Palace Casino Poker Review

Palace Casino Resort, Biloxi MS

Card Room Review

First hand review from Richard Taylor

Palace Casino Biloxi

“The Best Poker Room on the Gulf” was the advertisement in the Biloxi, MS newspaper. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be very tough to make that claim.

Poker rooms in the Biloxi-Gulfport area are typical grinding rooms with lots of 1-4-8-8 Hold’em action sprinkled with some Stud and maybe a 1-2 No Limit game. They are all the same for the most part. Then, along came the Palace.

The Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi didn’t rush into the poker business, and it shows. The poker room at the Palace was designed for a different player—an upscale player.

Smaller than most rooms with six large tables, it is billed as a “Poker Parlor.” Striking cherry colored wood walls, brass inlaid ceiling, and equestrian décor will immediately grab your attention when you step through the doors. My reaction was, in order, “Okay, wait. Whoa. Wow. Nice.”

A class-act from start to finish, the poker parlor is completely set off from the main floor and the clamor of slot machines, so the only sounds you hear are chips and the occasional exclamation from someone who is very happy or very not-so-happy. The cashier (and the associated commotion) is outside of the room.

Tables are big with comfortable, roomy seating. Smoking is not allowed, but there is a smoking area outside the room. There is a special dining menu for players, and food is served on special side tables next to the player. Dealers are top-notch with 10-15 years experience and are as sharp as the creases on their starched shirts.

The classy environment is complemented by the strong action. There are no trash games—the limit games start at 5-10 and go up from there. The manager was spreading a 20-40 game during my visit, but I was happy to sit at the 1-2 NL table.

The game played like a 3-5 game with the initial bet after the Blinds being $20-30. There were plenty of players willing to dive into the fish tank. A charitable gentleman to my right was kind enough to donate the $200 max buy-in five times between 9pm and midnight. Thanks, dude.

Players looking for plentiful action in a stylish atmosphere will find both at the Palace’s Poker Parlor. Click here for more info on The Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi.
Richard Taylor
P.S. *The Palace Casino was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, along with the majority of the casinos in Biloxi and Gulfport MS.