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MANSION Poker has deep marketing pockets and are actively spending money to bring in quality players like yourself.

Our VIP Mansion Poker bonus is the largest deposit bonus of the online poker rooms reviewed here at KAP!

A deposit bonus of $600 matched 100% – and it is pretty easy to release by earning MCP’s (aka Mansion Club Points). You earn those by playing real money ring games and tournaments. They do award points for tournament play, so if you like to play sit n go’s the points you earn will count towards releasing your bonus. Click to claim your 100% Deposit Bonus! Wow – that is a seriously nice bonus and this is only the start. You get tons of promotions and exciting challenges to keep you playing at Mansion. When signing up for your account, use bonus code KAP1000. It may sound like a cliche with the name of this site, but Mansion Poker has offered us a deposit bonus that kicks ass! Click Here and Max out Your Mansion Bonus

How do you earn your Mansion Poker Bonus?

You have two ways to release and earn your deposit bonus into your account. You can play poker at the online poker room, or you can play in casino games in the mansion online.

I’ll focus on how the poker players earn their bonus first, since this is

“Mansion Club Points”

While playing at the real money poker tables at Mansion as you play hands, you contribute to the rake, and as you contribute to the rake you earn points.

For every 1000 Mansion Club Points you earn, $10 of your bonus is released into your account. So, that leads us to the next question, how do you earn 1000 Mansion Club Points? The good news is that you earn “MCP’s” by playing both tournaments and ring games, not just in ring games like some sites. You get credit for tournament play, including sit-n-go’s.

As always, check the detailed terms and conditions at Mansion, this is just our synopsis but it also looks like you earn MCP’s for every hand you are dealt that has the qualifying rake, regardless of whether or not you fold pre-flop or not.

Mansion Poker Club Point Chart

Table Rake in USD                         MCP
0.01 – 0.09                                             0.2
0.10 – 0.24                                             0.6
0.25 – 0.50                                            1.25
0.51-0.75                                                 2
0.76-1.00                                                 3
Continuing to $3.01+                            13

Some points to note on the MCP’s:

  • You can view the entire MCP chart once you visit mansion poker and click on promotions. Multi Table players and grinders can work off this bonus in no time playing tight, aggressive poker. For every $1 in tournament fee’s (read the rake) you spend playing in tournaments you earn 20 MCP’s. One point of note is that if you spend less than a dollar in tourney fee’s then no MCP’s are awarded, so you need to be at least playing tourneys with a $1 of rake to earn your bonus / mansion poker points.
  • If you play ring games the amount of MCP’s you earn fluctuates based on the total amount of rake taken during the hand. From the way I read their T’s and C’s it looks like as long as you have cards in the hand dealt that you earn points. It says: Only players who are dealt cards in the hand are awarded MCP’s. So it looks like as long as you are dealt in the hand, you earn MCP’s. Even if you do not directly contribute to any of the rake taken by contributing funds to the pot.
  • If the total table rake of a particular hand is .49c or less then no MCP’s are awarded. It also looks like they cap the rake at $3-$5, which is industry standard. If you’re playing no limit ring games at the $1/2 level or higher then you will earn 1000 points pretty fast, especially considering that you earn points even if you fold pre-flop.

Casino Players can earn a different deposit bonus of up to $200 on their deposit by playing at the casino games except Blackjack and Baccarat and you also have to wager the deposit bonus before you can withdraw it. Poker Players bonus amount is listed in their poker account as cash. If you have been looking for the biggest and best first time deposit bonuses offered online, then look no further. Bonus is one for the record books!

Mansion Poker Referral Code

Originally an independent poker website, Mansion Poker became a part of the larger iPoker Network. This move has given Mansion Poker a large boost in player traffic and game variety, allowing it to compete with more established competitors. Mansion Poker’s increased prominence has also allowed it to offer higher quality rewards programs and promotions. One such promotion is the website’s first deposit bonus, available to all new members with the appropriate bonus codeKICKASS“.

About the Mansion Poker Referral Code Bonus

In order to attract a larger base of players, currently offers a 200% deposit bonus of up to $1,000 on the first deposits of all new registrants possessing the correct MansionPoker referral code. This means that a player can deposit up to $1,000 and receive an equal amount in bonus cash. However, this money is not immediately accessible. To release bonus money into his or her account, a player must earn Mansion Power Points by participating in raked cash games and real money tournaments. Players receive 10 Mansion Power Points for every dollar paid in tournament fees. The amount of points awarded by playing in a raked hand is determined by how much each player contributes to the pot. For every 500 Mansion Power Points a player earns, $5 of that player’s claimed bonus cash is released into his or her account.

Using the Mansion Poker Bonus Code

Players who wish to cash in on Mansion Poker’s first deposit bonus must first create an account. After entering all requested personal information, players should navigate to Mansion Poker’s cashier page to make a deposit. Before doing so, players will be prompted to enter a referral code “KICKASS”. If this acceptable code is entered, the bonus becomes active.

Mansion Review Information

Here is our first person review of Mansion Poker – it’s a new but growing poker room catering to both high rollers looking for a great deposit bonus and low stakes players looking for valuable money added tournaments.

They are backed by one of the largest European Sports exchanges and casinos online, that being

With a Mansion Poker Bonus like this one, plus the smooth, clean software, excellent customer service and value added tournaments, it is easy to see why the player traffic is growing every day.

The Poker Dome Challenge is sponsored by Mansion, which is more or less the show on TV. The KAP Blogger, Haley won a seat on TV in the “Mansion Poker Poker Dome Challenge” for a 1 penny buy-in tourney!

Haley will be on TV on July 30th or 31st, 2006! * Haley didn’t win the poker dome challenge, but she did have a blast in Vegas and was on TV for the Mansion PokerDome Challenge!

Check out what’s going on in the strange world of online poker, over at the poker blog

Mansion Software – Nice & Clean is powered by the ipoker network which is one of the top three or four poker networks on the market today (behind stars and fulltilt). They brought their player base over to ipoker due to the liquidity of the tables and that means more profit for everyone. We will take a look at the software here but if you are familiar with the ipoker networks tables then Mansion is the same just with their branding and colors on the tables.

We’ll start by reviewing the ‘playing field’ at Mansion Poker… I’m talking about the virtual Mansion Poker Table. I really like how clean and easy to use the software is at Mansion. The table is laid out very nicely and it is easy to read. It is not ‘flashy’ or full of graphical interface like Full Tilt Poker, nor does it have the silly avatars of a PokerRoom, but that is my preference.

The MansionPoker cards are easy to see and they have all the standard options to pre-select your actions whenever necessary. All the right buttons are in the right spots, and you have all of your pre-select options such as ‘fold in turn, call in turn, etc’… You can also auto post your blinds, the standard run of actions and buttons and it is easy to understand.

The size of the cards are also plenty big enough to see easily. The bet amounts are displayed as well as the total amount of the pot. I really like this feature and it is easy to read the bet amounts and also to see the complete size of the pot.

The pace of play reminds me of Poker Stars, a smooth yet brisk pace. You do not normally feel rushed to make decisions, although I have wanted a bit more time making big decisions in some tourneys. They get new hands out quickly, but not as fast as some of the other sites that are focused on raw speed, like bodog poker. If you want speed poker, Mansion has a lot of speed poker tournaments and challenges, tied into the Poker Dome Challenge, which is ‘speed poker’ in it’s structure.

The lobby at Mansion is very easy to navigate and find your way to the game you want to play. You can sort your options by game type, stakes, table size etc. The average pot size and % seeing the flop is clearly displayed in the lobby

Mansion Poker Download

Mansion Poker is a popular poker site located on the iPoker Network. Currently, the site is offering a Mansion Poker download, which allows you to enjoy all of the cash games and tournaments offered by Mansion Poker in a downloadable software program that you’ll install to your hard drive. Following this, you’ll be eligible to create a new account and receive an initial deposit bonus worth 100% up to $600.

This page will give you step-by-step instructions on how to download Mansion Poker software.

Begin your Mansion Poker download here.

How to Download Mansion Poker

In order to start the Mansion Poker download, you must first direct your web browser to Click the green Download Poker link located in the top menu bar of the home page. A new page will open, and the Mansion Poker software should begin downloading automatically. If it does not, click the green Download button located near the center of the page.

The Mansion Poker download is delivered as an .exe file that’s only a few megabytes in size. A new window will open asking you to either save the file or cancel the download. Click Save File.

Once the Mansion Poker download finishes, double click on the SetupPoker.exe file to begin the installation process. This will take a few minutes, after which you can launch the Mansion Poker software and follow the prompts to open a new account.

Mansion Poker Download System Requirements

In order to enjoy the downloadable Mansion Poker software, you’ll need a Windows PC that meets a few basic system requirements, including:

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME or 98
400MHz CPU
128 MB of RAM
800×600 resolution monitor with 16-bit color
30 MB of free hard drive space

If you’re unsure of your computer’s specs, simply download the free Mansion Poker software and test its performance. Any modern Windows computer should be capable of accessing the cash games and online poker tournaments offered within the Mansion Poker download.

Mansion Accepts UK/EU Players

It has been the experience of this author that whenever a poker room opens that is heavily marketed to a base of casino players and sports bettors that you will find a room ripe with some of the juiciest fish on the net. Seriously bad players giving their $$ away.

Mansion opened their poker room virtual doors in June of 2006. I was probably one of the first players to play at Mansion Poker as they requested that I review their room and get it up here on When I first started, I was lucky to see maybe 4-5 tables going of real money, and maybe 20-30 tables of play money playing.

Traffic has grown significantly since moving over to the ipoker network. Even during off peak times there are a solid handful of tables running at most of the lower stakes no limit tables, up to around $2/4 no limit down through the .10c/.20c. NL.

Mansion Poker is following a similar business market that Bodog capitalized on back in 2004 by expanding their offerings from primarily sports book and casino into an online poker room. Mansion Poker is tapping into the the huge base of online sports bettors and casino players.

Poker Games and Tournaments at MansionPoker

MansionPoker offers the poker games, Texas Holdem, both limit and no limit, Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo, 7 card stud and 7 card stud Hi /Lo.

Mansion has 9 handed tables, 6 handed game tables and heads up ring game tables both in the ring cash games and in the single table tournaments (sit-n-go’s). Tournament variety is building at Mansion.

The fewer the players, the better chance you have of winning. This tournament is probably the best value on the web right now for lower stakes multi table tournaments.

Typical Starting Chips: $1500
Rounds typically 12 Minutes until 1st break, 15 minutes there after
Blinds: start at 10/20

For quick example I played in a $30+3 Aussie Millions qualifier that guaranteed two of the $320+30 Aussie Millions Seats where they are guaranteeing 7 or 8 $14,000 Aussie millions trips, anyway, there were only 15 players! I got really unlucky in a bad beat, but it was easily beatable. Not much traffic, huge overlays in these events. Get in on them now. Only at Mansion Poker.

Another cool tourney for new players
1 penny buy in with $500 added.
A virtual freeroll.

This is a great table to ‘cut your multi-table teeth’ on. If you make the late stages of this tournament, it will give you tons of experience in playing large field tournaments! I like this ‘freeroll’ because it virtually is for anyone who has funds on MansionPoker and there are not as many players as some of the others sites offering similar sized free rolls.

Virtually all of the sites have freerolls and money added tournaments, but the difference is that Mansion is still a brand new poker room and the the lack of players means that you have much less competition in this tournament compared to other events. Good poker players can get in now and take advantage of everything they have to offer by getting in early. Including first dibs at the fish that are starting to swim in from the Mansion online casino and sports exchange.

Get in while the getting is good at Mansion! If you are a good tournament player, or aspiring to become one, these tourneys are excellent value. +EV if you will. Even if you do not have that large of a bankroll, the money added tournaments at Mansion are probably the best value on the internet right now.

Many of the big online poker portals, are now talking about Mansion Poker and the juicy tournaments found there. Player traffic is starting to grow rapidly, but it is still really early in their marketing plan. The sooner you sign up to play poker at Mansion Poker, the better off.
Mansion “play” money tables play more like real money tables.

You only get $1000 in play money poker chips per 24 hour period at Mansion net Poker. This little feature is actually VERY rare for online poker rooms. Most online poker rooms let play money poker players re-load their chips whenever the lose them. They hit the cashier, hit the ‘reload button’ and they have more play money chips. At Mansion Poker, these ‘play money’ chips actually have some perceived value to most of the players. This makes it play much more like actual ‘poker’ than the typical play money tables.

You only get $1000 free chips per day. Use up those play money chips and you are done playing for the next 24 hours. This makes most players actually value their free chips and not play like total idiots.

I played a play money table for about 15 minutes to get used to the software before depositing and people were showing down legitimate hands. The idiots were quickly culled from the table and it was real poker, you could even bluff.

So, if you’re looking for a place to test your skills completely for free, I recommend the play money tables at Mansion! There is pretty good traffic and you can actually find a good game.

This is the only online site that offers this feature that I know of, I haven’t played at the play money tables at sites I have a real money account at in forever.

Pros / Cons of

Things I like about Mansion Poker:

  • I really like the poker software and play interface. Clean, smooth and easy to use.
  • They even advertise on a Jumbo Jet for a low cost European airline. Schweet. Since I have started playing there (June of 2006) they have constantly offered some truly kick ass promotions! Freerolls with huge bounties, money added tournaments and just cool and innovative rewards for it’s players. I’ve been impressed.
  • The customer service is high quality. Well trained, English fluent individuals as well as live online chat, which I have used twice. Once to inquire about my bonus amount that was not released as I was not properly tracked. They resolved it and my bonus money was added to my account.
  • I like the money added multi table tournaments. This is some of the best tournament value on the net right now for medium and lower stakes tourney players. My favorite is the daily one penny $500 added tourney. Only 280 players on a prime time Friday a while back. Other sites would have fields of 2000+
  • The Poker Dome Challenge Kicked Ass! – Get on TV and win a pile of cash. Realistic shot at qualifying for this event as the ONLY players in the Poker Dome Challenge qualify online at Mansion Poker.
  • Mansion has excellent support, both toll free on the phone and via email and live chat. I’ve called them twice to test out the Mansion Support and both times they have been most helpful. The short handed NL, low limit cash tables are weak. Easy pickings for me since I have started. I suggest you give them a try if you enjoy lower limit NL ring games.
  • For you play money guys, this is virtually the only site I know of that has ‘realistic’ poker play at most of the play money tables. They sure as hell play a lot closer than the other tables, and this is because the play money tables at sites like only allow you to get $1,000 in play money per day. The play money tables played closer to real money tables. I don’t play a lot of play money poker anymore (ok, not at all except when I’m reviewing a new room) but I like the strategy.
  • I understand that a lot of people just don’t want to deposit money online… that’s fine. At least play at a place that plays somewhat like ‘real poker’. You’ll only lose $1000 in free chips per 24 hours at Mansion Poker. If you donk all of those off you don’t get anymore until 24 hours later. It’s one of the cool things separating Mansion from the competition.
  • Fun casino with no download required. Just log in and play the games. Also they have worldwide sports betting exchange. All in all, MansionPoker is an excellent choice for both new online poker players and experienced online poker players looking for a quality poker room with tons of perks and incentives.

Things I didn’t like about MansionPoker:

There were only a few things I didn’t like about Mansion, which should be no surprise as I try to look with a critical eye.

  • There isn’t a ton of traffic yet over in the “Mansion” although they have room for plenty. This is temporary as it is steadily on the rise. Let’s hope the Mansion advertising on the Poker Dome Challenge will bring in a lot of new fish, err I mean players.
  • I know traffic will continue to improve. That means that the game selection isn’t as good as it is at the other major rooms.
  • I wish you had about 3 seconds more time to make a decision, or some sort of time bank you can dip into similar to what PokerStars uses in their tournaments. You get a decent amount of time, but I wouldn’t mind a slightly longer time bank for a tough decision.
  • Another thing that kind of pissed me off initially is it was a little bit difficult for me to find my way over to the play money tables for the 1st time. For the life of me I could not find the poker lobby on my initial setup when I created my account, and I couldn’t easily find the button that let me shut down the cashier screen easily.
  • This seems obviously designed to drive me to go ahead and make a deposit, so it was a bit of a pain in the ass. I will never deposit at a new poker room until I test the software first and play around in the play money tables to get a feel for the software. I also like to read a few reviews and find a good / informative affiliate to sign up through (like us here at Kick Ass Poker).
  • To get to the play money tables the first time I had to shut down the software by right clicking the mansion icon and ‘ending now’. Then I double clicked the cool looking desktop “M” Icon and opened up the poker software. It allowed me to log in and get to the play money tables right away.
  • You can not search for a particular player. Not a huge deal and they can probably add this feature later. The last thing that initially I didn’t at first realize that the “All-In” button doesn’t automatically make you go ‘all-in’ when you click it. I assume this is a safety feature to avoid mis-clicks, but you have to hit the all-in button which sizes your bet amount to ‘all of your chips’ and then you have to click the ‘bet’ button. The first time it happened I was at a play money table and hit ‘All-In’ and nothing happened and I timed out. I didn’t realize that I still had to click the ‘bet’ button. If this woulda been a $$ game I woulda been initially pissed. It was play money so I didn’t care. No biggie, and I actually like this feature now that I think about it. It avoids mis-clicking the all-in button and putting yourself all in with a 2 outer when you clicked the wrong button.