Real Money Western Union Casinos

In the U.S., gambling sites have tried to adapt to legislation passed in 2006 that prevents Western Unionfinancial institutions from processing transactions for online casinos. In the past (prior to 2006), it was much easier to fund your casino accounts. You could use Visa, MasterCard, and even your Paypal account. Today, these options are much more difficult to use, which is one of the reasons there are many online casinos that accept Western Union.

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When you visit a gambling site, and review their banking options, it may not be obvious that they accept deposits using Western Union. The reason is because Western Union maintains a separate service for transferring money online. That service is called “Quick Cash.” It is essentially the same company.

Below, we’ll explain how to use Western Union to make deposits to your online casino accounts. We’ll also describe a few alternatives to keep in mind. Throughout this page, whenever you see “Western Union” or “Quick Cash,” realize we are referring to the same company, unless otherwise noted.

How To Fund Your Casino Accounts With Western Union

There’s one noteworthy difference between making deposits with Western Union, and doing so through their Quick Cash service. The former technically refers to their offline branches while the latter – as already mentioned – is used online.

If you prefer to visit a branch, here are the steps you’ll need to take when funding your casino accounts:

Step 1 – Give the Western Union Agent your name, address, and the receiving casino’s name. This can be done with a “Send Money” form. Provide the money for both the amount of the transfer and any applicable fees.

Step 2 – The Agent will process the money transfer and give you a 10-digit number. It is called the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). Along with the receipt, the MTCN serves as proof of the transaction.

Step 3 – Call the receiving online casino, and notify them that you have sent money that should be credited to your account.

Most Western Union branches offer a “Money in Minutes” option. As you would expect, the fee for using this option is higher than the fee that accompanies a “Next Day” money transfer.

Using the Quick Cash service is much simpler and more convenient. It is done completely online using Western Union’s Quick Cash software. You’ll be asked to provide the same information you would normally provide the branch Agent. Once the transaction has been processed, you’ll receive a tracking number (similar to the MTCN). It’s quick, easy, and convenient since it doesn’t require you to visit a branch.

Online Casino Deposit Alternatives To Western Union

It’s worth being familiar with other deposit options at your disposal. You’ll see some or all of the following offered at online casinos that accept Western Union.

Visa and MasterCard – A few online casinos manage to successfully process credit card deposits for their members. It doesn’t always work, however, due to the legislation mentioned earlier.

eWallet Services – These services function in the same way as your Paypal account. When you want to make a deposit at an online casino, you would first transfer money into your eWallet, and then transfer the funds to the gambling site.

Wire Transfers – These are similar to money transfers processed through Western Union. The difference is that they are processed through your bank, with the funds often transferred from your bank account.

eChecks – Like wire transfers, eChecks are also processed by your bank. The money is transferred to the casino directly from your checking account.

Gift Cards – These are less commonly used by gamblers, but are becoming more popular. A few casinos, notably those on the Vegas Technology platform, allow their members to use prepaid Visa and MasterCard gift cards to make deposits.

Top Online Casinos That Accept Western Union

If you have spent time at more than a few gambling sites, you already realize there are huge differences between them. Features such as bonuses, promotions, software, customer support, and game selection (to name just a few) make some casinos stand apart from the pack. We have our favorite online casinos that accept Western Union for deposits, which we’ll share with you now. But your tastes might vary from our own. So, we encourage you test drive each of them for yourself.

  • Bodog Casino – Despite their small sign-up bonus, we’ve been fans of Bodog for years. They know exactly what their members enjoy, and focus on little else. For example, their casino software is easy to use, and offers attractive graphics and engaging audio. Their playthrough requirement is a reasonable 15x your deposit and bonus. You can also enjoy many of the most popular casino games through your browser in their “Instant Play” environment. Visit Bodog Casino to grab an unlimited and instant 10% match on your first deposit.
  • Super Slots – They offer a much larger sign-up bonus than Bodog, though their playthrough requirement is higher (20x deposit and bonus). You’ll receive a 100% match on your first four deposits up to a cumulative $2,000. You’ll also find exciting monthly promotions, weekly bonuses, fast casino software, and plenty of deposit options in addition to Quick Cash. Visit Super Slots to take advantage of your sign-up bonus.

While credit cards are the most convenient way to fund your casino accounts, there are several other options available to you. Start by visiting the online casinos that accept Western Union above. We’ve enjoyed our experience with each of them and believe you will too.