Million Dollar Home Page

Million Dollar Home Page
Draws A Crowd

9/21/05 – Like most 21 year old college students, Alex Tew, needed some money. But unlike most students, Alex decided not to pursue students loans and instead wanted to come up with an idea to make himself a million dollars.

He didn’t need that much, but one can always dream, can’t they?

He asked himself, “How can I create a million dollars before university?” The answer he came up with will go down as one of the great idea’s in the history of the internet.

Did he go buy a warehouse to store countless amounts of goods to sell to the masses? NO

Did he create a new search engine to compete with Google and Yahoo!? NO

Did he spam 10 million people promising he could increase their libido? NO

Did he figure out a way to win big money playing online poker? NO – you might have thought so, since this is a poker site, but…

What he did was create a webpage and began to sell ads on the site. Hmmm…that doesn’t seem real ingenious now does it? Well, check out the way he set up his site and you’ll see why Alex is soon to be a very rich man with the Million Dollar Home Page.

After his fourth week in existence he has already generated $74,000 in revenue. Click this link to check out the site. If you look around long enough, you might even see our ad. :o)

UPDATE: As of 12/31/05 – $984,600 of pixel ads sold. He’ll be a millionaire by the end of the week!

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If you would like to read an interview with the site owner click this link:
PartyRiches Exclusive Interview with Alex Tew from

The FBI is investigating the hijacking of – the website that earned $1m (£566,000) for its British creator Alex Tew by hosting micro-advertisements – by hackers who demanded a ransom to restore the site. Hackers blackmail milliondollar site

Check it out, have fun and enjoy!

We’ll see you at the tables…

P.S. Creative ideas like this usually only work for the first guy to come along, unless he or she totally screws things up. There are so many copy-cat / knock-off sites, that it’s now being deemed by some as ‘Pixel Wars’:

So far, I’ve found 26 wanna-be sites (UPDATE: there are now too many to list). I’m sure there will be more, but my bet is on the original… – is this chinese?