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While downloadable casino software will always have a place, a growing number of players Online Casinoare making the transition to no download casinos online. This is consistent with a larger trend of moving everything we do, from spreadsheets to email, into “the cloud.” We’re storing less on our personal computers and instead, relying increasingly on an infrastructure that can be accessed online. It should not be surprising that fans of craps, blackjack, online slots, and other casino games want to do the same.

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Responding to the growing demand, several top-rated online casinos have launched in-browser playing environments for their members. Designed with Flash, these platforms give players a chance to enjoy their favorite online casino games without being required to download software. But there are some trade-offs.

Below, we’ll quickly highlight some of the advantages of playing roulette, craps, Let ‘Em Ride, and other games within casino software. This is to provide a fair comparison so you’ll be able to choose the option that dovetails with your preferences. We’ll then explain why no download casinos online offer an ideal alternative for most people.

We also offer information and lists of locations to Play No Download Online Poker as well. Check out our articles on the advantages for playing No Download Poker Games Online.

Advantages Of Downloading And Playing In Casino Software

Even though the graphics of the online casino no download versions of most games has improved dramatically over the last few years, they’re still inferior to software. The reason involves the development platform. The graphics used in Flash environments are usually rendered with vectors while those used in casino software are designed through a different process.

Another advantage is that casino software is usually developed with recovery features. That is, if you lose your connection while playing, the software will recover from where you left off once your connection is reestablished. This is not always guaranteed when you play in an “Instant Play” environment within your browser.

Reasons To Play At No Download Casinos Online

Playing at no download casinos online offers its own host of advantages.

  • First, Flash is platform independent. You can play the games within your browser regardless of whether you own a Mac or a Windows machine.
  • A second advantage is that there’s no need to fill your hard drive with applications from multiple online casinos. When you play the games within your browser, you can access everything from “the cloud.” Even though storage space on your hard drive is inexpensive, every application you download to your machine grabs system resources. That means you’ll eventually experience a lag.
  • Third, because you’re accessing your online casino accounts directly through your browser, you can use any computer to do so. For example, you can play craps and blackjack on a friend’s PC; you can play roulette and Caribbean Stud while working on your office computer; you can play Pai Gow, Tri-Card Poker, and baccarat on a hotel computer while you’re on the road for your job. Don’t underestimate the convenience of this flexibility.

Another advantage of no download casinos online is that the games are updated automatically. The casinos push their updates to their own servers. By the time you log into your account and start playing, the updates are live. By contrast, when you play slots, hold’em, craps, and other games within casino software, the updates are pushed to your computer when you launch the application. You’re forced to wait while the updates load.

“Best In Class” No Download Casinos Online

Even though a growing number of gambling sites are launching no download casinos online, some continue to be better than others. In some cases, the playing experience is more engaging because there are fewer lags, the servers are faster, and the graphics seem more richly defined. In other cases, the sign-up bonuses and ongoing promotions are far more rewarding. With this in mind, here is our current list of the top no download online casinos:

  • Bodog Casino – Bodog continues to out-perform the majority of their competitors, and remains one of the most popular full-service gambling sites. In addition to their casino, they boast a sportsbook, racebook, and poker room, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore new territory. Bodog’s Flash platform is richly rendered and offers more than 50 casino games to enjoy. Claim a 10% unlimited instant bonus match when you register and fund your account for the first time. The bonus match is placed into your account immediately; there’s no need to wait until it clears before using it.
Play Casino Games at these Top Casinos Online

If you’re hesitant to download casino software due to space issues, security concerns, or simple inconvenience, visit the gambling sites above. Register your account at each and spend some time in their Flash playing environments. If you enjoy the experience, you may find there’s no reason to download their software.