Pink Poker Bunny

Pink Poker Bunny Looks
To Dominate 2005 WSOP

Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit and now Pink Poker Bunny

Spry: A poker entrepeneur named Jeremy Enke has successfully closed a deal with Golden Palace to play poker dressed in a Pink Bunny Suit at this years World Series of Poker Main Event. Golden Palace placed a winning bid of $15,100.00 to employ the bunnies services, you can see the actual ebay pink poker bunny auction here.

For the past few years Jeremy has spent his time promoting online poker and in that time he has become one of the most successful poker affiliates on the planet.

He said that the idea to play poker dressed in a pink bunny suit actually came up over a friendly home game he was playing with some of his friends. You can imagine the setting, a bunch of friends, a couple of beers (ok, maybe more than a couple) and a “What would you do for a million bucks”…

Long story short the idea hit him to actually give it a shot… so he put his plan into action and the response has been excellent.

“The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it could actually be a huge marketing opportunity for someone’s company if promoted correctly.”

And the pink bunny poker auction was born. Actually, the original pink bunny poker ebay auction Jeremy put up was probably more for personal exposure and to draw traffic to his most recent website aimed at Poker Affiliates, called Poker Affiliate World as it had a very high reserve and come on… who is really going to pay someone to play poker dressed in a bunny suit?

Then Golden Palace Poker comes knocking! Golden Palace is famous for their outrageous marketing strategies – they recently paid a Tennessee Mother around $11,000 to officially change her name to, they paid $28,000 to buy a Grilled Cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary on it, and they recently purchased the rights to name a newly discovered species of Monkey discovered in Borneo… why not the pink bunny?

As the winners of this auction, will have Jeremy sitting in a pink bunny suit playing poker in the televised main event at the World Series of Poker. He will display “” on his pink bunny suit as well as any other place on his body. Anywhere he goes in Las Vegas throughout the entire week of the tournament, he will be wearing his suit.

The Pink Bunny will be making appearances at all the big card rooms and several night clubs throughout the week.

“We believe the media attention will be huge,” said CEO Richard Rowe. “On the surface, people will think we’re crazy for paying $15,000 for a man in a pink bunny outfit, but given the popularity of the event and the outrageous nature of the sponsorship we know we will get our money’s worth. We wish Jeremy the best of luck in the tournament.”

You can read more about the Action of the Pink Bunny Poker by visiting the official pink bunny site here at

Jeremy, we wish you the best of luck at the WSOP… hope to see you at the final table!
That’s it for now, so thanks and we’ll see you at the tables! *well, Mr. Enke didn’t make the final table, but Joe Hachem did though.

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