezid.
  • Compared to other sites, beezid is the best for new bidders on that 1st win…. pick wisely!
  • Beezid is trusted by the community.
  • Incredible deals can be won.
  • Has bid for free auctions where you can buy real bids at a discounted price. A great way to purchase your bids is via winning them in bid for free auctions
  • Shipping and processing takes about 2 weeks after you win the auction to receive it in the mail, give our take and based on personal experience.
  • Strategic game play is a MUST at Beezid, it is probably the most competitive penny auction site online.

How Does Beezid Make Money?

  • They are in the business of selling bids
  • Bids cost around $0.60 each
  • If an auction price ends at $1.07 on Beezid, that means 107 bids were placed. 107 x $0.60 = $64.20
  • The auction winner can then buy whatever item was up for auction for $1.07.
  • Beezid sold $64.20 worth of bids on an auction that closed at $1.07
  • If you can be the last bidder, you can win amazing deals.

Beezid Resources

Lindsey Lohan for Beezid

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