Horse Poker

Although HORSE poker is relatively new compared to other poker variants, it has become a fixture at several sites since debuting in the 2002 World Series of Poker. Its role in the WSOP is notable, in part, because it became the event’s first $50,000 buy-in tournament in 2006. While the game will never be as popular as Texas Hold’em or Omaha, it still attracts a loyal throng of players and fans.

One of the reasons HORSE poker receives much less attention than other variants is because it is a more complex game. We’ll introduce you to the rules below. You’ll also learn a few tips for playing HORSE Poker games online that will help you go toe-to-toe against your opponents.

How To Play HORSE Poker

HORSE is a mixture of five other poker variants. The game is played in rounds, with each round consisting of one hand of each variant. The same order is followed throughout each round:

1. Texas Hold’em
2. Omaha High-Low
3. Razz Poker
4. Seven Card Stud
5. Seven Card Stud High-Low

  • In order to play HORSE Poker online, you’ll need to be familiar with each of these five games. You likely already know how to play Texas Hold’em since it is the most popular variant. If you’d like a refresher course on the Hold’em rules, click here.
  • Omaha High-Low is a blind game that can be played with a pot limit, no limit, or limit betting structure. It has similarities to Texas Hold’em, but incorporates a few important differences. We have a section devoted to Omaha High-Low rules here.
  • Razz Poker is a rarely-played variant that is similar to Seven Card Stud. The only difference between Razz and 7-Card Stud is that the former is played for the low hand. This “small” variation, however, turns strategy on its head. Visit our Razz Poker rules page here.
  • Seven Card Stud was once just as popular as Hold’em in land-based casinos. While the game is still very popular online, it has never enjoyed the same momentum as Hold’em. One of the key differences is that Seven Card Stud does not use community cards. To learn how to play, visit our 7-Card Stud rules page.
  • The fifth game, Seven Card Stud High-Low, is sometimes called Eight Or Better or Stud 8. As its name implies, it is a variation of 7-Card Stud that splits the pot between the high and low hands. This, of course, requires a major shift in strategy. Click here to read a quick tutorial on Seven Card Stud High-Low.

Important Tips To Play HORSE Poker Online

Playing HORSE Poker games online is the same as playing each of the five poker variants one at a time. The problem is, a lot of players have trouble moving from game to game. This is the first things upon which to focus. Become adept at switching gears.

Another issue that causes a lot of HORSE players to stumble is the ability to track how their opponents play. It’s one thing to note each opponent’s strategy when playing hand after hand of Texas Hold’em. It’s another thing entirely to do so when switching between five different variants. Learn to watch your opponents like a hawk, and adjust your play, when necessary.

One last tip: assuming you have experience playing the five variants, stick closely to your strengths. For example, if you’re a stellar 7-Card Stud player, but less confident playing Omaha Hi-Lo, devote more attention to Stud. Don’t be afraid to fold all but the best hands in Omaha.

You can find additional HORSE Poker Strategy Tips here.

If you intend to play HORSE Poker online – and we recommend that you try it for the experience – start at the small stakes tables. Preserve your bankroll and gain some confidence before moving to the higher stakes.

The Best HORSE Online Poker Sites

When we recommend poker sites, we do so with several standards in mind. We want to make sure the site offers high-quality software, solid player traffic, exciting promotions, and responsive customer support. We also look at sign-up bonuses, the level of player competition, and game variety. With these standards in mind, here are the 3 best sites to play HORSE Poker online:

If you have never played HORSE Poker online, learn to play the individual games, and give it a try. Start with the 3 sites we’ve profiled above. You may find the game offers the flexibility and change of pace you’ve been looking for.