Slot Machines

Years ago, slot machines were shuffled to the sides of casinos, reserved mostly for Slot Machinesfirst-time casino visitors and those who had white hair. Times have changed dramatically and today, slots comprise nearly 70% of a casino’s profit. From the player’s perspective, slot machines have become more exciting as new options, bonuses, and jackpots have been designed into the games. Below, we’ll teach you how to play slots, beginning with the payline. Then, we’ll describe the most popular types of slots.

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Understanding The Payline

The basic premise of slots is simple. Each slot has 1 or more paylines. If the spinning reels make a winning match on the payline, you win according to the pay table. Depending upon the type of slot you’re playing, the match could be as simple as 1 cherry paying a couple of credits back, or 3 gold bars which might pay a healthy jackpot, assuming of course you are playing slot machines online for real money.

Some of the most complex slots have dozens of paylines that you can play at the same time. Others have bonuses and “scatter” jackpots that pay out if a certain symbol shows up, even if that symbol doesn’t hit a payline.

Types Of Slots

As slots have become more popular, a variety of new options have been designed. The most common are the straight slots which offer simple payouts based upon the pay tables. Multiplier slots are a variation that “multiply” the amount you win based upon the amount you wager. For example, if 3 single bars pays 20 credits on a 1-credit wager, it might pay 60 credits on a 3-credit wager.

Progressive slots allow the jackpot to continue growing until a player wins. As more credits are wagered, the jackpot builds. Once it is won, it returns to its starting level again. Some progressives are “stand-alones” in which the jackpot grows according to an individual player’s wagers. Others allow jackpots to build based upon all players’ wagers.

Slot Machines Mac Games

A growing number of online casinos are expanding their platforms to provide online slots for Mac players. Mac computers have enjoyed an enormous surge in popularity over the last twenty years. Millions of people have abandoned their PCs and made the transition to Macbooks, iMacs, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros. While Windows machines are entrenched and will continue to have a place for the foreseeable future, online casinos are adapting to the new trend.

Below, we’ll briefly explain the driving forces behind the rise in Mac slots online. This trend will likely continue as online casinos compete ever more aggressively for a shared pool of slots enthusiasts. We’ll also describe the 3 main advantages to playing at casinos that offer slots for Mac players.

The Rise Of Mac Slots

Years ago, few professional gambling sites offered online slots for Mac players. There was little need. The majority of slots fans owned PCs, and thus casinos catered to that group. Since then, the tide has shifted. Growth in the number of Mac slots players has outpaced the growth in the number of PC slots players. This has triggered a push on the part of online casinos to develop a playing environment suitable for those who own Mac computers.

It’s important to understand the issues at stake…

First, casino software is designed to cater to a single operating system – in most cases, Windows. A native client programmed for a Windows machine is incompatible with a Mac computer. This is the reason Mac slots fans have been left without options for the last several years.

So, why don’t the online casinos develop software exclusively for Macs? This leads to the second issue: it’s expensive. Developing casino software is a long, costly process. Not only must the client be developed and tested before launch, but it must be updated on a regular basis. Few online casinos have been willing to dedicate the necessary resources. This, of course, is changing.

Another factor at play is that many gambling sites have begun to realize that catering to the growing number of Mac slots players is a competitive advantage. With so few online casinos providing a Mac option, those that do, stand apart from the pack.

2 Key Advantages Of Playing Mac Slots

Traditionally, players have been forced to download casino software in order to enjoy their favorite slots. By contrast, the platforms being developed for Mac slots players allow you to play directly within your browser. There are 2 main advantages to doing so…

#1 – Updates Load Automatically

When you download casino software, updates are pushed to your computer. This creates a delay when you launch the application. When you play online within your browser, the software is hosted on the casino’s servers. It does not reside on your hard drive. That means updates are loaded on the casino’s back-end without affecting your playing experience.

#2 – You Can Play From Any Location

In the past, you were forced to play slots on the computer to which you downloaded the casino’s software. Because online slots for Mac players can be enjoyed in your browser, you can play anywhere there’s an online connection. Play on your Mac Pro in your living room, your Power Mac at the office, or your Macbook at a Wifi-enabled coffee shop. You’re no longer tethered to a single location. If you own one of the new “mobile hotspots,” you can literally play anywhere.

There are other advantages to playing Mac slots directly within your browser. For example, you won’t need to dedicate space on your hard drive for software. Nor will you need to download multiple applications from several online casinos. That said, most Mac slots players find the two advantages described above to be the most significant.

Top-Rated Mac Slots Casinos

Before we provide our suggestion of the top-rated online casinos offering slots for Mac owners, we need to clarify something: some sites are markedly better than others. Their playing environment is more engaging; their sign-up bonuses are more enticing; and their game selection is more expansive. As more online casinos develop Mac-friendly slots games, our list is bound to change to reflect the “best in class.” For now, here are is our top recommendation…

Bovada Casino – (previously known as Bodog)They’re one of the most popular names in online casinos. Bovada provides a rich playing environment that is more than engaging; it is seductive. You’ll be able to play table games, such as baccarat, craps, roulette, and let ’em ride (among many others). You’ll also find nearly three dozen online slots for Mac owners. Visit Bovada Casino to grab an unlimited 10% match on your first deposit. It’s a relatively small bonus, but it’s added to your account instantly.

If you’re looking for Mac slot games to play, start with the online casino profiled above. Each has an established reputation for catering to their members.

Real Money Online Slots Versus Land-Based Casinos

Online slots are very similar to those found in traditional casinos. The latter are designed to operate via a computer chip, as opposed to the mechanical parts that comprised the machines from a generation ago. In this way, they are comparable to online slots that run via software. Playing from your computer is essentially the same as playing in a land based casino in terms of how the slot machine actually works. You will have to get your own drinks at your home of course, but then again you can play in your underwear!

Most of the differences between online and land-based slots involve convenience (or, lack thereof). When playing slot machines online for real money, you can enjoy real money slots wherever you have access to a computer and internet connection. In a traditional casino, you’re essentially tethered to the physical machine. Plus you do not have the distraction of the call girls.

If you’re playing slots at home, you’ll have all the amenities to which you’re accustomed (food, bathroom, television, computer, etc.) at your fingertips. Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy the full menu of real money slot machines (online) without moving.

There is one noteworthy drawback to playing online (depending on your perspective): you won’t receive the typical comps, such as free drinks and meals. Keep in mind, however, you’ll need to earn those comps in a land-based casino by betting – and likely losing – a large sum of money. Online, you’ll still receive comps, but they’re offered to you immediately in the form of sign-up bonuses. This, in itself, is a compelling case for playing online.

Slot Machines Real Money

Real money slot machines made their debut at the twilight of the nineteenth century. Nicknamed “one-armed bandits,” the first machines were based on poker, with the reels displaying the four suits along with horseshoes. Since then, slots have come a long way. Not only are they available to play online, but they are designed with a host of features that would have seemed unimaginable during the late 1800s.

Tips for the first time you play slots for real money

Of course, do not wager more than you can afford to lose. Assuming you have some funds you want to have some fun with then make sure you deposit at a reputable online casino. We like the casinos listed on our site as they all have a positive reputation in an industry that has way more than its fair share of shady and untrustworthy casinos. If you get lucky and win real money playing your favorite slot game online then you want to make sure that you actually get paid.

Making a Real Money Casino Deposit

To play slots for real money online you have to first create an account at a reputable casino and second fund your real money casino account. Casinos are working around the clock and the truth of the matter is that at different times different casinos offer different deposit methods. If you are looking for an online casino that accepts mastercard, today we could recommend one casino but in a few weeks other casinos might offer this solution. Here are the common ways to make a casino deposit.

Winning Real Money Playing Slot Machines Online

A lot of people are looking to play free slots and win real money. They are looking for a slot machine they can play online that is free and that will pay them real money if they win. Let me be blunt. Those days are over.

Even if you see some no-name casino offering free money to sign up, you can be sure that if you happen to win some money and build up your balance you can be sure that you are not able to withdraw that money without significant roll-overs and with a real money deposit first (that must also be rolled over / wagered in the casino). The online gambling market has matured and those days of bonus whoring are over.

The good news to real money online slot enthusiasts is that the online casinos love you.

They fight like tooth and nail amongst one another to get you to give them your action. They jump through so many hoops to make it easy for you to deposit and work tirelessly to keep their payout options fast and easy.

They also offer the best bonuses to real money slot players. The casinos we list on love real money slot players and will treat you like a king or queen if you give them your business

Top Online Casinos To Find Real Money Slot Machines

All casino sites offer a list of slots you can play. That said, we’ve enjoyed our experiences at the online casinos described below based on an assortment of features. When compiling our list, we considered sign-up bonuses, casino software, ongoing promotions, availability of customer support, and many other factors.

  • Bovada Casino – Not only are they great for Mac players they are overall our top choice. They offer a great slots promotions and offer a variety of slots games. They have a diverse of table games, sportbook, as well as other poker action.
  • Manhattan Slots – with the word ‘slots’ in the title you know this site will offer selection as well as a fantastic 400% bonus!
  • CasinoTitan – Their initial sign-up bonus will prompt you to get in on the action with their variety of online slot games. Not only will their slots keep you busy but their weekly promotions may entice you to check out their table games and video poker as well.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Get out there and check out one of our favorite online casino slot machine sites now!