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Fishy Poker Sites

Find a list of the fishiest poker sites out there

Here’s one of the worst-kept secrets in online poker: the fishiest poker rooms are also among the largest. There are a couple of reasons. First, these sites become large because they market themselves to the masses. It wasn’t that long ago that Party Poker was running television commercials in the U.S. (before the UIGEA was passed in 2006). By the time they left the U.S. market, they were the biggest poker site in the world. It is no coincidence that they are also one of the softest online poker rooms you’ll find.

Another reason is because they cater to the novices. Not only do fishy sites market to them, but they also do everything possible to make beginners comfortable. For example, their poker software is easy-to-use; their sign-up bonuses are large; and they fill their sites with plenty of tutorials and instructions to help new players get started.

Top Rated Fishiest Poker Sites Online Today

The above chart is generated by ratings from real players from across all of the poker sites we list. If click through to read the reviews and see more about these most fishy poker rooms.

Below, we’ll point you to the fishiest poker sites we’ve found. We’ll also describe the types of players you’re likely to meet at these sites, and provide a few tips for beating them.

Types Of Players You’ll Find At Fishy Poker Sites

In our experience, most poorly-skilled players fall into one of two groups. The first group is composed of those who are very assertive at the tables. They’ll bet hands that should be folded preflop. They’ll raise on soft cards when calling would suffice. And if they make it past the flop, they bet as if their lives depend on taking the pot.

The second group is made up of players that are essentially the opposite of those in the first group. They don’t like to bet and raise preflop, preferring instead to become calling stations. When these players make it past the flop, they raise only when forced.

Playing To Win At Fishy Poker Sites Online

Given the two types of poorly-skilled players you’ll find at fishy poker rooms, what’s the best strategy for beating them? Let’s approach this one group at a time.

Playing against the assertive fish can be challenging because it’s never clear at the beginning whether they are holding a strong hand. They bet on everything. The advantage is that they’ll commit a lot of blunders, pushing hands that should be folded. If you can catch them in the act, you can coax them into contributing more to the pot. The downside is that they may actually have a good hand, even if they don’t realize it.

The bottom line is to be wary, and be willing to call the assertive player down if you think he’s bluffing.

Playing against the second type of player requires a different strategy. As noted earlier, they prefer to call rather than bet or raise. At the same time, they tend not to fold preflop. Here, the strategy becomes a matter of squeezing as much money from them as possible. If you play too aggressively preflop, they will fold. On the other hand, if you value-bet them, they’ll likely stay in, calling your bets. Take them through the flop, pull small bets from them along the way, and watch the pot grow.

Now that you know what to expect with regard to playing styles at the easy to win poker sites, where should you play?

List Of Fishiest Poker Rooms: Top 4 Fishy Poker Rooms

Just because a poker room has a lot of bad players does not mean you should play there. The point is to enjoy the experience. That means choosing fishy poker rooms that offer large sign-up bonuses, engaging software, exciting promotions, and a healthy list of games and tournaments. With this in mind, here are our top 4 choices:

Our recommendations for the top fishy poker sites may change over time since the industry seldom remains still. In the meantime, start at the poker rooms listed above to build your bankroll off the less-skilled players.