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PokerStars.comOfficial website:
Poker Stars software is one of the highest quality online poker experiences available in the world. Once you play, you’ll be spoiled. For a guide on how to get the software, read our Poker Stars Download guide or just visit and click the play now button. You can download the software completely free and play for play money or real money if you wish.

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Step 1: Download

Download PokerStars Free – click here

Use a valid PokerStars Marketing Code when asked for during the account creation process (use Download PokerStars!! It’s free, easy and you’ll be playing in minutes.

* is the generic “play money” website advertised on American TV, due to varying state regulations. You are free to download the software and play for play money at any time, 24/7/365. PokerStars is the largest online poker room in the world, far outdistancing its nearest competitors in all types of poker play. Later on, after you’ve downloaded and installed the client software and familiarized yourself with the games, you may choose to try a real-money deposit. When you do, use this PokerStars Deposit Bonus Code (which is separate from the marketing code above) — stars600

This code will provide you a great introductory offer of a 100% deposit bonus, up to $600 that you can earn over the course of three deposits. Deposit $200 each time to maximize your deposit bonus offering.

Just use this PokerStars Bonus Code — stars600 –- when prompted for a “Bonus Code” when making your first real-money deposit. This is different from the Marketing Code ( you will have previously used when downloading the software, so make sure to keep the two separate. The bonus code will provide you a great introductory offer of a 100% deposit bonus, up to $600! Just remember to bookmark this page to access this code; you’ll want it later on.

You can read the ToS (Terms of Service) over at, to learn exactly how your bonus is released. PokerStars also offers reload bonuses to players around once per quarter, but you need to already have an active account at Poker Stars to start receiving these offers.

And remember this: the quality of their poker room is so high that people want to play there because it is the best place to play, not because they dangle a deposit bonus in your face. The bonus is extra goodness.

Once you play at, you’ll understand why they don’t have to offer a deposit bonus to get new players. And yet they do anyway. It’s the high quality of their online poker room, the overall excellence of their product. It’s how online poker should be done.

Continue by downloading the FREE PokerStars software. (Go ahead, the download runs separately and you won’t lose track of this page or your surfing location.) If you’re ready to make a real-money deposit right away, go for it: you won’t find a better signup bonus anywhere. But there’s no rush and no need to do it this instance, and you can always play for free until you’re totally comfortable. Remember, no purchase is EVER required. Our poker star sign-up bonus is valid for all new players who click our links and use our marketing code, but don’t forget to use our links, because you can get that free matching bonus to $600 only once. Even before you deposit, you can play in freerolls right away at PokerStars. It’s free and easy!

Poker Stars Marketing Code —
Pokerstars Bonus Code –  stars600

Step 2: PokerStars Installation

It is easiest just to click “Run”. When complete, the installation will place a PokerStars icon on your desktop for easy access.

Step 3. Lobby Introduction

Welcome! You are now online at This is the Main Lobby. You are looking at the “default” view, but it is among the many visuals you can change at a later date when you customize the software for your greater enjoyment. The software runs exactly the same as the “.net” software you see pitched in commercials by folks such as Daniel Negreanu.

From this screen you can access the poker tables, your PokerStars account and access the many different options available to you. First off, the lobby is where all the major game categories are listed and the top-level interface is displayed. Since this is your first time online, you’ll need to create your account before you can actually sit down at the tables, though you can ofcourse view the many thousands of tables at any time.

The Stars lobby is easy to understand and all the games are listed by category and sub-category, including tournaments and cash games and including many things you might have interest in at a later time, like private tournaments and special events. For now, you can easily find a table to sit down at, search for other players or just generally find out anything you need to know by clicking the drop-down menus across the top.

Step 4. Creating Your Account

Now that you’ve downloaded PokerStars and are at the Lobby, you need to create an account. Look near the top of the lobby screen and click on:

Account —> Create Account

Once you click “Create Account” the following screen will open up:

Fill in all of your information. Yes, you should use your real information; Stars does not resell this and it remains confidential. Use a real email address. Stars will send you a code via e-mail which you will input to activate your account, once your data has been input. Don’t worry about the picture right now unless you have one prepared. You can add a picture in later as you choose.

If you find this guide helpful, please use the PokerStars Marketing Code:

The above screen lets them know where you found out about PokerStars. Putting us as the referring web site by using our marketing code allows us to continue providing our players with real content, in the form of features, training content, news and more, unlike some other sites that leach content from others. You support is greatly much appreciated. We fund Kick Ass Poker on advertising dollars and the more players we send to Stars and other sites, the more helpful information we are able to provide to you, free of charge.

Whoa! While you’ve been reading that… nice! Your account has been registered. Click “Ok”.

Step 5. Validating Your Account

You still have to validate your new PokerStars account, but as with all these other steps, it’s easy. Just check your email at the address you used when you signed up.

Once you pull up that email, go back to the PokerStars lobby and click:

Account –> Validate Email Address

Take the code sent to you in the e-mail and copy it into the above field, then click “Validate”. You’re now officially a PokerStars member and are ready to play! Check out the play-money tables if you want and get a feel for how the software works. Good luck and have fun!

Step 6. Registering with the Cashier (Optional, only for players)

New players can visit the cashier and create a real-money account any time they choose. is available for play-money action only, and therefore a cashier function is not necessary for that site. Please note that you can play completely for free at Poker as well, as no deposit is ever required! But if you decide to test your poker chops for real, you do so by accessing the “Cashier” section. This is what comes up when you click “Cashier”:

Ready to try it for real? Have your account registered (see previous step)? Then it’s simple; just click “Buy Chips”.

Don’t be scared by the need for the real information. You need to do this to get your real-money deposit to the site, and to get your winnings back out again. Remember to always check with your local jurisdiction before doing anything online such as play online poker, and note that Stars maintains an age-18 minimum to participate for real money.

Pokerstars Bonus Deposit Code: stars600 — gets 100% up to $600.

Step 6a. Visiting the PokerStars Cashier and Selecting Deposit Options. (Optional)

Woo-hoo, let’s play! Double-click a table you want to play. Let’s say you’ve got $50 so let’s sit at the $100/$200 no-limit table and hope to double up first hand! Just kidding; that would be terrible bankroll management. If you’ve deposited something like $50 to give it a whirl, then be sensible: go play a $1 tournament to start or a $5 sit-n-go.

Your seat awaits at one of the best poker sites online!

Welcome to Poker Stars!

Click here for the Free Poker Stars Download. Deposit Options

Visa, Mastercard (sometimes credit cards work, sometimes not, depending on your bank’s policies), epassporte, Instant echecks, Western Union, CashTransfer, Money Order, bank wires and more. Visit the cashier once creating your account for the latest options.

PokerStars Review is probably the most famous and highest-quality poker site in the market today. The site is endorsed by numerous World Series of Poker Main Event champions, along with many other famous players, with their commercials appearing on major TV networks worldwide. The buzz is real; PokerStars is great stuff. It’s our top rated online poker room.

Like the commercials say, you, too can “Become a Poker Star” at this top online poker room. is one of the most respected online poker rooms in the industry and if you aren’t playing at Poker then you are missing out on one of the best online poker experiences today.

Enter our special PokerStars Marketing code ‘’ during account creation:
Use deposit bonus code ‘stars600 when you make your first real-money deposit, whether right away or at a later date;

    • Our Poker Stars codes are tested and validated and are the best you’ll find anywhere;
    • Poker star deposit bonus code ‘stars600’ is a valid code.
    • accepts US players and is now the largest online poker room in the world (which it achieved in December of 2006, when it surpassed PartyPoker).

Since 2003, when we first started reviewing online poker rooms, Poker has consistently been among the top three online poker rooms in our overall rankings, and has held down the top spot in all recent updates.

So, just who and what is was a relative latecomer to the online scene, coming into being several years after such rooms as Planet Poker, Paradise Poker and PartyPoker first opened up the online poker market. But PokerStars offered great software, excellent customer support, and quickly signed a number of major endorsers, all of which helped the company ascend the ranks rapidly. PokerStars was already #2 in worldwide rankings by size when competitor PartyPoker – which offers casino games forbidden by US law – chose to accept the American market in late 2006 following the passage of America’s UIGEA. PokerStars is a poker-only site, which is legal for US players, and as a result they became the world’s largest room upon Party’s departure, although Stars was and continues to grow much faster and would have become the largest site anyway.

PokerStars remains a boon to the online poker community, consistently providing the highest levels of customer service, offering a superb online poker experience, great software and the most tournament and game variety and traffic on the net. Among the PokerStars features:

* The online world’s largest real-money player base (FullTilt is a strong second – Check out FullTilt here);
* High levels of respect, trust, integrity and industry knowledge;
* Top-notch customer support;
* Competitive first-deposit bonus code (that’s ‘stars600’, to be used after you use the ‘’ marketing code when downloading the software);
* Easy deposits and fast withdrawals;

Poker Stars Software Review

It’s smooth software, faster than any of its competitors and intuitive to the player, set up for poker people by poker people. It’s silky-smooth to use and easy to navigate, with all the right buttons. It’s got great hand-history, replay and search features, you can find friends and even set up your own private games, and cashier and account information is also available with just a click or two. PokerStars sets the bar high, so high that few other rooms even come close. Let’s take a look at what it is like to actually play.

One common question we are always asked is who has the best poker software, PokerStars or FullTilt? Our answer is Stars but it is a highly debated topic; you can compare Poker Stars and FullTilt at Compare Online Poker, or you can leave your thoughts in the FullTiltPoker vs thread in our popular Kick A$$ Poker forums.

About Poker Stars Mac Poker Software

This mac friendly poker software offered by Poker Stars is a feature rich, fully functional version of their windows poker client available to PC users. It is a full mac poker download version for Macintosh users. The mac pokerstars client has all the features that make Stars one of our top poker rooms and you are free to play in all of the major online poker tournaments, and ring games the site has to offer. is the largest online poker room in the world. USA Players are accepted. Deposits and cash outs are easy and quick.

Play PokerStars Games – Get Poker Star Rewards

Let’s take a look at the player loyalty programs Stars offers. Poker Stars calls this their “VIP Rewards Program” and indeed it does make you feel like a VIP. From the moment you play pokerstar real money games you become a Stars VIP, beginning at the Bronze level. How much you play determines how many VIP reward points you earn, as well as how fast you earn them, and what levels you reach. The higher the levels you reach, the higher the multiplier you earn and the faster your rewards accumulate, too!

The PokerStars Game Selection

PokerStars offers a multitude of games running in stakes from the lowest micro limits and free-play options, up to the high-stakes, nosebleed action where thousands of dollars is in the pot in every hand.

PokerStars Games Offered

Texas Holdem (NL, PL, limit)
Omaha (high, h/l — 8 or better)
Stud (hi only, h/l, Razz)
5-Card Draw
2-7 Triple Draw (and Single Draw)
8-Game Mix
Triple Stud

Poker Stars’ overall game traffic is the biggest online. In a market that is as competitive and challenging as online poker, you simply cannot go wrong with having an account at

It is partly due to the sponsorship of their stable of World Series of Poker Champions, which at last count including six former WSOP world champs: Chris “Money800” Moneymaker, Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, Joe Hachem, Tom McEvoy, Joe Cada and Peter Eastgate. Moneymaker was the young phenom that took the poker world by storm by winning the 2003 WSOP after qualifying online at Poker Stars for $40. Next year, another player who had won his seat at Poker Stars, Greg Raymer, took home the 2004 WSOP title. Greg went on to make it very deep in the 2005 WSOP but Moneymaker has mostly flopped at the WSOP since. You’ve probably seen them in their commercials talking about how playing online poker at Poker improved their game.

Other famous players wear the Stars gear as well, and are part of either the PokerStars Team Pro or PokerStars Online Pro rosters. Just sample this selection of greats: Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Chad Brown, Vanessa Rousso, Bertrand ‘eLKy’ Grospellier, Humberto Brenes, Dennis Phillips, Jason Mercier, Ivan Demidov,, Katja Thater, Viktor Blom and Victoria Cohen. And don’t forget such real-life celebrities as Boris Becker, Orel Hershiser and Mats Sundin. You can find yourself playing against these and many more at PokerStars!

How many poker stars Play at

Player Competition Levels – Keep in mind that Poker has plenty of TV and brand recognition and you’ll find a wide berth of players here, both new and old.’s advertising campaign has driven large schools of fish to the site, but keep in mind that also attracts the sharks.

Since PokerStars is the largest poker site online, they have an overall “average” level of players.

Some of the higher-stakes cash games are filled with the best players online, and of course the tournaments have the biggest and best players in the world playing. Virtually every serious online poker player has an account here, but that is because so many fish also play at this site. We recommend play-money action first, because playing for free is a great way to learn how the software works and even to learn the basic rules and structure of new games. Free money poker is probably not a very good way to improve your poker game, though. Poker has to be played for something of value, even if that’s one-penny / two-penny hold’em, which is a great way for the new novice to start out.

Poker is a game about chips and money; it is said to be the very language of the game itself. Learning when to bluff, call a raise or fold to a bet can’t be learned until you play for something of value, and play-money chips are not that. Play money is just like a video game; treat it as such. If you’re lucky you can sometimes find a play money sit-n-go one-table tournament with ‘serious’ players, but many times you’ll have play-money idiots playing over at Poker, putting all their chips in the middle at random. Instead, just go to Poker and create a play-money account, as it’s virtually the same thing. (Just use the marketing code above when you do, and save the separate bonus code for your first real-money deposit.) Tournaments

Stars has the biggest poker tournament online. You’ll find tourneys to play 24/7/365, though evening and weekend hours for the Americas bring peak player counts. And don’t forget that every Sunday is a “Million Dollar” day, anchored by the famed Stars Sunday Million, which usually offers a prize pool of $1.5 million or more. It’s the headline of a great slate of action that repeats week after week, and that’s in addition to such special events as Stars’ WCOOP and SCOOP series, which offer tens of millions of dollars in prize money.

Here’s a sample of some of the poker tournaments offered at

PokerStars Sunday Million ($1,000,000 Sunday Guaranteed) – Every Sunday

Probably the most-coveted weekly online poker tournament, this $200+15 tournament draws bigger fields of high-stakes buy-ins than any other site online, period. This is the tournament to win if you want to make your mark in online poker. Great satellites for inexpensive entry start at only $2. Occasionally PokerStars will replace the Sunday Million with a WSOP Guaranteed or similar tourney with equal value, but each and every Sunday brings a monster tourney at Stars… guaranteed.

$500,000 Sunday Warmup
Compete in a smaller buy-in event with $500,000 prize money guaranteed! Poker offers rebuy tourneys, WSOP Qualifiers / Satellites, double shootout sit-n-go’s, and all sizes of sit-n-go’s ranging from the standard single-table tournament with nine players up to 180-player sit-n-go’s multi-table events. These kick off around the clock as soon as each is filled. There’s a great $3-rebuy satellite into the Stars Sunday Million that runs each and every afternoon, too.

Let’s look beyond the big weekend multi-table tournaments to some of Poker Stars other tourney offerings. They also excel in their selection of other tournaments, including sit-n-go’s, freerolls, heads-up events, shootouts, satellites, double-or-nothings and guaranteed tourneys.

Sit-N-Go Selections:

Single-table, 2-, 3-, 5-table, and 90- and 180-person multi-table SNGs are running 24/7. First place in one of the 180-man $20 SNGs wins just over a thousand bucks! These $180s are excellent multi-table tournaments that start up every 10-15 minutes or so (sometimes faster). You get 1500 starting chips, 10/20 starting blinds and 15-minute levels. Antes begin on Level 7.

For you multi-table fanatics this is always a good tournament.

Deep Stack Tournaments – PokerStars Deep Stack Tourneys

If you’ve ever wanted to play in a deep-stacked event, then PokerStars offers its Deep Stack Poker Tournaments on a regular basis. These tournaments kick so much ass we wrote an article on them. Check out the Stars big-stack poker tournaments – start with $5000 in starting chips and 30-minute rounds! Buyins for these stretch across all bankroll levels. Play it like the WSOP.
Poker Stars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) – the online equivalent to the World Series of Poker. Live poker has the WSOP; online poker has the WCOOP. The WCOOP, or the World Championship of Online Poker is more or less the online equivalent of the the World Series of Poker. The WCOOP pulls the best players from around the world, contains the largest prize pools and generates the largest fields of any online poker tournament series. Along with the substantial prize pools, winners also recieve WCOOP championship bracelets similar to those given away at the WSOP.

PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) – This counterpoint to each fall’s WCOOP offers a different type of series structure. Whereas the WCOOP offers a lot of high-buyin event, the SCOOP offers a tripled low/medium/high level of buyins for each day’s formats, guaranteeing that every bankroll gets a shot at some big-time glory. The fields can be huge, but so can the paydays!

With the top quality of Poker Stars tournaments it’s easy to see why the site hosts the most prestigious online events.

Daily Freerolls

Freerolls every day, free sit-n-go’s, free prize money, frequent player points freerolls, free tournament entries and just a whole bunch of different freerolls. Free, free, free. Did we mention the free part?

First-class Customer Service

PokerStars’ top-ranked customer service offers real 24/7. Best done through e-mails to a large support staff, responses are fast and thorough. Telephone support is also available. Have a problem, call someone and they’ll take care of you. If you make the final stages of one of the multi-table tournaments, you can request assistance from a PokerStars Representative to assist you with chopping it up at the end, if that’s your thing. Very cool, and you won’t find it elsewhere. Custom tourney chops – now that’s a kick ass feature! (Chopping means coming to an agreement with the remaining players to split the remaining prize pool, whether equally or according to a deal made by the remaining players. This is common in live poker tournaments, but rare online.)

If you make the final table at Poker Stars, you can negotiate these deals, or “chops”. Poker Stars provides live customer support reps who can execute any deal reached by the players. You can request a live customer support rep join the table chat and they can pause the tournament while you and the other players negotiate the finer details of the agreement. If everyone left in the tournament agrees to the terms then they’ll do the chop, binding all the players to the deal. Chop it up baby! – (Go, Braves!) Drawbacks?

There is not a lot to critize about Poker Stars. One quibble could be that they are the home of the best poker players online, many of whom grind away hour after hour. The caliber of competition, especially at the higher levels and in the big tourneys, can be top-notch. On average the players seem better, although there are still plenty of bad players; if you are good, you can make money on PokerStars. To many players, the fact that the competition is better than average is actually a benefit, not a drawback, as they are tired of getting donkey-punched by bad players who continuously suck out. And playing against tough players improves your game, too.

Against better players you will, at least theoritically, be the victim of fewer suckouts and bad beats. Plus, you can work on improving your game against good players. There are still plenty of fish at Stars, so just look for them at the different tables if your table seems too tough. There are better sites on which to “go fishing” than Stars. Try the review for seriously fishy players and juicy ring tables.

If you are looking to play against top-notch players to improve your game, then PokerStars is your best choice. If you are looking to win easier money from bad players then check out some of the other rooms, like Bodog Poker. At PokerStars, the level of competition is probably the best anywhere.

Last Thoughts About PokerStars

If you have not played at PokerStars or yet you should. Top-notch software, earned industry trust, reliability and an enjoyable and secure environment. Just create a play-money account at or visit and see what you think of the software. PokerStars has the best quality, variety and structure of tournaments online. You’re going to love the site.

Are you new to PokerStars? Then use our step-by-step download guide for PokerStars – this is designed for first-time players, to walk through the entire process of creating an account and sitting down to play poker. It is free and easy.

Chris Moneymaker Qualified for his World Series of Poker at PokerStars!

All of you probably have seen the Poker TV commercials with Moneymaker Qualify like Moneymakertalking about how he turned $39 into $2.5 Million and a World Series of Poker Bracelet…here is exactly how he did it.

Note: Chris Moneymaker qualified by playing in a satellite series at – which consistently sends hundreds of players to the World Series of Poker! Poker Stars is one of the most trusted online poker rooms and is their play free site that they advertise on TV.

It is more or less the same as creating a play money account at Poker Stars but Uncle Sam says you can only advertise the .net version of Poker Stars on TV since there is no money wagering allowed at Poker

Either way – You can play online poker completely free, and it is easy to do. Read our detailed review of Poker Stars for more in-depth info on this great online cardroom.
Moneymaker turns $39 into $2.5 Million and a World Series of Poker Bracelet.
Chris had been playing at Poker Stars under the handle of Money800, playing mostly regular buy in tournaments for around $20 bucks or so. Chris was doing fairly well in some of the normal tournaments at Poker Stars when he started to notice all of the different satellite tournaments. If you haven’t played a Poker Stars before, they have more tournament variety than I’ve found anywhere, and I’ve played and nearly every online site at one time or another.

So Moneymaker takes some of his recent winnings and decides to try out one of the Poker Stars daily $39 satellite tournaments. These are 2 table tournaments, consisting of 18 players each and they are found under the ‘Event’ tab and then the WSOP button. The winner of this tournament wins a seat into a tournament that is a direct qualifier into the $10,000 main event of the WSOP plus some spending cash.


Step 1 – Win the PokerStars $39 Satellite

So – Chris’s first step is to win the $39 satellite. Moneymaker said he decided to play in the satellite mostly to get some experience playing satellites, not that he expected to win even the first round, and especially not the second round. He admits that he really assumed that he would get get some experience and use some of his recent winnings to try out the satellites series worked.

To find the satellites, open up the PokerStars software, and click Tourney > Satellite > Scroll down to your tourney and double click it.

About two and a half hours after the first satellite was over, Chris looked down and realized he had completed step 1. He had just won his seat into the direct WSOP qualifier.

Along with just over 60 other players, he was about to take his shot in a tournament that qualified directly into the $10,000 Main Event at the WSOP and $1500 in spending cash. If he can win this next tournament he get’s his shot on pokers biggest stage, the World Series of Poker.

Moneymaker had successfuly completed Step 1 of his epic journey, he won the first qualifier and earned his seat into the direct qualifier.

Step 2 – Win the PokerStars direct WSOP Qualifier

The direct qualifier tournaments work slightly different than the 1st round qualifiers. The WSOP Direct qualifiers do not have a cap on the number of entrants like the round 1 qualifier. Instead, these allow for as many players as qualify to play in this event, up to 5000. They award WSOP packages for every 30 players in the tournament.

When Moneymaker qualified these events were normally drawing around around 60-70 players and awarding 2 WSOP packages and some change to 3rd place finishers, expect these tournaments to now consist of upwards of around 120 players, awarding 4 WSOP packages.

Moneymaker registered for the direct qualifier scheduled for the next evening and prepared to play in a pretty big tournament. Any event that had a first and second place prize of over $10,000 was serious change for an accountant who was pulling down around $40k per year from his full time job.

So, the following evening Moneymaker logged into Poker Stars and took his seat in the tournament that would win him a chance at $2.5 Million Dollars and poker fame.

As the tournament progressed Moneymaker collected more and more chips, eventually winning the whole thing. When the tournament was over, he looked and the screen almost in a little disbelief realizing that he just turned his $39 dollar satellite seat into a seat valued at $10,000 in the World Series of Poker.

The only thing left for Moneymaker to do was to go to Las Vegas and win the World Series of Poker.

The fact that Moneymaker won his seat via PokerStars was the best marketing pokerstars could ask for.

Step 3 – Win the World Series of Poker

You all know the story now, so we won’t repeat it here but more or less this average guy pulling down around $40k per year turned his $39 bucks into $2.5 Million, a World Series of Poker Championship Bracelet, instant poker fame and a sponsorship from Poker Stars. Chris Moneymaker was a major catalyst for the explosion of poker across america and around the world when he won the 2003 World Series of Poker, besting a field of 865 players. Beating poker professional Sammy Farha once it was heads up.

After winning the 2003 WSOP, Moneymaker is now endorsed by Poker Stars and promotes them in TV commercials advertising Poker as a great place to play poker and work on your game. He credits playing online poker as giving him the experience to win in a live setting like the WSOP. Now Poker Stars pays pay his way into some of the major events and other undisclosed sponsorship deals. Poker also endorses Greg “Fossilman Raymer and Joe Hachem, the 2005 WSOP Champion.

So, that’s it everyone. If you are looking for the best online poker site to qualify for the World Series of Poker then look no further than Poker Stars. In 2005 Poker Stars sent 1 out of every 5 players in the WSOP main event. If you want to learn more about Chris Moneymaker, check out his newest venture, Moneymaker Gaming.
Poker Stars Tournaments – Huge selection and variety
Deep Stack Poker Tournaments – 5,000 in chips, 30 minute levels – read more and a screenshot of the blind schedule.
$1,000,000 Guaranteed Tournaments weekly- Qualify in $3 rebuy tourneys! They have 180 man sit-n-go’s. $20 buyin can earn you $1080 for a first place finish.

Interesting Facts:

Did you know you can “chop” your tournaments at PokerStars? To chop means to reach an agreement with the other players to split up the prize pool differently than what is listed in the lobby. It’s cool, and the table support is most excellent at

We assert that PokerStars is home to the best multi-table poker tournaments and has the most tournament variety, including big-stack poker tournaments, of any online poker site. PokerStars is one of the best, if not THE best, place to play online poker.

Stars also qualifies and sends more players to the WSOP than any other third party. In the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event, Poker Stars sent one out of every five players, who participated, all via WSOP Satellites. The numbers change from year to year, but they still dominate in the number of players sent to the WSOP. The famed Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP after qualifying on… and you can, too. Raum Review – German Translation of our #1 Poker Room Review.

Download Poker – German Translation of the PokerStars Download Guide.

Telechargement Pokerstars – French Download Guide – Italian Poker Stars Download Guide – Dutch Translation of the Poker Stars Guide