Playing Limit Omaha Hi – Lo

So I recently fired up the online software. To be honest, I have became fairly bored of playing holdem. Omaha is what the players are getting into in the local game that I play at every now and then. The problem is that with so few choices of legit US online poker sites, finding a site to play Omaha Hi Lo, and especially the limit variation was not the easiest thing to do.

The good news is that our top ranked online poker site for USA players, does indeed have some traffic at the Omaha tables. The bad news is I can not tell exactly how much traffic they really have because the way the lobby works. They hide the full tables.

The Bovada Omaha Lobby

The full tables are hidden and do not show up on the list of games to choose from. You have to either find a table with an open seat or just hang out in the lobby until a table is listed.

I wish you could see full tables.

Playing Omaha

You are anonymous. I like it. You do not know anyone and they do not know you.

  • All players are anonymous
  • You are “player 1, 2, 3 etc..” only. No names

  • They rabbit hunt every hand
  • They offer 6 person and 9 person Omaha Hi/Lo tables
  • Low limits to higher limits (15/30) seem to have games
  • Never any stat mining software collecting data on your play
  • All hole cards are visible 24 hours later (if you think players were colluding you can do some research. Send findings to their security team etc)

If you are wanting to play some Omaha Hi/Lo in it’s original format (limit) then if you are a US player Bovada poker is about the only site we can recommend where you will get much action. Good luck and I’ll see you at the tables (anonymously!)

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