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* Accepts USA Poker Players
* Highest Acceptance of all major credit cards (USA).
* Extremely high acceptance rates of normal Visa and Mastercard credit cards
* Limited time 10% INSTANT bonus in addition to the 100% match – this could be stopped at any time, so I would download now if you are thinking about playing poker online.
* Sportsbook Poker Review – screen shots, details and my thoughts about Sportsbook (the fish, my god the fish).

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Sportsbook Poker is one of the newer poker rooms available online today. Sportsbook Sportsbook Pokerpoker room opened in 2006 on the Cake Poker network and recently moved to the Merge network.  Sportsbook poker offers a wide range of games and tournaments with fast and easy depsit options.

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Sportsbook Poker offers great bonuses for first time users as well as return guests. beginners can take advantage of a $200.00 Free or a 100% First Deposit Bonus up to $300.00. As well as a Free Entry into a $500.00 Welcome Freeroll tournament. We’ve provided an exclusive opportunity to claim the best bonuses.

Sportsbook Promo Code: KICKASS

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100% match up to $1000

Click here for our full Review of Sportsbook Poker. not only offers poker, but is also one of the leading Online Sports Betting  sites online today. Click here for a list and information on the Top Online Sportsbooks.

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Sportsbook Deposit Bonus Details

Sportsbook Poker offers our readers an exclusive deposit bonus that is $350 higher Sportsbook Poker Promo Codethan the standard bonus at

Standard Sportsbook Poker Bonus = 100% Match up to $650. This is a pretty solid deposit bonus in it’s own right, but consider yourself ahead of the game with our exclusive bonus that goes above and beyond what you get normally.

Sportsbook Promo Code

* Sportsbook Bonus Code: “KICKASS”
* 100% up to $1000
* 10% Upfront
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* Sportsbook Promo Codes explained

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Use sportsbook bonus code “KICKASS” to lock in your bonus. This promo code is only available to new players to Sportsbook poker. If you already have an account at Sportsbook then this promo code is not available for a reload bonus.

Clearing the Sportsbook Poker Bonus

Like every online poker bonus, there are a few rules for earning the Sportsbook Poker bonus, you can’t just download sportsbook poker, make a deposit and have it matched 100%, it’s not quite that easy. You have to earn your bonus by earning FPP’s, aka frequent player points and as you earn these points the bonus is released into your account. .

After the Sportsbook poker download is complete and you have made your first deposit. Your bonus will be placed in a pending bonus account that you can see in the cashier section. In order to release the bonus you must earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs). FPPs are awarded through real money play at both cash games and tournament play.

* Each FPP is worth $0.06 towards your bonus.
* Every time you earn $10 of your bonus, $10 will be released into your player account for use.
* This will be done in increments of $10 until your pending bonus account has been cleared.
* Sportsbook Poker will give you 90 days to clear the bonus money that is in the pending bonus account.
* 7 FPP’s earned for every $1 in tournament fee’s paid.

* $1 in rake = 1 FPP earned.

If you are like me, it helps to see an example how earning the Sportsbook poker bonus works. I signed up at Sportsbook Poker and made a real money deposit of $100. It was my first deposit at Sportsbook Poker so I got the full 100% match.

After downloading the software and creating my account, and whipping out the ole Visa, within 5 minutes I was ready to play some poker.

I pulled up the Sportsbook Poker lobby and checked my balance and was a little suprised to see $110 sitting in there. I didn’t even realize that I got the 10% upfront right away. Nice.

Next I found my pending bonus account and sure enough, there is a balance of $100 bonus sitting there ($100 x 100%). You can find this by hitting the lobby and clicking on the ‘rewards’ tab and then pending bonus amount’. The bonus is held there until the clearing rules are met.

* Download Sportsbook Poker Now
* Pending Bonus is found by lobby > rewards > pending bonus amount
* Amount left to release is shown
* Time left to earn bonus is shown
* Fractional FPP’s can be earned (shew)
* 7 FPP’s earned for each $10+1 SNG is solid.
* Up to 3 FPP’s earned per hand
* Rake capped at $3 unless playing really high stakes, where it is capped at $5

I was playing fairly low stakes, like .10/.25 and .25/.50 since I deposited $100. I was averaging roughly half a FPP per hand earned per hand because the pots weren’t that large and the rake was around $.50 or so, which earned me half of a FPP.

It took 167 FPP’s to earn the $10 chunk of my bonus which I earned. I played two tables per hand most of the time playing .25/.50 and it took just under 3 hours to release the first $10 into my bonus account. This was fine considering that my sessions are usually 2-4 hours and I multi table some lower stakes no limit cash games, I would be earning one $10 chunk every session, roughly. I could earn a lot of bonus money at Sportsbook Poker.

So that’s about it for the skinny on the Sportsbook Poker bonus review. Compared to other sites I’d say it is easier to earn than Ultimate Bet (by far) and about the same as earning FullTilt ‘s. Not quite as easy as PokerStars download bonus though, but Stars only offers $50 bucks on the deposit bonus so you can see why they have an easier bonus to release.

Final Sportsbook Bonus Thoughts

* Overall Grade = A-
* Total Bonus = A+
* Instant Bonus = A
* FPP Program = B
* Rake Structure = B+

* Deposit Options = A++ (higest Visa & Mastercard acceptance rates)
* Skin of Superbook Poker, Players Only and CakePoker.
* “Reload Bonuses” available often.

Download Sportsbook Poker now and get your bonus!

The Kick A$$ Poker Online Review: is one of the newest and fishiest poker rooms on the internet, and they ONLY accept players from the USA. They accept almost all major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), providing the easiest and fastest way to deposit money online. Being a part of the Merge Poker network means that traffic is fairly solid and growing, although the site does not offer a massive player base like the big sites (PokerStars, FullTilt, etc.).

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Sportsbook Poker Bonus Code: KICKASS

Get an exclusive 100% (up to $1000) deposit bonus! Download Sportsbook Poker and use our special Sportsbook Poker Bonus Code to lock in this exclusive bonus.

In addition to being a growing Cake Network site, Sportsbook began as the home to many of the former USA-based Paradise Poker players who were without a home when “’Dise” shut its doors in early 2007. The room is new but is managed by a very experienced poker team, which has developed a friendly and very playable site.

The standard bonuses offered elsewhere are 100% up to $650, so be sure to use our industry-best promotional bonus code KICKASS to lock in the best bonus available (100% up to $1,000).

Sportsbook is one of the easiest of all sites on which to deposit money, currently accepting Visa and MasterCard (subject to your bank’s policies). You can even call them up on the telephone if you would prefer to make your deposit that way, using regular credit cards. When we first set out to review Sportsbook Poker, we really didn’t expect too much to stand out. After all, we’ve been reviewing poker rooms since we launched in 2004… and we’ve pretty much seen it all. Most newer sites out there don’t offer the average player much that is new, though Sportsbook Poker is an exception. surprised us in a big way. It wasn’t the lobby or user interface, which are so-so by industry standards. What got our attention here was just how bad the player population turned out to be; this is one of the fishiest sites on the internet. They’re packed in here like sardines, and if you can play poker, you will profit here over the long run. That’s it, hands-down, end of story.

Wow, so many fish, so few hours in which to cast the hooks.

Click Here – Download Poker (get an exclusive KICKASS $1000 bonus if you deposit, matched at 100%

Who is Poker? poker grew out of the collapse of Paradise Poker when that site was forced to pull out from the USA market in December 2006 / Jan 2007. Paradise was split into parts; the non-USA player base remained under the Paradise flag on a different network, while the USA player base was sold off and re-emerged here, as a major skin on the Cake Poker Network. (Click here to learn more about the Cake Poker Network.)

Several original Paradise Poker executives moved on with Sportsbook as well, assuring this new-in-name site of veteran, experienced management, resulting in its becoming one of the fastest growing online poker rooms serving USA players. Poker is unique among sites on the Cake Network in that they service only USA players, though you still get to play international players as well via Cake’s other skins. Right now the only way to deposit is via credit card. Withdrawals are done via cheque, bringing a fair amount of processing lag, but this is increasing common within the online-poker world. We do hear negative complaints about it, but we are also unaware of anyone who hasn’t received their cashout after a couple weeks’ wait. The site continues to be operated with the respect and class that marked Paradise Poker.
Click here to visit Poker

Sportsbook Poker Deposit Bonus – 100% Match up to $1000 – Exclusive Bonus Code: KICKASS

This is an exclusive deposit bonus for visitors. You need to use our links and bonus code: KICKASS to lock in this special bonus.

The deposit bonus itself is pretty easy to release. Every frequent player point you earn is worth, essentially, six cents. Your bonus is released in increments of $20. Read below for more explanation in earning these frequent player points below, or check into an even lengthier Sportsbook Poker bonus review we’ve done, where you can also find additional Sportsbook deposit code offerings.

Sportsbook Poker Maximum Bonus Code: KICKASS
*100% up to $1000

Enter this code after downloading the software and visiting the cashier. (*bonus code needed for the kickass poker bonus at sportsbook poker, as the standard bonus is only 100% up to $650.) Click any link to Poker from this page; the bonus is automatically included for all of our visitors!

You’ll earn your bonus by earning FPPs (player points) by playing in real money games online. Here’s how the bonus is released:

Real Money Ring Games: For each dollar that is raked at a table where you are dealt cards, you will earn one Frequent Player Point (FPP). is accurate to fractions of a penny, so if your table was raked $1.25, you will receive 1.25 FPP, or if your table was raked $3.00, you will receive 3 FPP.

Each FPP is worth $.06 towards your bonus.

Real Money Tournaments: For each dollar’s worth of tournament fees you pay, you’ll earn 7 Frequent Player Points (FPP). Just like in the cash-game FPP calculations, these are done to fractions of each penny, so for a $0.50 tournament fee, you will receive 3.5 FPP. Poker at a Glance:

Check out the table selection and games offered at Sportsbook;
the game selection is great, and the tables are live and loose! You cam judge overall table looseness by looking at the “pre-flop percentage” shown in the lobby for each table. In hold’em, anything over 30% is considered loose, and we’ve often seen percentages of 50% or higher at Sportsbook!

That is SUPER LOOSE, and that often means super juicy!

NL Cash Table Stakes:
.05/.10 up to $10/$20 NL

SNG’s from $5+.50 up to $50+5
Multi-table tourneys start with freerolls, and run up to $50+5 buy-ins.

The no-limit cash tables with the most traffic start at limits of nickel/dime (.05/.10) all the way up to $10/$20. Many players were found at each and every level, all the way up to the higher stakes like $10/$20, and the high stakes tables were loose, too! We couldn’t believe it! If you are a tight, aggressive, good player you will make money at the poker room. The site’s loose and fishy players mean that if you are new to online poker or looking for a good place for USA players to play, that you should feel comfortable playing here.

The site also spreads short-handed games (six players) along with the standard 10-seat NL tables at most levels. The short-handed action was a must for us; we love the game… especially here.

Sit-n-Go single-table tournaments:

Sit-n-go tourneys were average for most part. Offered at all buy-in levels, these SNG’s filled up every few minutes. There was plenty of traffic at the small to medium stakes. The highest regular stakes for SNG’s that we’ve noticed featured $50+5 buy-ins.

Strong customer service:

Learning from their experience with Paradise Poker, Sportsbook offers solid customer support, both on the phone and via email.

Does Poker really take credit-card deposits from USA players?

Yes – MasterCard and Visa. The cards you use to buy a tank of gas, dinner or anything else can be used here as well. Credit Cards are the only thing that they take for deposit, actually. If you are not comfortable giving out your number over the phone, feel free to call or use a VOIP connection to dial:


(European clients have a different number to dial, but since poker room is focused on USA Players, most of you will use the above service numbers.) Just visit the site and click “Contact us” if you want to confirm.


You’ll find freerolls every day — free sit-n-go’s, free prize money, frequent player points freerolls, free tournament entries and just a whole bunch of different freeroll offerings. Poker drawbacks?

The site’s client software is nothing special. We can’t complain about it too much as it runs fast and seems to get the job done, with easy-on-the-eyes graphics. The software does allow you to pre-program some of your actions at the tables, allowing for faster play. As for withdrawals, we’ve not personally requested a withdrawal from Poker as of yet, but we have read in a few other forums complaints that it takes a relatively lengthy amount of time to receive the check in the mail, up to a few weeks for some players.

Our Final Thoughts:

The massive saturation of fish makes this online poker room one where good players absolutely should lurk. Yes, there is the occasional shark, but if you love to play against bad players then this is the place for you.

All in all, poker gets a thumbs-up from us.

Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!

Download the software for free; no obligation. Deposit if you choose or just play for fun!

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Click here to play at Sports Book Poker (100% Deposit Bonus up to $1000 with bonus code: KICKASS)
Poker Room Information.