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Online poker has changed big over the past 10 years.

Today, there are a tiny number of viable online poker rooms that I would trust my money with. In short, they are:

If you are going to play, stick to one of the above sites. Let’s take a deeper look at online poker sites today.

Think of the features you enjoy most at your favorite online poker sites. Do you spend most of your time playing Find a list of top online poker sites here!in tournaments? If so, you already realize some sites offer a wider breath of events than others. Do you enjoy receiving large sign-up bonuses to the point that you prioritize them over other niceties? You might give preference to table traffic, player skill level, customer support, or the flexibility of a site’s deposit options.

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The point is, all internet poker sites offer a unique playing experience. Each poses its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The challenge is knowing what to expect in advance.

We’ve been playing poker games online for several years, and have watched the major sites evolve. We’ve also seen a number of them go downhill. Our goal here is to profile the best of the lot according to our own review criteria. We’ll point out the highlights, and mention the “low lights” when they apply. Think of the following as your guide to the best-rated online poker sites.

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