Gambling Systems

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Best Gambling Systems

Gambling systems do not prove the odds of winning or lower the house advantage, so there is no universal gambling system that can be applied to all circumstances. It’s best to review each of the following online gambling systems and experiment with several of them in order to understand how they work and how they can be used most efficiently:

Cancellation Betting: This is a negative progression system based on a sequence of numbers written down by the player. The sum of the numbers on each end of the sequence is used as the wager amount. The numbers are crossed out if the bet wins, or the sum is added to the end of the sequence if the bet is lost.

Labouchere System: Identical to the cancellation system, the player’s bet amount is dictated by a sequence of numbers. The goal is to have all of the numbers in the sequence crossed off. Each time a bet is lost, another number is added to the end of the sequence.

Martingale system: The oldest known betting system. The player starts at an initial wager amount and doubles the wager after every win. After a loss, the player returns to the initial wager amount and starts again.

Parlay system: The most well-known, positive progression system. The player must re-invest the bet amount and the winnings amount on the next bet. Players should cash out after a certain number of consecutive wins, as all of the money can be lost on a single incorrect bet.

Paroli system: Identical to the parlay betting system. Each winning bet is followed by the re-investment of the bet amount and winnings until the player losses or has obtained a pre-determined number of wins.

Cancellation Betting Gambling Systems

The premise of the cancellation betting system is relatively simple: The gambler keeps Gambling Systems Cancellation Bettingtrack of a series of numbers, canceling out two numbers for every winning bet and adding a number for every bet lost. The idea is that ultimately all of the numbers in the series will be crossed off due to wins. For this system to work, the gambler must make even money wagers such as the pass and don’t pass craps bets, red or black roulette bets or certain blackjack games.

Cancellation Betting Gambling Systems Explained

With a pen and a piece of paper, write down 10 number 1’s to create your first series of numbers. Use the numbers to guide your betting. Each wager must be the sum of the left most and right most number in the series. Cross off both numbers if you win the bet or place the sum of the numbers at the right end of the series if you lose the bet. Continue the cancellation betting system until all of the numbers in the series have been crossed off.

Gambling Systems Cancellation Betting Effectiveness

The cancellation betting system provides gamblers with a greater probability of winning a session in the long run. However, in order to continue using the system in a long gaming session, the gambler needs to have a large bankroll and may risk losing a lot of money. For instance, the probability of losing a cancellation betting system by betting on the pass line in craps with only a five unit bankroll is 68.4% because the chance of running out of money results in a high rate of failure. Alternatively, there is only a 1.3% probability of losing if you use the same system in craps with a 1,000 unit bankroll.

Labouchere Gambling Systems

The Labouchere system is one of the oldest and most popular gambling systems around. Gambling Systems LabouchereLabouchere is designed to provide gamblers with a greater probability of winning during long gaming sessions. The Labouchere system is based on simple mathematics, but may seem difficult to put into practice because it requires a large bankroll and can yield great losses.

Labouchere Betting System in Action

The Labouchere system requires you to write down a short or long series of single digit numbers. The numbers should correspond to your bankroll limit. Choose a row of 1’s if you are using a small bankroll or a mixture of greater numbers if you are using a large bankroll. Take the sum of the left and right digits of the series and use it as your wager amount. Wager only on even payout opportunities like the red and black roulette bet or the pass line in craps. Cross off the left and right digits if you win the wager and continue the Labouchere system. If you lose the bet, write the sum down at the end of the number series and use it to determine the sum for the next wager.

Labouchere System Risks

The Labouchere system for gambling is not a foolproof solution. During a streak of losses, the numbers may grow quickly until all of the bankroll has been used, leaving a large deficit to make up. Because the system cannot account for luck, gamblers suffer from a high probability of losing a session that is based on a small 5, 10 or 20 unit bankroll. The Labouchere betting system is able to provide a 95% or greater probability of winning in longer sessions that can be supported with a large bankroll of 500 or more units.

Martingale Gambling Systems

The Martingale betting system was developed after roulette was introduced in the 18th Gambling Systems Martingalecentury. The Martingale strategy was designed to recover all previous bet losses and return a small profit, all in a single wager. The theory behind the Martingale system is sound, but is difficult to properly put into practice because it realistically requires a potentially large infinite bankroll.

How the Martingale Betting System Works

The Martingale system is very accessible as gamblers are not required to follow any complex strategy. The system requires the gambler to start with a specified bet amount of their choosing. The amount must be wagered on an even money opportunity, such as the red or black in roulette. If the bet wins, another wager worth the same amount is placed. Should the bet lose, the gambler must make another wager worth double the amount of the original wager. If the second bet is also lost, the gambler must make a third wager worth double the amount of the second wager. The pattern continues until the gambler wins, which will recoup all of the past losses plus a one unit profit.

Realistic Risk of the Martingale Gambling System

The Martingale gambling system does not take into account the fact that the average gambler does not have a large enough bankroll to cover a series of losses. For instance, if a gambler starts with a $5 wager and loses five consecutive rounds, the Martingale system dictates that the gambler must wager $160 on the sixth round. If the sixth wager wins, the gambler recovers the $155 lost in the first five rounds and gains an added profit of $5. In a short gambling session, the Martingale betting system can obtain positive results at the risk of a large loss, but as more rounds are played, the system’s effectiveness decreases as the bankroll runs out or the bets hit the maximum table limit.

Parlay Betting Gambling Systems

The Parlay betting system is based on the parlay bet type. A parlay bet is a wager that Gambling Systems Parlay Bettingconnects two or more individual bets. The parlay bet requires all individual wagers to be correct in order to win and is most commonly used in sports and horse racing gambling. The parlay betting scheme requires the player to essentially double the bet amount after each win by taking the sum of the previous bet amount and the win amount and using it for the next wager.

Working the Parlay Betting System

The Parlay betting system was first used by horse racing gamblers, but is now applied in casino games such as blackjack and baccarat. The Parlay betting system is based on positive progression and starts with an initial bet within the bankroll and table limit. For instance, the player starts out with a $5 bet and wins even money for a total earning of $10, which consists of the original $5 bet and the $5 reward for the win. The $10 is then used to fund the next bet. Should the $10 bet win, the player receives $20, which should be used for the next bet. The player returns to the original $5 bet amount after experiencing a loss and begins again.

Using The Parlay System Effectively

The Parlay betting system is good, as long as the player is winning consecutively. Unfortunately, this betting system does not affect the house advantage of blackjack, baccarat or any other casino game, so a loss will likely come at some point or another. Because the Parlay system requires the player to use all of their earnings to double the next bet, a single unlucky round can result in a large amount of lost money. To minimize this risk, the Parlay system is most effective for short-length gambling sessions. Gamblers should stop after obtaining a pre-determined number of wins in order to finish with a profit before a loss occurs.

Paroli Gambling Systems

The Paroli system is a positive progression betting scheme that requires the player to Gambling Systems Paroliessentially double the betting amount after each win. The Paroli system is ideal for short blackjack or baccarat gambling sessions and is also used in sports betting and horse racing gambling to create large total earnings by starting with a small initial bet.

Using the Paroli System

The player must first determine the initial betting amount that will be used for their Paroli betting system. If the initial bet wins, the player doubles the wager amount for the following bet. Each consecutive win requires the player to double the previous wager amount, but the player must restart with the initial betting amount after each loss.

For example, say a player is starting with a $1 wager on blackjack and wins the first round. The player receives the original $1 wager back plus a $1 win for a total of $2 in earnings. The $2 is then used for the second wager. If the second wager wins, the $4 in total earnings is used for the third bet amount. After a loss, the player restarts the Paroli system by beginning with the $1 wager amount.

Taking Advantage of the Paroli System

Keep in mind that the Paroli betting system does not improve the odds of winning, so players must set pre-determined limits every time they plan on using the system during a gambling session. Determine the initial bet amount based on your bankroll budget and the table limit. Remember that wins must be doubled, so it is not necessary to start out with a large initial bet amount. Players should set a maximum win limit before using the Paroli system to ensure ending with a profit. After a specific number of consecutive wins, the player should cash out and restart the Paroli betting system to gain more profit.