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What is the Dealer Training course exactly?
The course is completely online. A major section of the course is comprised of two e-books. These e-books are easy to download, open and use. Once inside the e-book everything is laid out in an easy to navigate table of contents page and the categories make sense. Each step of the deal is explained in detail with details about how your fingers should be placed on the cards, where your thumb should be in relation to your pinky etc… Then we show photo examples so you can look and make sure you are doing everything correctly.
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It is a training tool that will teach you everything you need to be dealing like a pro. Another section of the course is online and updated regularly.

Why should I invest money in something that is new and different like this?
You should invest money in this course because it is new and different. Think about it, if you want to go wait tables somewhere you can probably find a job tomorrow. If you want to find another customer service job answering questions on a phone all day with people who don’t get it then you can probably do so. If you’re not looking for new and unique opportunities then dealing is probably not for you.

Will I work for you once I complete the course?
Unless you live in Atlanta the answer is most likely no, not in the short term future. You will work for yourself or for an employer who holds poker games in your area.

I don’t see any jobs out there right now, how will I find work?
Finding a job like dealing poker is different than finding a typical job, we understand that. That is why we dedicate an entire chapter towards showing you how to find a table to deal in your area. There are tables out there, and the demand is just beginning to grow.

I thought you were offering us a job dealing.
We offer opportunity. For those individuals who have what it takes to become a Dealer then we have the best opportunity on the market. Most likely we are not directly hiring in your city yet. It is impossible to expand a league like ours without trained staff and especially trained dealers. Preprations are being put in place to expand league services and events on a large scale.

In the mean time, there are lucrative tables to be had in your area.

How did this come about?
If you haven’t submitted your email address yet (located back on the main page) then please do so. You’ll get the most recent email and it tells more about our story and how this all began. Feel free to learn more about us over here at KAP

How long does the course take?
That answer depends a lot on you. It depends on how dedicated to the training you are and how often you can routinely practice the skills taught in the course. On average most people who spend 4 hours a day for 2 weeks learning everything will feel relatively comfortable dealing at a small stakes tournament or small game.

If that training schedule is a bit tight then most people should practice dealing for around 3 to 4 weeks with a couple of hours nearly every day before sitting at their first small stakes table.

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