Binary Options

Trading binary options is a fast paced way to trade stocks, commodities, indices and forex pairs.

In 60 seconds from now, do you think the price of oil is going to be higher or lower than it is right now? Ready…. Go!

That is binary options trading in a nutshell. You predict up or down and click the button to make the trade. It’s fast, fun and addicting.

You can trade oil and other commodities like gold as well as stocks, indices and forex pairs. The best part is that binary options trading is made simplistic so anyone can do it. You do not have to be a seasoned trader with 5 different charts running, live ticker news streaming and all the experience and strategy needed to do well in the more traditional trading like forex. You can learn how to trade binaries here, Anyone can trade binary options. They are made easy to trade.

You can trade binary options in a little as 60 second expiry times. You can seriously make 80%+ returns in 1 minute flat trading options.

What Does Binary Options Have In Common With Poker

Once the infamous “Black Friday” hit on April 15th poker players were left with out much to do. Some of these poker players come from a trading background. Some famous players like Alan Goehring made his fortune trading junk bonds. Bloomberg relates how poker and financial trading go together. It was a natural fit for a large swath of the poker playing community to make the move to binary options.

Binary options trading is one of the big three markets that opened up to capitalize on the flood of poker players looking to do. The other two being daily fantasy sports for cash and the infamous penny auctions where you play a game of ‘chicken’ against other bidders to score incredible deals.

The daily sports sites have appealed to poker players due to the strategic game play process of building your fantasy teams. The penny auctions appeal to the psychological warfare mindset of poker players. Binary options appeal to the financial and trader instinct that many poker players have.

Penny auctions, fantasy sports and binary trading are the three big markets that opened up since online poker was effectively shut down in the U.S.

Compare Binary Options & Playing Poker

Binary options takes strategic planning and execution, so does poker.
Binary trading is some what of a gamble because you are not actually buying the underlying asset and re-selling it, you are only making a ‘bet’ on which way it’s price will go.
Trading binary options gives you a chance to make extremely high returns in exchange for significant risk, similar to poker and gambling in general.

The nutshell answer is that if forex is more complicated than you want to master to spend time mastering but you enjoy the idea of trading then binary options might be what you are looking for.

Where To Trade Binary Options Today?

The best binary options brokers of today include and Banc De Binary. You will get fair trades, easy deposits and opportunity to earn big money. We are in the process of adding our reviews of the binary brokers we are trading at so you can get a better feel for what it is really like trading binaries.