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Try a hand at a small online poker site today!

Small poker sites offer advantages over their larger brethren. For a lot of poker players, these advantages are enough to draw them in. While and dominate the industry, there’s a lot of action taking place off the radar at the smaller rooms.

The problem is, how do you vet some of these rooms? Everyone knows Poker Stars and Full Tilt are reputable. They’ve climbed to the top based on their respective reputations. But what about the smaller sites? Can you trust them?

On this page, we’ll give you a list of our 5 favorite small poker rooms. These are sites we’ve put through our normal review process and watched them rise to the top. Before we get to this list, however, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should consider playing at these sites.

3 Reasons To Play At Small Poker Sites

The larger sites offer an enormous level of table traffic. Because of this traffic, they can organize massive tournaments. If either of those features are important to you, small poker rooms may be a less-than-ideal fit. On the other hand, consider the following…

#1 – Bigger Bonuses

Because they lack the name recognition of the bigger rooms, smaller poker sites are forced to work harder to attract players. It’s a matter of survival. One of the tools at their disposal is the sign-up bonus. A lot of smaller sites offer a bigger deposit match, or will match your deposit up to a higher dollar value.

#2 – Smaller Tournaments

Are you sick of competing against 3,000 other players for a piece of a tournament prize pool? If so, you’ll enjoy playing SNGs and MTTs at the smaller rooms. There are fewer players, which means less competition. Even though the prize pools are generally smaller, there are fewer opponents to take down on your way to the final table.

#3 – More Aggressive VIP Program

The VIP programs at the small poker sites tend to be more generous than those at the larger rooms. This is another example of their having to work harder in order to compete. These VIP programs often make it easier to clear your sign-up bonuses more quickly.
If you’ve been playing at the largest rooms and want to experience a smaller playing environment, visit the small poker sites listed above. While they may not provide the waves of table traffic offered by the biggest rooms, they compete in areas that are just as enticing.