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Since the infamous ‘Black Friday’ of April 15th, 2011, FullTiltPoker.com has been out of service. This review now begins with the latest important news and events related to Full Tilt poker above the historical review of this once leading online poker sites.

FullTiltPoker.com Updates

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Full Tilt Poker Review (Historic)

Online poker at www.fulltiltpoker.com is quick, free and easy to do. You can play for free or Play poker at www.fulltiltpoker.comreal money and you can download the software 100% free. FullTiltPoker.com opened their online doors in 2004 and today are one of the largest online poker sites in the world. New players are given a 100% deposit bonus up to $600 and players from the US are accepted. Create an account and watch the professionals play online or play in freerolls. You will find players like Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, Patrick Antonious, Tom ‘durrrrr’ Dwan and other FullTilt.com red pro’s playing exclusively at online cardroom www.fulltiltpoker.com.

100% Deposit Bonus up to $600 Included
Referral Code = “kickasspoker” (name of this site)

FullTilt Poker Review – Read our review and learn information you want to know before playing there. A couple of facts our review will share is that the tournament blinds at full tilt never double and the professional players have a table highlighted in red in the lobby.

Full Tilt Poker Download Guide – If you want to see each step in the process of downloading the full tilt poker software and creating your account, this download guide covers each step. If you are new to online poker or to FullTilt.com, use the guide for easy instructions to create your account and max out the bonus offer.

FullTiltPoker Referral Code – Use “kickasspoker” as the referral code to lock in the 100% deposit bonus match up to $600. Read our article for a screenshot of where you enter the referral code and how to earn the bonus.

Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Program – You can earn money referring people to play poker online at Full Tilt. This page provides different options for promoting the FullTiltPoker site as an affiliate.

Watch Pro’s Play at FullTiltPoker – You will see professionals like Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, Patrick Antonious and other professionals playing at the nosebleed stakes on a fairly active basis. You will also see them on TV in the FullTiltPoker.net commercials or the players in the televised tournaments wearing FTP gear, getting their brand in front of you.

Info and www.FullTiltPoker.com Facts

Full Tilt offers a mac friendly poker software download. This is not some watered down instant play poker game. This is the full poker room download designed just for Macintosh to play on. Mac users visit this link for the mac friendly software or see this list of poker sites that work on a mac.

FullTilt.com is one of the largest poker sites online.

Full Tilts tournament structures were designed by poker pro’s for quality of play. One interesting fact is the tournament blinds never double.  FullTiltPoker.com offers a good selection of wsop satellites even if the competition is fierce. They are ranked as one of the best places to play tournaments online with good structures and lots of different satellite tournaments.

FullTilt Pro’s will have any table they are playing at highlighted in red in the lobby at FullTiltPoker.com. They also have their own custom avatar so if you see Phil Ivey playing at the Full Tilt tables, then it really is him.

Full Tilt Poker Referral Code info:

– Use referral code “kickasspoker”
-Code is valid
-Code does not expire
-Code gets 100% Match Bonus up to $600 (max bonus offered at ftp)
-Code is not CaSe SeNsiTive

For more facts and information read our Full Tilt Poker Review which takes a 1st person look at this top online cardroom and read players opinion and before deciding to play here.

Useful Fulltiltpoker.com Information & Articles

FullTilt vs. Pokerstars – Compare these two top online poker rooms.

FullTiltPoker.com Fifty – Fifty – $50 buyin, $50k Guaranteed. Great Event!

FullTilt Poker World Series of Poker Promotion – links to this years WSOP promotions and satellites

FullTilt Poker Gear – Full Tilt Poker Gear, some of the goodies you can snag in the fulltilt shop

FullTilt Poker Satellites – satellite in to the big tourneys, events running non stop.

FullTilt Poker The Hunt For Red – Full Tilt pro’s are highlighted in red and if you bust one of them in a tournament you win your buy-in back. They have a lot of pros, including some you have probably never heard of. Bust one of them and freeroll the tournament.

Funny Screenshots of Phil Ivey vs Layne Flack playing at FullTilt – from the early days of Full Tilt, this screenshot is funny because of the chat box comment that coincides with the hand that went down between Phil Ivey and Layne Flack.

Over the years, the crew here at KickAssPoker.com has done a ton of playing over at the old FullTilt Poker room. Most of us still play weekly at FullTilt in the Atlanta Poker Club league games. It has remained one of the most fun and enjoyable places to play online poker for US players. They have excellent tournaments every day of the week, they have great traffic at all levels of cash play, and you can watch the largest stable of pro poker players play online poker at FullTilt Poker virtually at any given time.

We put together a step-by-step Full Tilt Poker download guide for new players. This guide is designed for beginners and walks you through the entire process of downloading and creating your account at Full Tilt.  I have to recommend this great FullTiltPoker versus PokerStars article at Compare Online Poker. You can play 100% for free with no risk, no deposit necessary, free of charge and for as long as you want.

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Top Five Online Poker USA

Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Program

Full Tilt Poker Affiliates
Promote one of the hottest online poker rooms in the market as a FullTilt Poker FullTilt Affiliate Programaffiliate…and we’ll show you the tips and tricks we use to earn thousands of dollars every month – so YOU TOO can reap the rewards of promoting this HOT poker room!
(Think we’re kidding? See the proof below…)

The Full Tilt Poker affiliate program is designed to reward individuals who are interested in telling others about the poker room Full Tilt Poker. Affiliates are essentially sales persons who receive a commission when they send a new player to Full Tilt Poker.

Being a poker room affiliate is a great way to earn some extra money and if you’re motivated and willing to spend as little as an hour a week promoting FullTilt, you can make real money promoting poker. Read on if you think we’re kidding.

Join the fastest growing Full Tilt Poker Affiliate network and mentoring program now!

Full Tilt Poker is the hottest brand in the online poker market. Their player levels are growing fast and the market for new players wanting to play at Full Tilt Poker is super hot!

Now is the time to jump on board and get your slice of this super juicy pie. This article will go into more detail about the Full Tilt Poker Affiliate program, but I know many of you just want to get signed up so you can start promoting right way.

Well, I’ve got a special invitation from one of the most successful affiliates in the FullTilt Poker affiliate program, KickAssPoker.com!

Why sign up through Kick Ass Poker?

Join the Full Tilt Poker affiilate program through this special invite from KickAssPoker.com and you will receive many of the same benefits and perks we receive from FullTilt, plus you will get special attention, from us including tips, tricks and mentoring advice you won’t get from anybody else. So, what’s the big deal about that??? Well…

Our network of poker affiliates is the fastest moving poker affiliate network in the market because of our special, exclusive relationship with FullTilt!
Need proof?

Check out the Full Tilt Poker exclusive poker links page:


Out of the thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of poker sites on the net, FullTilt has decided to link to only 11 poker sites – – and KickAssPoker is one of them! Why? Because we are consistently one of the top referrers of Full Tilt Poker players. If you want to know how we send boat loads of traffic to FullTilt, then sign-up now to join the other poker affiliates we’re mentoring and showing how to make thousands of dollars promoting FullTiltPoker!
Click here to join our exclusive
Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Team!

Oh, one thing. You’ll eventually need a real money account at Full Tilt Poker yourself. If you’re thinking of becoming an affiliate, you probably already have a real money account, but if not, you will need to download the FullTilt Poker free software here and create your account. (Find out more about the FullTilt Poker Download here.)
Go ahead and fill out the above form and hit submit. We don’t need to your Full Tilt Poker account name or your address, that is between you and Full Tilt, but you will need a real account.

More on how the Full Tilt Poker program works…

It’s simple really. For every player that uses a bonus code you provide them or that clicks on one of your unique banners or text links and creates an account at Full Tilt Poker, then that player is tracked to you.

When your new player meets a few minimum requirements, you will earn a commission. You can read the full T’s and C’s over at the Full Tilt Poker site, and of course you should do so, but that’s the long-short of it.

Do I need a website?
You do not need a website to become a Fulltilt poker affiliate.

Some of the largest full tilt poker affiliates don’t have a website at all. They do all of their marketing through word of mouth and through good old fashioned networking. Just inviting everyone they know to join them online.

A website can certainly help, and if you are a webmaster as well as a poker enthusiast then the time is now to join the hottest poker room market, when you look at your monthly paycheck you’ll be glad you did.

Do I need to be computer savvy?
You don’t even need to be computer savvy one bit. All you need to do is sign up to become a Full Tilt affiliate, pick out a bonus code then tell all the people you know who might be interested in playing online poker.

Write the code down and tell everyone you know to go straight to www.fulltiltpoker.com and create an account. When the site asks them for a bonus code, they put in your unique bonus code. Ta-da, you just referred your first player.

It really is that easy.

What if I have a website or want one?
If you can create a website, or even post in a free blog service like blogger or myspace, then you could make money as a poker affiliate. FullTilt will provide you with a line of code to stick in your site and they will then serve their best converting and most effective banners right to your sight!

Even better, they’ll keep the banners fresh and updated, every day. Drive traffic to your blog or your site and sit back and let the clicks roll in.

Combine offline with online and you’ve got a super potent combination. The beauty of the affiliate program is that it works for both offline and online promoters.

Accurate Player Tracking
Full Tilt Poker has accurate tracking. Dealing with some poker rooms can be, how should we say it, uneasy sometimes… in the FullTilt program you can be sure you will get credit for the players you send.

We have converts coming in who created a play money account back in early 05. Full Tilt Poker offers accurate tracking and as of early 06, they have online reports you can access 24/7.

They give you unique bonus codes that work. This is a nice boost in confidence, especially if you are a seasoned affiliate that went through some of the fiasco’s the poker affiliate world has seen in the past.

Once you get set up as an affiliate with Full Tilt Poker through our affiliate network you’ll be added to our newsletter as well as the affiliate newsletter from Fulltilt. We’ll also send a a follow up email packed full of tips to kick start your affiliate business and get you on your feet and making income fast!

They pay affiliates through their poker room payment processor, so you get your affiliate earnings in your players account after you request it.

We want successful partners and we will help you find that success! This is your official invitation to join our network of successful Full Tilt Poker Affiliates!

Join the Full Tilt Poker affiliate program today!

Want more?

Here are 5 Tips to Becoming a Successful Poker Affiliate.

Click here to play at FullTilt Poker – Free, safe and secure!
FullTilt Poker Information.
FullTilt Poker.net Advertises on TV
MansionPoker.com Bonus.

Full Tilt Poker Download Guide

Step-by-step instructions to successfully create your online poker account at Full Tilt Full Tilt Poker Download InstructionsPoker and receive a kick-ass poker bonus! FullTiltPoker.net is an online cardroom and poker school sponsored by pro’s like Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, Tom Dwan and other well known poker pro’s. FullTiltPoker.net is the brand promoted in the commercials you’ve seen on TV if you’ve watched much poker on tv. Full Tilt Poker is the site offering free and real money poker action, 24/7 and accepts US players!

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This page is a step by step signup guide for creating your first account with instructions to download the Full Tilt Poker software. 100% free download.

100% deposit bonus up to $600

USA & International Friendly


Click any link on this page and or use fulltilt poker bonus code: KICKASSPOKER when you sign up. The bonus/referral code is there to tell FTP you saw them from here. Everyone gets the $600 sign up bonus at Full Tilt. Here is a 1st person FullTilt Poker Review if you want details on what it is like to play at this great online poker room.

Step 1. Visit FullTilt Poker.com and download the FREE online poker software.

Click here to visit FullTiltPoker.com

The download is 100% free and you will not leave this page. (a new window will open)

You will not be required to deposit any money. You can try the full tilt poker software for free with no requirement to ever make any purchase. If you do decide to deposit later, they will match your deposit amount 100% up to $600!

When the FullTilt site opens:

a. Click the red “PLAY FOR FREE” button to begin the free download.

(don’t see it? click here.)

b. When the download has completed it will automatically open and you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

This is where you get the full tilt poker software download.

2. Click the “Create New Account” button.

You’ll be taken to the following screen:

Input all of your information. The Player ID is your online name. You also get to select from around 30 avatars. You can change each of their expressions to suit your current mood.

Most likely, your referral/bonus code box will be grayed out. This is fine if it is grayed out, if not, put in bonus code KICKASSPOKER. If your bonus code box is grayed out then you are good to go, that means you already have your bonus. You do not have to put in a bonus code if you followed step 1 and downloaded the software from the link above.

You will get a kick ass deposit bonus up to $600 matched at 100%.

After you complete the registration phase, you’ll get this notification:

3. Click “Proceed to Validate Now”.

Go ahead and pull up your email. Input the code sent from Full Tilt.

Here is what the email looks like:

After validation you’ll get this notice:

4. Log In.
Open up the Full Tilt Poker Software (it will probably be open). Input your player name and the password you chose. If not, look for the Full Tilt Poker Icon on your desktop.

5.Register with the “CASHIER”… if you want to Deposit or if you want to have Funds Transferred to you. Click on the Cashier and it should automatically prompt you to register…

Fill in the appropriate fields…

Once you register with the cashier you’re set to make a deposit or to transfer funds.

Here are a handful of current fulltilt deposit options. You may need to look at the different funding methods by clicking on ‘Cashier’. Some ways to deposit include bank debit cards, yes, U.S. bank debit cards, Gift2Go pre-paid Visas cards, available for retail purchase at stores like Walgreens, are also viable deposit options! Always check the cashier once you download the software to find the current deposit methods available as they do always change.

Full Tilt Poker Download is MAC Friendly.
100% Deposit Bonus Included with link.

Phil Ivey might be playing online RIGHT NOW (look for a table highlighted in red, you don’t even have to create an account!

The other day we caught a handful of Professional Poker Players at Full Tilt. Check out the hand that developed between Phil Ivey and Layne Flack, also what a horrible river card for Hoyt Corkins! The funniest thing about the screen shots is the timing of the question in the chat box compared to what just happened in a huge hand between a session ending huge No Limit Cash Game between Phil Ivey and Layne Flack….

After the hand was over, one the pro’s logged off without comment after pulling an all nighter.

It happens every day at FullTilt… See for yourself, visit www.fulltiltpoker.com, download the free software and get in the game.

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KickAssPoker.com – best poker review site online!

Full Tilt Poker Free Gear

Get jerseys, shirts, hats, and a whole lot more when you play poker online at FullTiltPoker HatFullTiltPoker.com!
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It’s one of our favorite online-poker sites, and there’s just no bull about it: FullTiltPoker.com is one of “the” places at which to play online poker.

Here’s just a few of the reasons why we love Full Tilt so much:

* Great interface, entertaining avatars and solid table functionality. It is as close to playing live as you can get online. It actually feels like you’re at the table.

* Private tournaments. If you have a special occasion or just want a private game, you can play with the people you choose. Our Atlanta-based league plays every Sunday night in a private online game and it’s a blast.

* Learn from the pros. It’s Full Tilt’s slogan and it’s true: you’ll find a selection of famous online pros here that no other site can rival, and you can watch them in action, too.

* Great bonuses and promotions. Here’s a great signup offer special to Kick A$$ Poker readers, and you you won’t be able to top it anywhere else. Coupled with Full Tilt Poker’s great rewards program, where you earn Full Tilt Points that you can redeem for cool Full Tilt Gear, it’s certainly among the industry’s best.

New players can use our special Full Tilt Poker Download Guide for step-by-step instructions on creating a new account, and here’s a special treat: You’ll also receive a Kick Ass Bonus on your first real-money deposit. We also share our incredibly detailed, first-person review of FullTiltPoker.com’s offerings here.

It took us a while to pick up on everything Full Tilt offers, since there’s just so much of it. After playing at FTP for a while, we’re just catching up with all the free FullTilt gear that’s available to everyone who plays. We’ve heard Norman Chad talking about all the ‘FullTilt Gear’ on ESPN broadcasts of the World Series of Poker – we’ve got some of the same gear ourselves, and you can own it, too.

We believe that Full Tilt Poker offers the best points reward system in the industry. It offers you one point for every dollar in rake that is dropped, including fractional points. Most sites limit you to a maximum of one point for every hand; at Full Tilt, you can earn up to three points per hand. You’ll also earn points playing in tournaments and Sit-n-Go’s. You’ll earn seven points for every $1 paid in entry fees, with no limit to the number of points you can earn per tournament. That’s a great points payback, unmatched almost anywhere else.

So what do those awards points buy?

It starts with shirts, hats, caps, jerseys, sunglasses, books, custom avatars, posters, tournament buy-ins and much, much more! The list is far too long to detail here, but you can check out the online Full Tilt store to get a sample of all the available goodies. Learn to play like the pros, then redeem your points so you can look like the pros, too. One of the KAP bosses really digs the FTP football jersey, and when the weather gets a bit chilly here in Atlanta, the leather wool “letterman jacket” wouldn’t be too bad either. Further north, in colder climates, you’d get even more use out of that than we do… but we love it anyway, and there’s always tank tops and hats for the summer months.

If you play at FullTilt and would like to check your points, that’s easy enough as well. Just open the software and click the “Cashier” button. Your points are prominently listed, so you know exactly how many points you have available for all the extra goodies. For more information, for close-up views of all the gear, or to begin playing poker yourself, visit FullTiltPoker.com.

Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!
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Hunt For Red – October’s Free FullTilt Poker PromotionFullTiltPoker.com

1. The Hunt for RED in October – Only at FullTiltPoker.com

If it’s October, it must be “Hunt for RED” time at Full Tilt, meaning it’s your chance to bang heads and poker skills with some of the most famous poker players around… and earn some extra cash to boot.

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As you probably already know, when you log into Full Tilt and see a table highlighted in red, it means there is a professional poker player affiliated with Full Tilt playing at that table. You can open up the table, and watch the player play, and sometimes even chat, depending on how crowded the chat function is. (The more famous the player, the more crowded the chat, but that’s the nature of the biz.)

For the most part, the pros play at stakes too high for most of us to afford, but each October that changes. The “Hunt for Red” is a rare opportunity to play heads-up poker against three of the Full Tilt Poker Pros. If you win all three heads-up matches, you’ll take home a whopping $50,000, plus the respect of the online poker world.

So, which Full Tilt Poker Pros will you have the chance to face off against? How about Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer and Phil Gordon? These are three of the most talented and fearless poker players on the planet, and they play exclusively at Full Tilt Poker.

Here is how it works.

Step 1:

Win any multi-table tournament with a buy-in of at least $50+5. Just play in any of the scheduled multi-table poker tournaments at Full Tilt Poker between October 1st and October 31st. Once you win a tournament, you’re automatically eligible to participate in a special $5,000 freeroll.

Once you’ve qualified for the $5,000 freeroll, you’ve completed your first step in the Hunt for Red. The freeroll typically takes place in early November.

Step 2:

Win yourself that invitation-only freeroll… remember this freeroll is made up of people just like yourself who have won a $50 multi-table tournament, so the competition should be solid, though the field will have only a limited number of entrants. If you win the freeroll you’ll take home more than just the first-place money, you’ll also win the chance to live out every poker player’s fantasy and play Gordon, Lederer and Ivey in private heads-up matches, for that shot at $50,000.

Step 3:

You’ve successfully hunted for the Red, and now you just have to bag the biggest prize… You’re about to play three heads-up matches against some of the best poker players in the world. The final showdowns typically take place early in November, one week after the special freeroll.

Win your first match, and you’ll bank $5,000. Win two matches and take home $10,000. Scoop all three and collect a whopping $50,000 prize!

Check back on this one as October approaches, and don’t be surprised if Full Tilt fools us all and adds a special new twist this time around. Whatever it turns out to be, it’ll be great, and you can bet that “The Hunt” will be on once again.

Click Here and download the free Full Tilt Poker software. ($600 Deposit Bonus matched at 100%)

Here’s our custom-written, step-by-step Full Tilt Poker Download Guide, and here is our personal review of Full Tilt Poker. We play the games and review the sites ourselves; you should expect nothing less.

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Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!

(Signed, Your friends at Kick A$$ Poker)

FullTiltPoker.com Referral Code – Use our Valid Referral Code for Full Tilt Poker

Searching for the maximum bonus at Full Tilt Poker? We were one of the first affiliates for A Valid FullTiltPoker.com Referral Code! Full Tilt Poker ever and our FullTilt.com referral code “kickasspoker” is guaranteed to work to get the 100% deposit bonus up to $600. Use our tested and valid Full Tilt Poker referral code and it will lock in your bonus even if you wait until later to actually make your deposit. You use the referral code for Full Tilt during the account signup process.

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Download www.FullTiltPoker.com
Referral Code = “kickasspoker” (name of this site)
100% Deposit Bonus up to $600

Full Tilt Referral Code Details

Using a referral code for full tilt is a ‘no brainer’. You should make sure you use one and lock in your bonus, even if you don’t plan to deposit right away you should use a referral code so if and when you deposit later you still get the 100% match bonus whenever you deposit.

  • 100% match up to $600
  • Earn bonus by earning “FTP Points”
  • View bonus details at any time in the cashier window

Paid out in $20 increments as soon as you earn it (unless you deposit less than $200 then it is paid out at 10% increments of your deposit bonus)

Claim Your Bonus NowUse referral code “kickasspoker”

Earning your Full Tilt Poker Bonus

You earn your bonus by playing in real money ring games and tournaments. As you play you begin accumulating Full Tilt Points on the following schedule: Ring Games

-1 points for each $1 raked to everyone who is dealt cards for the hand

-Partial points are awarded if less than one dollar is raked

-Max of 3 points per hand, because a cap of $3 on the rake

-Each point is worth $.06 towards your release bonus

-Your max earning over 100 hands is $18 bonus released

-Tournaments and Sit-n-Go’s $1 of Tournament Fee = 7 Full Tilt Points

-Each $1 of Tournament fee is worth $0.42 of bonus

FullTiltPoker Referral Code – Bonus Code – Promo Code?

So what’s the deal with all the different terms when referring to the “Full Tilt Poker Bonus Code.” They refer to it as a referral code, a full tilt promo code, or even a fulltiltpoker signup bonus. The honest answer is that today, most online poker players know that their real money play at an online poker site is valuable and that they can get bonuses, rewards and promotions if they play poker there. This has lead to people searching for all sorts of terms in google related to what is the best full tilt poker bonus, how to get the full tilt sign up bonus and which fulltilt referral code is best to use.

This page is designed to explain answers to these questions as easily as possible and help you get the maximum value out of playing at FullTilt. Your play is valuable so take full advantage of the bonuses they offer.

Use the Full Tilt Referral Code During Account Creation – Not during Deposit Options

The Full Tilt Bonus Code and Promo Code is the same thing as the Full Tilt Referral Code, just different words for the same thing

Bonus is offered to new players only, this is not a Full Tilt Reload Bonus Code

You’ve probably already decided to play poker at Full Tilt if you are reading this page and searching for the best referral code for FullTiltPoker.com, but if you are not sure you can take a read through our Full Tilt Poker Review or read the Full Tilt download instructions.

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FullTilt accepts 100% USA players & one of the top five USA poker sites

Full Tilt Poker Review – Our Review of the FullTilt Poker Room

FullTiltPoker is a not recommended. At one time we considered them a very good online poker room featuring a wide mix of poker games, tons Check out a Full Tilt Poker Review!of players and large brand recognition.

FullTilt Poker.com was launched in 2004 with a huge marketing campaign that featured top poker players like Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and Mike Matusaw Tom ‘durrrr’ dwan and Mike Matasow are probably the most well known. If you don’t have an account at FullTilt Poker.com then you are missing one of the best online poker sites in the world. We have been there since 2004 and still play there weekly. Full Tilt is Macintosh Safe –

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Full Tilt Poker Not Recommended For Any Players USA Players?

It is true, as of April 15th, 2011 Full Tilt Poker stopped accepting real money players from the US. PokerStars did the same thing, as well as Absolute Poker and UB. The reason for this is because these companies were indicted by the USDOJ for various reasons stemming from the 2006 UIGEA bill that was shoved through piggybacking on a must pass port security bill. Make of it what you will, but the largest and most reputable sites (well, PokerStars and FullTilt are reputable anyway, I do not think anyone would say that about Absolute/UB) had to stop accepting real money players from the USA. In 2006, PartyPoker left the US market after the passing of the UIGEA.

Long story short is, there is a legal battle going on right now and to be honest it is really a chess match right now considering the legal maneuvering going on behind the scenes. Poker has been ruled a game of skill by federal judges in the states as well as around the world. For now, US players can not play at Full Tilt so any references you see to that effect are wrong. Either here on this site or around the web. We’ve been reviewing FTP since 2004 and will keep up to date in our online poker buzz blog as developments occur.

Valid FullTiltPoker.com Referral code: kickasspoker

100% Match up to $600

Claim Your Bonus Now at www.fulltiltpoker.com

– Enter referral code ‘kickasspoker’ during account creation

– Our Full Tilt Poker codes are tested and validated

Full Tilt Bonus Details

The Full Tilt Poker Referral Code is used when creating your account. Going on full poker tilt can happen after bad beats, but as you play you earn your deposit bonus and hopefully easing the full poker tilt. The bonus is paid in $20 increments and you earn the bonus playing in ring games and tournaments which earn FullTiltPoker points.Click for 100% FullTilt Poker deposit bonus. 100% up to $600 for new players.

*Phil Ivey recently spotted playing the high stakes no limit cash tables, find the table highlighted in red. Download the free software and open up the lobby to find him now! (no account necessary)

FullTiltPoker.com Referral Code: Enter referral code “KICKASSPOKER” to lock in bonus of $600.

Full Tilt Poker Referral / Bonus Code: KICKASSPOKER

Gets 100% Match Bonus Up to $600. A very nice deposit bonus.

The Full Tilt Bonus Code is automatically included if you click any link on our FullTilt Poker Review Page and use our referral code: KICKASSPOKER.

You do have to play raked hands to release the bonus, but fulltiltpoker dishes it out as you earn it in increments of $20. So even though you will be playing a while to release the entire bonus, you don’t have to wait until you have earned enought points to release the entire bonus all at once. If you are looking for a guaranteed bonus code and a valid FullTiltPoker Referral Code, Use “KICKASSPOKER”

The bonus is good and the play at FullTilt makes this a place that you are going to play at for a long time most likely.

This referral code is valid & does not expire. They are not case sensitive but you do need to click any link on this page in order to get full credit. Just click our fulltiltpoker download links and then click the ‘play for free / download now’ red chip you see on the Full Tilt Poker.com home page. During account sign up you enter the referral code once you begin the process of creating your account.

Have you seen the recent TV commercials advertising www.FullTiltPoker.net and the FullTiltPoker brand name? They feature some of the most well known poker players in the world, like Phil Ivey, Mike Matasow, Jennifer Harmon and others. These commercials and other marketing have lead Full Tilt to become one of the largest online poker rooms in the world.

These professional poker players not only endorse FullTiltPoker.net, they were integral in the design and development of the software. This lead to a very player friendly tournament structure, plenty of game variety, and cash game action.

Check out this screen shot of Phil Ivey I snagged of him playing a huge no-limit hand against Layne Flack. The best part is the chat box compared to the timing of the hand itself.

FullTiltPoker Table and Lobby Screenshots

You can customize different backgrounds, looks and themes to make your poker playing experience unique.

All the standard buttons are there, and it is easy to play. You can right click on your avatar and change your expression. You can also roll your mouse over your avatar and see which cards you folded.

The lobby is straight forward to navigate and they have a ton of different icons and what not that mean different things, like rebuy, double stack, short handed, turbo, knockout etc…

FullTiltPoker Bonus Player Rewards

While playing poker at FullTilt, you earn Full Tilt Points (FTP’s)that you can redeem for some Full Tilt Poker Gear , but wouldn’t prefer a Kick Ass Poker T-Shirt? Points can be used for both tournaments and gear. If you want the Full Tilt Poker Huge Deposit Bonus be sure you use our referral code if you are enjoying our poker room reviews. Use the full tilt poker bonus code listed here at kick ass poker.

Full Tilt Poker Games Offered

FullTilt.com offers the most game variety of any of the online poker sites.

Not only do they have extensive game variety, they have all versions of the online poker games, poker tournaments, and special events. Texas Holdem

-Omaha H/L

-Omaha Hi

-Stud H/L

-Stud Hi


-Mixed Games (HORSE)

They also offer all types of sit-n-go tournaments, from 1 table to 90 person SNG’s running around the clock. Most of the traffic is in holdem, but there is a reasonable amount of traffic in other games like Razz, at least at the lower stakes levels.

I was in line to play Phil Ivey once in a .25c / .50c game that he was playing ‘for fun’ while he was also playing $25/50 NL Heads Up against Mike Matasow. He left before I could get in the game. I will take any chance I can get to play low stakes against Phil Ivey. He does not play that much low stakes anymore, to be honest.

I did outlast Phil Gordon in a two table, $10 +1 sit-n-go tournament at Full Tilt a while back. If you play many tournaments you are bound to run into a pro at your table. Just look for any table highlighted in red in the Fulltilt lobby, and then open the table up. Click here to see if a pro is playing at Full Tilt Poker right now, you might just be suprised.

If playing multiple satellite tournaments to win a seat in the WSOP is your thing, they offer you plenty of options. If you can find it in a poker room, you can probably find it at Full Tilt Poker. The only sites I can think of that have as high quality software as Full Tilt are PokerStars.com and Poker.com. Check out this Poker.com review for information about this top quality poker software that has even more features that Full Tilt Poker, like rabbit hunting, show and fold 1 card and more.

Here are a handful of the most current commercials featuring Full Tilt Poker.net pro’s Mike Matusow, Phil Ivey, Allen Cunningham, Jennifer Harmon and Gus Hansen.

Most of the Full Tilt pro’s have their own customized avatar that looks like them. Not only that, they have 4 different expressions to choose from. When you see the Chris “Jesus” Ferguson avatar playing in your tournament, it is really him!

You get to choose from about 40 something avatars to choose from yourself and you can change their expression depending on your mood. Click here to see all avatars.

The pro’s will, most of the time, chat with you if you ask them questions… well non insulting or stupid questions that is. Of course other pro’s play at other online poker sites too, but fulltilt is the only site that aggressively promote’s that fact as a selling point to play poker there. Here is a list of online names of poker pro’s at other online poker rooms.

Full Tilt Poker Player Traffic

They are one of the three largest sites online, have excellent brand recognition and have excellent overall player traffic. They are also known as having the most consistent high stakes poker action, with guys playing $1000/$2000 on a semi regular basis.

Small stakes as unreal traffic with more tables to choose from than you can shake a stick at. From .05 /.10 NL up to $5/$10 NL you will see steady, constant traffic. They are on their own, Full Tilt private network and the traffic is not as huge as the big sites like Party and Poker Stars, but they get as much traffic as sites like Bodog, (another great room). During peak times, later on in the evening you will see $10/$20 games, and sometimes even a $50 / $100 NL table. and boast top 3 level traffic in 2008.

It is not uncommon to see some very high stakes games being played as a handful of top online poker players make Full Tilt their online poker home. Not to mention tons of players, so there is plenty of action 24/7!

They are getting huge exposure on ESPN and in return there is going to be a huge new influx of new players. Full Tilt had one of the largest stables of Professional Poker Players representing their card room deep into the main event, including poker superstar Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer and Mike the Mouth Matusow.

You’ll see them on TV as Full Tilt Poker.net but they are really doing the WSOP promotions through FulltiltPoker.com, as everyone knows.

Player Competition

Players to me seem a little better than average compared to the other big site I play on, PokerStars.com. I don’t know if it is just me or what, but the games I play on full tilt (cash games that is) just don’t run that well for me. Seems to be mixed feelings about that as this FullTilt or Pokerstars thread in the forum.

Tournaments Offered and Details

  • Rebuy
  • Rebuy / Add-On
  • Double Stack
  • Super Stack
  • 6 Handed
  • Turbo
  • Knockout
  • Satellites
  • Freerolls
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Epassporte
    • Click2Pay
    • Cash Transfer

One of the best things about the poker games at Full Tilt is that they have excellent structure in virtually all of their events. Nothing is worse than finding a tournament you want to play online, plopping down your cash and then finding out that you’re stuck in a tournament that has horrible structure and will be ‘BINGO’ at the 4th blind level.

Full Tilt poker tournament blinds never double.

Remember the Full Tilt pro sponsors? Many of them were involved with the initial site set up and tournament design. Implementing a great blind schedule and variety of games has been in my opinion one of the best things to come out of the direct pro involvement with Full Tilt. (other than brand recognition, admitted).

They made the FullTiltPoker games player friendly… and one of the coolest things that came out of this was the super player friendly tournament structure.

This is huge, especially late in tournaments. You actually get to play poker and not just an all in shove fest when it gets late. The blinds start at 15/30 and you have $1500 chips to start in the regular tournaments and SNG’s, although they offer double stack events around the clock if you want to play deep stacked from the start.

FullTilt Poker has one of the lowest late tournament blinds of any site out there. They do not double and late in a big tournament you will have more time to play poker. It is not as much a roll of the dice, all-inning because of the huge blinds that you will find at some of the other sites tournaments. For this one reason, good online poker players should make a habit of playing in the multi table tournaments at FullTilt Poker.com.

I just checked the weekly $200,000 guaranteed tournament and see that Eric Lindgren made the final table this past week, this is a $200+16 buy-in.

If that’s outside of your bankroll, consider these nightly guarantee’s.

$24+2 that guarantees $17,000 Mondays through Fridays at 10pm EST, and the bump the guarantee on the weekend to $18,000, $19,000.

You will see pro’s playing in a lot of these tournaments, especially the $100+ buy-in levels on somewhat regular basis. There is a little more than $800,000 in weekly guarantee’s so you multi-table addicts should really enjoy playing at Full Tilt. Satellites, freerolls, Full Tilt WSOP Qualifiers, bounty tournaments and constant promotions. Full Tilt Poker works to make it’s players happy by offering wide choices of tournaments to suit your style.

Deposit Options

There are multiple ways to deposit at fulltilt and these change fairly often. Open up your account and click the cashier button and then the make a deposit. You will see several suggestions to begin playing online at Full Tilt. Here are the most common:

As always, check the cashier for most current options.

Final FullTilt Poker Review Thoughts?

We like FullTilt Poker.com a lot. One of our favorite things on Full Tilt is the “Knock Out Tournaments”. You knock someone out, you collect a cash bounty. KO Tournaments add a real twist to the dynamic of the tournament and these are a lot of fun.

I also really like the deep stacked no limit cash tables. For example, .15/.30 blinds with a $60 max buy-in. This is the only online poker site I play at that offers a deep stack no limit cash table to start out. Consider that in a normal .25/.50 game the max max buyin is $50, deep stacked would start with $100. You can play post flop, deep stack no limit cash game poker without having to sit with a ton of your bankroll on the line or without having to win a bunch at the normal buyin levels.

FullTiltPoker.com is a fun place to play poker.

The quality of game selection is great. The high quality of the design of the software is super easy to use and the generous tournament structures and the constant bonus perks make Full Tilt Poker one of our favorite places to play online.

FullTilt Poker is one of the largest online poker sites in the world and they are one of the best choices for USA Online Poker. Click here to Play at FullTilt Poker – $600 deposit bonus matched at 100% – KickAss!

Click here for a New Player Full Tilt Poker Download Guide – step by step instructions for new players on creating an account. (free and easy)

More information on FullTiltPoker.com

FullTilt Poker Video – Watch this video of me playing a little no limit holdem at FullTilt Poker, plus get a players eye view of the room. Don’t worry, I fix the screen one minute in 😉

P.S. Check out this screenshot I caught of Phil Ivey vs Layne Flack in a huge No Limit Hand, the funniest part is the chat box compared to the hand, haha!

KickAssPoker.comReal Online Poker Reviews

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Full Tilt Poker Satellites

FullTilt Poker Satellite Tournaments for the World Poker Tour and the World Full Tilt PokerSeries of Poker.
Great satellite tourneys at Full Tilt Poker for major televised poker tournaments like WPT and WSOP.

[ad name=”text-fulltiltpoker”]

FullTiltPoker.com is offering a very cool tournament called ‘Winners Choice’. This is a satellite tournament into some of the biggest poker tournaments on the planet, like the World Poker Tour and the WSOPC (World Series of Poker Circuit).

“Winners Choice” Here is how it works:

Saturdays at 3PM there is a special tournament on Full Tilt Poker called “Winners Choice.” It is a $200+16 buy in tournament and for every 31 players registered they give away one “Winners Choice Package”.

The Winners Choice Package consists of a tournament buy in and then extra spending money to get yourself to the tournament and some decent lodgings.

You essentially get $12,000 bucks that you spend at one of the major poker tournaments of your choice. Full Tilt Poker offers you your choice from a handful of major poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker Circuit Events or the World Poker Tour events. For a map and complete list of the tournaments, click here.
Full Tilt offers very good satellites into the $200 + $16 Winners Choice tournament on Saturday.

I’m not to keen on buying in directly to the $200 + 16 Winners Choice tournament itself, but the good news is that there are 4 daily Satellites starting at $24 + 2.

4 daily satellites for $26 buyin – Login to Full Tilt Poker and click on the tournaments tab and then click on satellites – look for the tournaments highlighted in green. These are the $24 + 2 satellite events into the ‘Winners Choice’ Saturday tournament.

They’ve also got micro satelittes at $4 + .40. To find these, visit the sit-n-go tournament section and look for the $4+.40 highlighted in purple. These tournaments award a $26 tournament token. Take the $26 tournament token and buy a seat in one of the 4 daily satellites. One big finish in the World Poker Tour or the WSOP is a life changer… not bad for $26 bucks.

If you win on Saturday you get to choose which live major poker tournament you play. The WSOPC events are World Series of Poker Circuit events, and you don’t have to wait until the actual 2006 World Series of Poker which starts in June.
and get a Kick Ass deposit bonus! Full Tilt matches deposit 100% up to $600!

Here is a 1st persons Full Tilt Poker Review and here are Full Tilt Poker Download Instructions with a Kick Ass Bonus and step by step instructions on creating your first account.

Thanks, have fun and we’ll see you at the tables!


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Screenshots of FullTilt Poker Pro’s playing huge pots online!

Pro’s are playing at FullTilt Poker all the time, just download the free software and find a table highlighted in “RED”

It is possible that Phil Ivey is playing on Full Tilt Poker right now!

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I love watching the pro’s play online poker over at Full Tilt! You can watch them play, ask them questions and interact with the pro’s completely for free, even if you do not yet have an account at Full Tilt. It is completely free and easy, just click here. Check out these screen shots from Full Tilt Poker and here is a fulltiltpoker.net page

Here is a shot of John Juanda playing 10/20 NL… Don’t know if it is true, but John said that he is down $25k on FullTilt since he started… warms my heart to hear that even the Pro’s lose money sometimes!

Now here is a shot of Hoyt Corkins loosing a huge pot playing 25/50 NL… Hoyt couldn’t have caught a worse card on the river! (yeah, I know can’t see Hoyt’s Avatar very well), but check out ole bleu329!

Here is a shot of Phil Ivey against Layne Flack…

Here is how this hand developed. Ivey raised pre-flop to $150 (3x the BB) and Layne Called.

Flop comes down 8 Q 6 Rainbow and Phil Ivey bets the pot. Layne comes over the top for around $2000 more and Ivey pauses just a second and calls him all in… $5,375 pot! They turn their cards over and Phil has him dominated… Of course Layne picks up the Flush Draw on the turn, but it wasn’t mean to be… Phil phils up on the river for the boat and takes Layne’s entire stack…

Layne left immedieatly without a word…

The best thing about this screen capture of Phil Ivey and Layne Flack is the Chat box on the left. If you’ll notice, an observer asks Phil Ivey a question… He asks him what houses go for in Vegas right as Phil hits a Full House against Layne. Kind of ironic, the timing and all.

Visit FullTilt Poker and look for any game that is highlighted in red. That means a Pro is Playing. If you ever see a pro sitting at the table it is really him, they have custom made avatars. It is common to see a handful of pro’s playing at any given time. Many play at low stakes too.

New players who want to play can use the step by step Full Tilt Poker Signup Guide to create your account and get a Kick Ass Poker Bonus! 100% up to $600. It is a step by step guide to creating your account.

Here is a review of Full Tilt Poker – detailed and comprehensive.
Thanks, have fun and we’ll see you at the tables!


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Full Tilt Poker WSOP

Full Tilt Poker WSOPFull Tilt Poker was once one of the top WSOP satellite sites online. However, with the US situation not allowing them to accept players from the US it still remains to be seen what kind of impact or sponsorship FullTilt will have on this years WSOP. Will there still be plenty of World Series of Poker qualifiers at FTP or will those tournaments dry up? At the very least, we assume the old days of sending 100’s of players to the WSOP via satellites is over.

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Learn, Chat and Play With The Pros

Full Tilt Poker is the only online poker room conceived, designed and played by online professional poker players, including Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer.

  • Learn: Access our library of poker lessons written by the game’s best players
  • Chat: Get answers to your questions directly from our pros at the table or in our pro chat sessions
  • Play: Sit down with any of our 100+ pros, who play more than 1,600 hours every week at Full Tilt Poker

Download the game now and start playing at the only online poker room designed by the world’s best players.

Updated FullTiltPoker WSOP Promo Info

As soon as it is announced this year, we will update this page with World Series of Poker promo information from FullTiltPoker. This will include the amount of WSOP satellites available from Full Tilt plus the different sponsorship opportunities they have for players to win. If you qualify for the WSOP at Full Tilt Poker, they will pay your entry fee, give you $2,000 in spending cash and give you a chance to win an additional $10 Million bucks.

The following information is from last years WSOP promo at Full Tilt and will be replaced when this years info comes out. Stay tuned! For now, grab your FullTiltPoker referral code and get your account funded and ready!

Here is how it works: Outlast around 8000 others and make the World Series of Poker Final Table.

If you make the final Full Tilt kicks you an extra $50 g’s . You’ll already be a millionaire since you’ve made the final table of the World Series of Poker, so the $50k that Full Tilt Poker is giving you will make for at least a fine night of partying in Vegas after the WSOP.

Finish in the top three, and they’ll give you $100K. You’ll be a multi-millionaire by now, but hey, it’s $100k, and that is a realllly good night of partying in Vegas (or about two hours of black jack play by Ted Forrest). Top three isn’t bad, but what you really want to do is become the next WSOP Champion.

Win the 2006 WSOP Bracelet Winner and Full Tilt Poker gives you an extra Ten Million Bucks. You’ll have already won about $10 million in the WSOP but hey, it’s $10 Million bucks! Not too shabby. I wonder what Poker Stars paid Joe Hachem to join their team? I talked to Steve Dannenmann a while back and at least at that time he hasn’t been approached to be a sponsor of an online poker room so hey, 1st is where it’s at.
It’s good to be King

Qualify for the most WSOP seats at Full Tilt and get crowned the Full Tilt Poker King of the WSOP. There are lots of great WSOP qualifying tournaments to choose from over at Full Tilt Poker, and some of these are so juicy that they make sense to qualify for more than once. Tilt actually rewards you for qualifying for the WSOP more than once. If you win multiple WSOP Main Event seats at FTP, you could become a “King of the WSOP”. Full Tilt pimps you out with the royal treatment in Vegas during the WSOP.

The king gets first-class airfare, and upgraded suite at the Rio Hotel. A limo at your service 24 hours a day, and a crown on your Full Tilt Avatar for one year.
For all the details, see Full Tilt Poker’s Terms and Conditions. (I’m sure you have to agree to wear their Full Tilt Poker Gear at the WSOP and in media interviews.)
100 Seats Guaranteed! 1 Huge Full Tilt Tourney
This extraordinary $500 + $35 tournament will be held at 6PM ET on July 16th, and they are building up to this blockbuster by offering players at every level a chance to satellite into the 100 seat guaranteed event starting at the $4 + $.40 buyin or or even 50 Full Tilt Points. (Only 50 Full Tilt Points!!!)

Full Tilt is guaranteeing that at least 100 players will receive a $10 thousand dollar prize package and $2 thousand in spending cash , to be used at the World Series of Poker Main Event. You’ll get a ton of Full Tilt schwag, yours to promote all over creation and of course don during the WSOP.

You can use one of your $24+2 tokens to play in a multi table qualifier that awards seats to this tourney , or you can play in a 1 table SNG that awards a seat into a $69+6 SNG that awards 1 seat. If you’re more confident that you can win two SNG’s in a row as compared to placing high enough in larger multi’s then go the SNG route.

Tilt’s Weekly WSOP Tourneys

Full Tilt is offering at least 2 tournaments per week with a $200+16 buy in that guarantee a Main Event Package. There are SNG qualifiers as well as multi table qualifiers into this one at the $24+2 levels, and as usual you can win a $26 token at a $5 buyin SNG.
$1 Million worth of give aways between now and the 2006 WSOP – 1 Freeroll every month that gives away 20 WSOP Packages
Full Tilt Poker is giving away 1 million worth of free WSOP Main Event seats (100 seats total, 5 months on the promo and 20 players per month). And when they say free, they mean it. Completely free… gratis… on the house. Full Tilt is having five monthly WSOP 20 Seat Freerolls starting in March.

The top 20 finishers in each tournament will all win a seat to the Main Event in Las Vegas. 20 seats a Each month players will have have several ways to enter the Freeroll tournaments without ever buying in. For qualifying players, this is a pretty aggressive WSOP reward program.

Of course terms and conditions apply on all of the above promotions, read all the details at the FullTiltPoker.com website.

Good luck, and we’ll see you at the virtual tables! (We’ve got a lot of long time players over on Full Tilt, if any of you guys play in any of the big above tourneys, be sure and drop by the forum and let us know so we can root you on!
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Full Tilt Poker Download Guide – information on setting up your account, designed for 1st time players
Review of FullTilt Poker detailed and accurate
Phil Ivey VS Layne Flack Screenshot – in a huge No Limit poker hand