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Click here for Facts & Information! is one of our favorite online poker sites because of the ratio of fish to sharks. This page lists information and details about the Bodog poker site and find links to more information about BodogPoker.

Bodog only accepts Canadian players. If you are from the USA you can play at Bovada

BodogPoker Links & Info

We love the fact that bodog actively targets and recruits the casual poker player and discourages the professional grinders. No tracking software, no hand history data mining and other things blocked that other sites allow the grinders to use. Playing at you can know that the overall relation of professional grinders to the casual poker player is way more in your favor compared to the large sites like PokerStars or Full Tilt.

About Site

Bodog Poker is a popular poker room and is home to some of the biggest percentage of poker fish online anywhere. Bodog Poker made the top of our list as one of the best ways to qualify for the WSOP. The bodog website was once, but is no longer found at the short lived or the slightly longer lived websites, they are now back on their flagship domain,
Bodog built it’s poker player base at BodogPoker by leveraging their huge casino and sportsbook client list. They are one of the biggest online casinos and sports books in the world, and they integrated their poker room to be available to casino bettors as well.

If you bet on sports online, you have probably heard of betting at bodog. Well they saw the value in opening an online poker room and tada, Find links to all sorts of BodogPoker information below where you can research this poker room more in depth and decide for yourself if it is a place you should play poker or not.

Claim 10% Instant Deposit Bonus & 100% matched up to $1100 – Get 10% up front to gamble with and 100% matched that you can earn over the course of the first 30 days. This bonus is different than many online poker rooms in the fact that they give you an instant 10% bonus added to your deposit right away. The restriction is that you simply can not withdraw it right away (you have to play and earn poker points at bodogpoker first).

Bodog Casino 3 Card Poker Game Review – I refer to three card poker as the crack of the casino. Read details about playing three card poker and a free flash 3 card poker game you can play for free or real money, without download and without registration.

Interview with Evelyn Ng – get up close and personal with the pro team member, Evelyn Ng. History & Facts

Bodog Poker used to be at domain name As of September of 2008 they changed their domain name to first, and then about 3 weeks later to, where the stayed until about one year later when they got their domain back after a lawsuit in Kentucky. You can learn all about the bodoglife poker story if you are interested in learning more.

BodogPoker has sponsored a handful of ‘team bodog poker pro’s’ in the past but are currently endorsing only two. They both happen to be women and they both happen to be pretty hot. Bodogs’ style. Since March of 06, the lovely Evelyn Ng and more recently Amanda Musumeci who fits the bodog brand quite finely herself.

They previously had sponsorships wit of Josh Arieh and David Williams but this is no longer the case.

Calvin Ayre, the former CEO is a marketing genious and the online gambling version of Hugh Hefner. Calvin used to market Bodog Poker as on the TV commercials and you will see his marketing in bathroom stalls, on billboards, at major sporting events, in magazines, on websites, on poker blogs and nearly everywhere advertising the Bodog brand. Today you can see him keeping up with the gambling latest at

A couple of unique points about BodogPoker that are worth mentioning is that they are one of the only sites that do not allow rakeback and actively block the data mining poker software that the professional grinders use. They strive to bring in fish and make the poker playing experience one that has a lesser amount of sharks and a larger amount of casual players.

Click to play now at Bodog Poker – top rated site and lock in max bonus.

Bodog Bonus Details 110% to $1100 *new

Bodog Promo & Referral code = 130347 (or click here to lock in bonus).

10% is Matched In Your Account. Meaning you deposit $500 and your account shows $550 to use at the poker tables (or casino and sportsbook too). 100% Match up to $500. (Deposit $500 and can earn $500 more via earning Bodog Poker Points.

Be sure and read the full bonus details and the T’s and C’s for the bodog bonus linked above but you can read the bodog poker bonus code details and how to clear it. It will take some time playing there to maximize the bonus but the clearance rate is solid and the tables are so fishy it makes bonus clearing easier. You can also read a guide to download bodog poker and get your account set up.

Bodog Poker Referral Number was founded in 1994 and has since grown to become one of the world’s premier online gambling destinations. They have done so by delivering seamless software, professional and helpful customer support, and a generous bonus structure. When you register your account using Bodog referral number “130347”, you’ll be eligible to receive bonuses from their casino, poker room, sportsbook, and racebook. We’ll provide all the details you’ll need below.

Reasons To Use Bodog Referral Code

First, a clarification. The Bodog referral number (“130347”) is merely another way of saying “bonus code,” “promo code,” and “referral code”. They’re synonymous. Each term means the same thing. Here is a bird’s eye view of the bonuses you’ll gain access to at all four properties when you use Bodog bonus code “130347” while registering your account…

  • Casino = 10% unlimited instant match
  • Sportsbook = 10% unlimited instant match
  • Racebook = 10% unlimited instant match with rebates on wagers
  • Poker Room = 110% match (10% instant) up to $1,100

In the casino, you’ll need to fulfill a 15X rollover requirement on your deposit and bonus before requesting a withdrawal. Wagers on Caribbean 21 and Pontoon do not contribute toward the requirement. Nor do “Pass / Don’t Pass” bets in Craps, and “Red / Black” bets in Roulette.

In the sportsbook and racebook, you’ll need to meet a 1X rollover requirement. This, again, is a rollover on your deposit and bonus.

In the poker room, you’ll need to earn Bodog Poker Points (BPPs) in order to clear and withdraw your bonus. Points are earned by playing raked ring games and participating in for-fee tournaments. In ring games, the number of BPPs you’ll earn is dependent on the rake you contribute; partial rake earns partial Points. In tournaments, you’ll earn 3 BPPs for each $1 in fees you pay. Each $1 in bonus money requires 10 BPPs to clear.

As a side note, you can also earn Points based on the time you spend participating in raked games. Bodog will give you 1 BPP for each sixty minutes you spend at the tables (not much, but it helps).

Take Advantage Of The Bodog Referral Number

We recommend that you visit and register your new account. As you go through the process, you’ll notice a small box that asks for a Bodog referral number. To lock in your bonus at all 4 properties (i.e. casino, sportsbook, racebook, and poker room), use Bodog bonus code “130347”. Once you make your initial deposit, you’ll see your instant 10% match appear in your live betting account.

Below, you’ll learn how the Bodog promotion code works. We’ll explain exactly what you’ll need to do in order to clear your bonus before withdrawing it, including how to accumulate Bodog Poker Points.

How The Bodog Poker Promotion Code Works

Bodog is a “1-stop shop” for online gamblers. In addition to their poker room, they operate a popular Bodog online casino, Bodog sportsbook, and racebook. The Bodog Poker promo code (“130347”) can be used at any of these other properties to take advantage of their respective promotions.

Before we explain how to earn out your bonus, let’s get four critical details out of the way…

1. You must deposit at least $20 to take advantage of the bonus.

2. The bonus value is capped at $1,100. Essentially, you can deposit as much as you’d like, but the 110% bonus will only apply to the first $1,000.

3. A 10% match on your deposit will be placed into your account within thirty minutes. The remaining 100% match is transferred into your account incrementally upon earning Bodog Bonus Points (BPPs).

4. You’ll have 60 days to earn out your bonus.

BPPs are awarded based on your activity. Each $1 in bonus money requires 3 BPPs to earn out. You can earn Points by playing raked ring games and paid tournaments (i.e. those that require a fee to participate).

Here’s a breakdown of the BPPs you’ll earn playing raked ring games…

– If the contributed rake = $0.05 to $0.20, you’ll earn 0.10 Point
– If the contributed rake = $0.25 to $0.45, you’ll earn 0.25 Point
– If the contributed rake = $0.50 to $0.95, you’ll earn 0.50 Point
– If the contributed rake = $1.00 to $3.00, you’ll earn 1.00 Point

You’ll also earn 3 BPPs for every $1 in fees you pay to play in tournaments. For example, if you participate in a $20 + $2 holdem event, you’ll earn 6 BPPs. Bodog will also let you earn Points simply by playing at real money tables (in addition to the rake-based Points). In any given calendar month, you can earn up to 500 BPPs by grinding out 1 Point for each hour you spend playing at the tables.

To get started earning your Points, visit Bodog and download their software. Register your account and use the special Bodog promo code “130347” to lock in your 110% match bonus up to $1,100. If you have never played at Bodog Poker, their Signup bonus is a perfect reason to start. What’s more, you’ll also be eligible to take advantage of their ongoing reload bonuses, bad beat bonuses, and other promotions. Visit Bodog Poker today to start enjoying the action at one of the most popular poker rooms online.

Bodog Software Download Information

For individuals with moderately new computers, Bodog’s downloadable software provides quality gameplay and useful gameplay packaged within an attractive graphical interface. Players can customize the look of their software client by changing the color of the cards and table, choosing different backgrounds and viewing multiple tables in one window. Players who download the BodogPoker software will also notice that the client’s lobby allows them to select different tabs depending on what type of game they wish to play, as well as designate a desired variety of poker games and automatically sit down at a matching table.

Bodog Poker Download

Bodog Poker is one of the web’s most popular and well-trafficked poker rooms, hosting thousands of players every day. In addition to offering services to players based in the United States, the website has also garnered attention for its free Bodog Poker download and no download software, allowing a larger number of players to enjoy the Bodog Poker experience, regardless of the specifications of their computers.

Download Bodog Poker Here

No Download Bodog Poker Software Information

Bodog Poker also offers an instant play version of its software, catered to those that cannot install or properly run Bodog’s downloadable client, as well as players that wish to play poker at Bodog without downloading anything. Bodog’s no download software is a Flash client, meaning that it can be accessed by any player with a standard web browser and a steady Internet connection. While the no download BodogPoker software does not allow users to play multiple tables in the same window as the downloadable client does, it generally runs quite quickly, even on older computers. Some graphical issues have been minimal to occur with this type of software as well, but these are typically minor and do not significantly affect gameplay.

Bodog Poker Review Research ★ Reviews, formerly &, began in 1995 as an online sportsbook and Bodog online casino. In 2004 they launched the Bodog poker room and became an industry leading brand and have not looked back since. They are trusted, have stellar customer service, and are well liked in the industry by online poker players. Plus, they do things differently than the big online poker sites.

Bodog Poker Games-Poker Games Offered With BodogPoker

Player Traffic At Bodog

Traffic overall is lower than the bigger sites but there are always games going at the low to medium stakes tables. The sit-n-go tournaments fill up at a brisk pace and there are dozens of most NL cash games at all levels during the busier times. There is not as much limit action as you can find at the bigger sites.

Blind Levels start out at the .10/.25c NL tables up th $100/$200 NL although there is significant live action from the .50/1 up to the $5/10 NL games during most of the time.

The $$ tables are some of the fishiest on the net, especially at the no limit cash tables on Sundays. Don’t get me wrong now, if you are a regular at PokerStars or FullTilt then Bodog will have less tables than you are used to seeing. Bodog is a medium to smaller sized poker room. If you are looking for limit poker and like to play at the lower limits then you’ll have a slightly more difficult time finding an abundance of tables but there are normally a small handful of tables running at the lower levels, and consistent traffic up to $10/20.

Traffic is medium to strong up to the medium stakes $10/$20, but from above there the traffic is not what you will find at sites like or Most of the play is at the Texas Holdem tables with the other games not getting much going.

Competition – Poker Players at Bodog

The players at bodog are live, loose, and well below average for online poker players. Honestly, the majority of the players at bodog pretty much suck at poker. The no limit cash tables are some of the juciest on the net, especially on Sundays during football season.

Don’t believe me? Check out the % seeing the flop in the NL cash games. Easily many tables with 40% plus all day long. I think it is because Bodog is first and foremost a huge online sportsbook. Many of their sports bettors also blow off steam playing no limit holdem, and they are usually willing to donate to your bankroll, especially on Sundays during football. Get in there and get paid off, time and time again.

Juicy, live tables. Especially on heavy betting weekends. A lot of KAP members are playing over at bodog because of the really poor level of competition on average.

Imagine that a sports bettor at bodog just won a crazy parlay bet on a football game and decided to put a hundred bucks at the no limit table and play like Gus Hansen or Phil Ivey because they saw them playing on TV last night. In my opinion, the online poker tables at Bodog Poker are some of the best kept secrets in the online poker world, full of fish with money to give away.

Most everyone I introduce to bodog poker sends me a personal thank you for doing so! Bodog is one of the best kept secrets on the web, but the games are so good the word is spreading.

Bodog Tournaments – Guaranteed & Overlay

Bodog Poker offers pretty good tournaments in terms of structure, style and variety. I do not call them great because the prize pools are not that of the mega sites and some would argue you could find better structures at PokerStars. Regardless, you get plenty of chips to play with and a quality blind schedule. Also you can often find overlay in their guaranteed tourneys every month. The big tournament is a Sunday $100k guaranteed tournament that has a $100+9 buy-in.

Bodog offers fantastic satellite tournaments to some of the bigger events that do not get all the players that the big sites have. We are talking about some of the best WSOP satellites and the occasional satellite into a WPT event. Super satellites start out at the low buy in range, for $5 bucks.

The more overlay the better and typically Bodog’s $100k guaranteed on Sundays has $10-$20k worth of overlay. Learn more about overlay poker tournaments – you can get into this tourney for $5 satellites and even player points.

Bodog wants to be the best at what they do, and they know that having a solid tournament base of players is key to gaining ring game traffic. They also know that having some seriously hot chicks in their marketing materials don’t hurt either. We don’t mind, you guys check out the lovely bodog girls.

The advertising at bodog works, but in a different way than the success that Poker Stars has had advertising Poker in their brand of TV commercials. Although they market their sites differently, one thing that they have in common is that both sites have great tournament action, but stars honestly dominates the volume.

Interesting Bodog Poker Links & News
Calvin Ayre has his Costa Rican Compound Raided by locals
Bodog Nation
Interview with Evelyn Ng – Bodog Team Member + Hottie
Bodog boots Jamie Gold
Blackjack Games at Casino

Online Casino and Sportsbook share a common wallet, you can quickly and easily transfer money from your poker account to your casino account to hit the blackjack tables for a while. Not only can you play free poker online at bodog, you can also play all the free casino games including free black jack, roulette, craps and other casino games. If you are looking for a place to play free poker black jack then you should visit Bodog Poker and download the free casino software. You’ll be playing poker and black jack online in minutes, free!

Just create an account with bodogpoker and then open up either the free poker or black jack games and have fun. You start out with $1000 in chips and can play all you want. If you lose those don’t worry you can get more, free! Download Bodogs Free Software and you can play casino games as well. If you are looking for another online sportsbook that accepts USA players in addition to Bodog, check out Poker Room for a quality online sportsbook / poker room. Bodog Poker Online Poker Experience

Add a picture and fill out your bio if you want to, as well as uploading your own avatar / image at the table. If you see player KAP driving the short bus at your table watchout, cause that’s me! You can upload an image (within reason) to represent yourself at the table. A lot of players put up a picture of their dog, or of their baby. It always feels kind of weird check raising little Timmy, but hey… you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

You get a profile page where you can put in all sorts of information about yourself if you choose. Call their 1-800 # and a real live person answers who speaks English clearly and is knowledgeable and helpful! I’ve called customer support a handful of times to get and every single time the phone has been answered in a couple of rings and the guy I talked to fixed the problem or explained the situation within just a couple of minutes.

Bodog’s poker room online play support is probably the best in the business, and that is no easy task when you have sites like and to compete with.

Bodog Opens USA Online Poker Site Bovada

Bovada the new brand from Bodog.

Bovada is the new brand for online poker players from the United States and is run by the same team that runs the Bodog brand. For more about the re-branding of Bodog to Bavada and more about the website see the latest from and when you’re ready, try out the new US branded poker room from Bodog. is now back to (domain is back on June 09) which is now at on May 25th, 2011

December 14th – leaves US Market. Enter Bovada Poker, the US facing brand.
Bodog Life is Now back to which is now at is no more (at least for now) as the domain has been given back to it’s original owners (June 2009), and they are promoting the Bodog brand back on which is now at as of May 2011!

Welcome back to for your online poker, sportsbook and casino!

About BodogLife

You may be wondering why we have a page about considering the “Bodog” branded poker and casino is hosted right over on Well, the reason is that in September of 2007, the well known brand “Bodog” lost control over the domain name on some lawsuit which has since been overturned. No Longer does the Bodog Poker Site live at – is back, baby!

Following a patent lawsuit the online casino and sportsbook giant, lost control over their flagship domain name, and were forced to move their site to new domain name, but in June of 09 the domain became once again in Bodog’s hand.

Don’t worry though, if you had a poker or casino account there before you probably noticed that you got multiple errors when trying to access your account at bodog. All you have to do is visit BodogLife for the new official Bodog Website.

We first heard the news that domain name was lost in a court battle on 8/27/07 and had to scramble to continue operations. They launched but that was only a temporary fix. (If you want to know more about this strange online poker news then you can read more about new bodog over at the Kick Ass Poker blog for a good recap of what happened during the beginning of this fiasco, and keeping up with the important information. *June 2009 is back.)

Also, read our comprehensive Poker Review for more about and why and what you can expect when you play poker at the tables, as well as the games offered at the casino and Bodog sportsbook that Bodog Life is so well known for. is no more in terms of the online poker room / casino / sportsbook. It’s new home is, it’s the same bodog, just a different domain name.

Confused? good… let’s let Calvin Ayre explain (BodogLife CEO former CEO) – Hear the details from Calvin Ayre Himself *this page is now removed from the bodog site, but it had Calvin explaining why the domain change and ensuring everyone that it is still the same bodog experience you are used to.

Bodog says that it is the same great site as you were used to but just with a new domain name. They even have a new catch phrase, “this is Bodog. This is the life. ”

It’s a pretty good catch phrase… considering what they have to work with. I wouldn’t say it is Nike ‘just do it’ good’ but is easy to remember and still capatilizes on the huge brand that they have built over the past 10 years.

It has to really suck to lose their flagship domain name though, but I give credit where credit is due. The team at bodog is comprised of some of the top people in the industry, including top notch customer service reps because of their outstanding benefits.

Bodog Life is still one of our favorite online poker rooms and is home of the Kick Ass Poker Online Poker League.

Once you start playing at bodog, you are a life long player, it is such a good poker room, casino and sportsbook. They have excellent incentives, tons of bad players and great tournaments with guaranteed prize pools that just can’t be beat.

What more can you ask for?
Bodog is Back, rebranded Bodog

Maybe re-branded is the wrong word, but they obviously do not want to throw all that branding and marketing away that they have built for the Bodog Name… I mean here are just a handful of the websites, tv shows and marketing bodog has put into their brand….

Bodog Casino
Bodog Poker
Bodog Horses
Bodog Sportsbook
Bodog Fight
Bodog Nation
Bodog Girls New Player Deposit bonus is offering a 10% Instant Deposit Bonus. This bonus money is yours to play with as soon as you complete your deposit, not like other rooms that have huge raked hands required before getting your bonus.

Download herequick and easy + 110% up to $1100!

*Upgraded to a 100% Bonus Match plus the 10% in February 2010! continues to have top notch support and a real person on the phone, 24/7 – USA PLAYERS ACCEPTED

No raked hands required, just make a deposit and see the bonus $$ in your account to play with right away. Your bonus is maxed out at $1000.

The BodogLife Girls are still HOT! What can you say, Calvin et al knows that hotties convert !

Get in and start playing now! No Bonus Code needed, yet you search for one anyway ; – ). Just download the software and create / update your accounts. You’ll be at the tables in no time.

Bodog for the Rest of the World

  • Click to visit the Bodog Poker Site
  • Bonus = 110% to $1100 for poker only. 10% instant for Sports & Casino
  • Bodog Promotion Referral Code: 130347 – locks in top bonus
  • WebSite:
  • Canadian players with their site at
  • Referral / Promo Code: 130347
  • USA Players Accepted – NO, see Bovada
  • Phone # 1-866-909-2237
  • In Business since: 1995
  • Network: Independent
  • Minimum Deposit: $20
  • Deposit Methods: Multiple available via their cashier.
  • Free Play? Yes – USA Accepted

Bodog caters to casual poker players. Not professionals. This is my favorite thing about Bodog. They understand that it is important to attract the recreational and casual poker players, not the sharks and professional grinders!

The casual poker player is the lifeblood of the poker ecosystem. The sharks will naturally find where the fish are swimming! The recreational players are the net depositors, flooding the tables with chips and filling the tables with good games to choose from.

This strategy from Bodog is good for you regardless of whether you are a casual once in a while player (like myself nowadays) or a grinder. Think about it, where would you rather play: a site that is full of recreational players and the occasional shark or a site that markets to professional poker players where you are against the grinders mostly and the occasional fish?

Bodog Poker Final Thoughts

I really like playing poker at The no limit texas holdem games are some of the softer ones online and you know that bodog is actively trying to get the casual poker player and not the multi-tabling professional who uses data mining software to keep from making any major mistakes.

Bodog is a quality, trusted and honest online poker room, casino and online sportsbook. If you are looking for a smaller place to play poker online, away from most of the sharks, then you should give your action. Plus you can spend a few bucks betting on sports or playing casino games from within an integrated wallet.

Click here to play at Bodog Poker now – 10% Upfront Bonus + 100% up to $1100 – quality online poker room reviews.