Poker Equipment

Rent high quality poker equipment. If you’re in the Atlanta area and want to rent poker equipment, contact the Atlanta Poker Club and ask about equipment rental.

Rent 4 table tops, they are $50 each per night, for a total of $200. This does not count delivery or return. We can deliver them and pick them up for a charge of $50 total as long as the delivery and pickup are within 20 miles of Hamilton Mill area.

You will have to pick them up from right around the Hamilton Mill Area.There is also a $100 security deposit that is refundable once we receive the tables back in the same condition as we rented them.

These are table tops – they do not have legs so you will need tables to place them on. We have 20 chairs available for rent as well. These tables are available most nights of the week, although they are being used some evenings, so please let me know if you are interested and which night(s) you would need them.

*2 tables or less and the price is $75/table/night.
Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!