Poker Puzzles


Who else loves crossword puzzles? Another new feature here at KAP. Big thanks to our resident Kick Ass Poker Blogger Haley for allowing us link to these cool interactive poker themed crossword puzzles that she has posted on her website Have fun solving these challenging crosswords right on your computer. Say hello and thanks to Haley too…more puzzles to come, so check back often!
Poker Nicknames
While I can’t fit in all the cool poker nicknames, this puzzle does include several as its theme. Have fun!

Royal Vegas Poker’s Expert Series
Every Wednesday evening, Royal Vegas Poker site offers an “Expert Series” No-Limit Hold-‘Em tournament. Site host Lou Krieger and six other poker pros place their proverbial heads on the block for all comers, with a bounty and bonus prizes offered to whomever knocks out each of the pros. The names of the seven pros — first, last, or both — are incorporated into the puzzle, but to identify them, you might need to visit Royal Vegas Poker to learn more. It’s a great tournament!
At The World Series of Poker
Here’s an enjoyable puzzle that’ll stretch your knowledge of poker. This one includes the names of many WSOP titleholders and high finishers. Enjoy!

Who else loves jigsaw puzzles? Another new feature here at KAP. Click on the link…select open or save the file to your hard drive. Have fun solving these cool interactive poker puzzles right on your compter. More puzzles to come, so check back often!

Jigsaw Puzzle # 1 – 3/8/06
Welcome To Kick Ass Poker!
Joe D. (joelarbear) is the resident bouncer, KAP forum moderator, and one of the top poker players in the APC and here at KAP. So when we needed someone to welcome everybody to the site, we asked him to help out. Solve this puzzle to see Joe’s very special message… then go say ‘hello’ back in the forum. Enjoy!

Try your hand at one of these cool interactive poker puzzles! Currently we have poker jigsaw puzzles, but plan on adding more in the near future, including poker word puzzles and poker crossword puzzles.

Poker Puzzles
Poker Jigsaw Puzzles
Put together one of these cool interactive poker jigsaw puzzles right on your computer.
Poker Crossword Puzzles
Interactive crossword puzzles…check ’em out!

Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!