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Even though playing at 3D poker sites won’t help your game, you’ll never forget the A list of 3d Online Poker sites!experience. Rather than the flat tables and lackluster backgrounds offered at most poker rooms, the graphics provide a 3-dimensional feel that draws you into the game.

You’ll be able to swivel the “camera” around the table to see the game from other perspectives; you’ll have a chance to customize a 3D avatar that suits your personality; at some 3D poker sites, you can even show emotions and use your hands to communicate with (i.e. taunt) other players. There’s a social flavor to the experience. In fact, after playing 3D poker online, you might feel this social element is lacking whenever you play “normal” 2-dimensional poker.

3D poker is not for everyone. A lot of people prefer the 2D environment. With this in mind, we’ll approach it from both sides. We’ll explain some of the reasons to play at 3D poker sites and describe one of the potential drawbacks.

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Reasons To Play 3D Poker Online

We mentioned the social aspect already. But it’s worth emphasizing how it influences the feel of the game. Imagine you and another player are fighting for the pot. You know you’re holding the better hand. You drag him into the flop, past the turn, and through the river to the showdown. Finally, you flip your cards and as expected, the pot is yours. If you’re playing at a 3D poker site, you can taunt your opponent or do a celebratory dance in your seat. This adds to the camaraderie of the game.

Another reason to play at these sites is that 3D poker online tends to attract players that are less skilled. Here’s why: the graphics and overall presentation of the game, while impressive, slow the pace. That drives some of the serious poker players to the two-dimensional sites, where they can fit more hands in per hour. The result? More fish per table at the 3D poker sites.

The Drawback With 3D Poker Sites

The biggest disadvantage to playing 3D poker online involves the software. As you would expect, rendering three-dimensional graphics requires a platform that uses more memory and video capability. If you’re playing poker on a relatively new computer, you’re unlikely to notice any lag. On the other hand, older machines may have trouble keeping up.

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3d poker was a fad and it is gone.