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Ultimate Bet Poker rebranded as “UB.com”: UltimateBet is a well-known established UB Logopoker room that has recently re-branded (winter 2009) to the name of UB.com. They also merged with their sister site, Absolute Poker, onto the Cereus network which increased their liquidity and the amount of games and promotions they can now offer players.

Ub.com is CLOSED – out of business – we recommend these top online poker sites instead

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To maximize your UB.com bonus you need to use UB.com bonus code / referral code “KAPBONUS” and deposit $1000 to get the full bonus. Then you will need to play and earn points to release your bonus offer. The bonus is released by earning “Ultimate Points” and each point is redeemable for $.007.

The rate at which you earn the bonus depends on your player level. The more you play the higher your level increases which increases the rate at which you earn your bonus. You can read all of the t’s and c’s at UB.com’s site.

Quick Ub.com Info

  • USA Players Accepted
  • Mac Friendly Software
  • Fast Cashouts and Withdrawals
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Credit Card Deposits & Many other options

The rebranding of Ultimatebet.com to Ub.com proved to be somewhat costly, at least for the initial purchase of the UB.com domain name. They purchased the domain name UB.com from auction for a staggering $129,420 according to DomainNameWire. That’s a lot of moolah for a domain but after the black eye CBS gave them in the beginning of 2009 with their expose on online poker cheating, the rebranding makes somewhat sense. Today, the feeling from the vast majority of players is that the past is in the past and team has righted the ship. It is hard to argue when their customer support and payout options, and bonus options are some of the choices for the US poker player.

UB.com Poker Software

The poker client itself at UB.com is really good. It’s simple, easy to use and also swift. It hardly ever seems laggy compared to some of the other sites. You click the ‘bet’ button and the bet is made instantly and doesn’t seem to pause out like Full Tilt does on occasion. The layout is also much simpler with no fancy avatars or cartoonish characters found on other sites. Again the software is compatible for Mac users and is one of the smoothest online. Great for multi-tabling.

Back when I first started playing at UB.com they mostly had lots of higher stakes poker. I don’t play a lot of high stakes so I don’t spend a lot of time over at Ultimate Bet. I have caught myself watching the UltimateBet.net tv show that is taped over in England or Australia. Man that show sucks. I couldn’t even watch it and I can watch almost anything about poker. Talk about poorly produced. It goes to show you what a fine job the WSOP and the World Poker Tour handle the production of the poker tourneys for TV.

UBet.com Table Games and Action

Ultimate Bet, aka UB.com, is a very well established online poker room that has some of the highest limit action of anywhere, and their software rivals that of PokerStars, which is believed to be the best play interface online. Ultimate Bet, known as UB, is by far one of the best places to find higher stakes cash games.

It is common to find plenty of action at levels $30/60 up to $100/200 limit poker, and no limit games with pots easily reaching over a thousand dollars. High stakes poker players, online poker professionals and a slew of people play over at Ultimate Bet.

Ultimate Bet.com advertises itself on TV in two main forms, Ultimate Bet.tv, where they announce the Million Dollar Free Roll, and Ultimate Bet.net which is a play for play chips only site that does not offer any real money wagering. UltimateBet.net is also rebranded as ub.net now to keep the brand message clear. It’s much easier to type “UB.net” into a browser than to type out ultimatebet.net and they hope this will increase the effectiveness of their marketing. UB (and all the other poker rooms) know that most people will eventually find the way over to the .com version of their website, and their software.

Ub.com Poker Tournaments

The ub.com poker tournament structure is excellent. The Multi-Table tournaments have some of the best structure of any of those online and many of the top poker players online love them as they start with plenty of chips to play with and offer slowly escalating blinds. Again, UB is one of our favorite online poker tournament sites to choose from, with the closest competitor that Poker Stars has in terms of tournament structure and Full Tilt poker is very good too.

The most well known professional player representing Ultimate Bet used to represent Ub.com is Phil Hellmuth, yes the official poker brat represents UB. Annie Duke and Antionio Estafandiari are also sponsored by UB or endorse them in some form or fashion.

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UB.net Poker Review – A full and in-depth review of UB from a real player. Just know that UB is a good site, easy to play, easy to set up your account and a good overall online poker room. Some of the biggest tournaments online and one of the best way to qualify for the World Poker Tour tournaments can be found online at Ultimate Bet.

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UB Download

Play at UB - Ultimate BetUB, formerly known as Ultimate Bet, is a popular poker site that’s been online for over 10 years. Currently, UB is offering a free UB Poker download, which allows you to access their online poker tables through downloadable software. The UB download is available for both Mac and Windows computers, although there are a few differences between each version that may influence your decision.

How to Download Ultimate Bet

In order to receive the UB Poker download, you’ll first need to direct your browser to www.UB.com. Click the bright blue Download link located in the upper left portion of the screen. Next, you should see two columns labeled PC and MAC. If you’re a Windows user, click the UB download link located in the PC column. Mac users must click the Download Our Online Poker Software link located in the Mac column. You’ll also notice a Instant Play link, which allows you to play online poker in your browser at Ultimate Bet without a UB download.

UB Download System Requirements

The UB Poker download has very lenient system requirements, allowing the software to run on most modern computers. Both Mac and PC users must have at least 128 MB of RAM and 30 MB of available hard drive space. PC users must have at least a Pentium III processor and a newer version of Windows such as XP, Vista or 7. Mac users must have OS X 10.4 or higher and the Java Runtime Environment.

Differences Between the Mac and PC UB Downloads

The PC version of the Ultimate Bet download has the most features, including mutlitabling for up to 20 tables with cascading and tiling table views. The Mac version only supports up to 5 tables. The PC version also has more tournament game types, including Omaha and Stud. The Mac UB download only includes Holdem tournaments, though cash games are available in all game types. If you’d like more details on on UB Poker, check out our UB Poker Review to learn more about what this poker site has to offer!

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UB Referral Code

Play at UB - Ultimate BetAfter you download and install the UB Poker software and create your player account, you’ll be ready to start playing for real money. However, before you deposit, it’s possible to enter an exclusive UB referral code in order to receive a massive initial deposit bonus. This bonus consists of a 111% match on your first deposit, worth up to $1,100.

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Bonus Details for the UB Referral Code

The 111% bonus worth up to $1,100 represents one of the largest initial deposit bonuses available from any online poker site. In order to take advantage of it, you’ll need to enter UB referral code XXXXX before making a deposit. In addition to the signup bonus, using Ultimate Bet referral code XXXXX will grant you access to an exclusive UB Poker freeroll. This tournament allows you to win money from a $1,000 prize pool without paying a buy-in fee. This event is only available to new players who enter the XXXXX referral code at UB Poker, and it’s held each Monday at 8PM EST.

When you first receive your bonus after entering the UB Poker referral code, it will appear in your account as bonus dollars. You can convert it into real money, which can be withdrawn, by playing real money cash games and tournaments at UB Poker. As you do so, you’ll move up through the UB VIP program, known as RAISE. Achieving higher RAISE levels allows you to earn VIP points at faster rates, unlocking your bonus faster.

How to Enter the UB Referral Code

First, you must download and install the UB Poker software and create a new account. Next, enter the software and visit the Cashier. Choose your preferred deposit method from the list of available banking options and enter UB referral code XXXXX on the next screen. Enter your desired deposit amount and submit the transaction.