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Most gamblers have played Roulette at some point in their lives. They may not consider the game their favorite, but are familiar with the rules of Roulette, table layout, and the wheel. Having said that, it would surprise many of them to learn there are different versions of the game: American and European Roulette. The majority of brick and mortar casinos offer both versions. But, it can be a challenge to find a reputable US online casino with European Roulette.

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A lot of roulette fans enjoy playing the European version. While the basic guidelines are similar to the American version, European roulette includes a few additional rules. These rules can change the odds of the game in the player’s advantage.

Below, we’ll give you a quick overview of the differences between the two main versions of the game. We’ll also provide a brief tutorial on how to play European roulette, including an explanation of the additional rules. Then, we’ll recommend online casinos with European roulette in their stable of games. You can find a list of places to play Roulette Online for Real Money by clicking here.’s Online Roulette Guide

Differences Between American And European Roulette

The first difference between American and European roulette is the absence of the “00” in the American version. European wheels do not typically use the “00.”

Another difference is the placement of the numbers on the wheel. If you were to look at a European wheel from the top down, you would notice the 5 and 10 are positioned directly opposite the “0.” The numbers on both halves of the wheel (using the 5 and 10 as the intersection) add up to 333. They’ve been carefully distributed around the wheel to maximize their randomization, which you’ll see at all US roulette online casinos.

How To Play European Roulette

European roulette is similar to the American version of the game. On each spin of the wheel, you can place inside or outside bets. The lower the odds, the higher the payout. The outside bets include red/black, odd/even, dozens, columns, and halves. All of them have lower payouts than inside bets, which include straight ups, splits, streets, corners, double streets, and basket bets.

Because the European wheel does not have a “00,” the house edge is lower than the edge on American roulette (5.26%). The lack of the “00” reduces the house edge to 2.63%, which is the reason a lot of people enjoying playing the European version.

We mentioned above that the European version of the game uses a few additional Roulette rules. It’s worth noting that not every US online casino with European roulette uses these rules. That said, here’s a quick overview of them:

En Prison Rule – This is often called the “imprisonment rule” and only applies to the even money bets (i.e. red versus black). If the ball lands on “0,” you can take half of your bet back, sacrificing the other half. Or, you can leave your bet “in prison.” If the ball lands on “0” again, you’ll lose. But, if the ball lands on a winning number, you’ll receive your imprisoned bet back.

La Partage Rule – This rule is seldom found at US roulette online casinos. Even many US online casinos with European roulette don’t offer it. It is similar to the En Prison rule and only applies to even money bets. The difference is that if the ball lands on “0,” you do not have the option of taking half of your bet back. You lose that half. The other half remains “in prison” for the next spin.

One of the reasons why US online casinos with European roulette don’t normally offer the En Prison and La Partage rules is because they slash the house edge to a miniscule 1.352%.

Roulette Rules

If you’ve never placed a bet on roulette, the table of numbers might look intimidating. In truth, it’s an easy game to learn and the majority of wagers that you can make are simple. Roulette rules and payouts are based upon wagering on numbers that you hope the ball will land on when it stops spinning within the wheel. In this article, I’ll describe the wheel, the table layout, and types of bets you can make or you can read about proper roulette etiquette if you plan to play roulette live. Of course if you are going to play roulette online then etiquette does not really matter.

Wheel And Layout

Roulette uses a constantly-spinning wheel that has 38 numbered slots. The table layout is separated into 2 distinct betting areas: an inside and an outside. The inside betting area is reserved for betting on specific numbers that correspond with the wheel’s slots. These numbers are displayed in 3 columns with 12 numbers in each. The outside area is reserved for non-specific bets.

Types Of Bets

Playing roulette involves making inside and outside bets. Inside bets include individual numbers, splits between 2 numbers, quads between 4 numbers, baskets (bets on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3), and street bets. Outside bets include colored bets (red versus black), odd versus even numbers, and sections of numbers (1 through 19, 20 through 36, etc). Most outside bets are also called “even money” bets because they pay 2 to 1.

The house gets its edge from the 0 and 00 on the wheel. If the ball lands in either of those 2 slots, all outside bets lose. When all bets and probabilities are considered, the house edge for American Roulette is 5.26%, which is significant. By contrast, European Roulette, which lacks the 00, only gives the house a 2.63% edge.

Roulette Real Money

Real money roulette has been played for centuries. It began in France in the 1700s and has since become a staple in casinos around the world. Today, you’ll also find the game offered at nearly all online casinos, however you should make sure you are only playing at a legit online casino like those found here or on other respected portals like, which has an extensive section on playing roulette.

Though the game is less popular than blackjack and craps, roulette has legions of devoted fans. Many of those who play the game for the first time become immediate enthusiasts. Below, we’ll explain the odds behind the most common bets. We’ll also address (briefly) whether roulette betting systems improve your chances of winning.

Real Money Roulette Odds

What are your chances of winning a bet? This depends on the type of bet you’re making. Below, you’ll find the inside and outside bets, along with their respective odds:

Red or Black: 47.37%
Odd or Even: 47.37%
High or Low: 47.37%
Column Bets: 31.58%
Dozen Bets: 31.58%
Basket Bet (0, 00, 1, 2, and 3): 13.16%
Street Bet (a vertical line of 3 numbers): 7.89%
Double Street Bet (two connecting vertical lines of 3 numbers each – 6 numbers total): 15.79%
Corner Bet (a bet on 4 numbers joined by a corner): 10.53%
Split Bet (2 numbers): 5.26%
Straight Up Bet: 2.63%

The house edge on real money roulette (American version) is 5.26%. But it is worth noting the edge jumps to 7.89% on the basket bet.

Can A System Beat The House?

As with most popular casino games, there is no shortage of systems that promise to show you how to win at real money roulette. These include the Martingale, D’Alembert, and Labouchere systems. Each is based on placing wagers according to observed statistical trends (i.e. several red numbers in a row), or according to a defined betting pattern.

The problem is that observed trends are little more than snapshots, and the ball has no memory of its past performance. In other words, just because the ball lands on a black number five times in a row does not increase the likelihood it will do so a sixth time. In this way, it is no different than flipping a coin.

Betting patterns can be helpful, but only in the context of eliminating the randomness of your betting. They will not improve your odds of winning money.

Best US Online Casinos With European Roulette

There are many US roulette online casinos that provide their members with stimulating software, fantastic bonuses, great support, and a wide selection of other games. But, it’s rare to find online gambling sites that can offer everything simultaneously. The following is one of our favorite US online casinos with European roulette:

  • Bovada Casino(previously known as Bodog) It has both American and European Roulette but we love Bovada for their promotions as well. Not only will you find a sign up bonus you will also be given opportunities at weekly promotions.

If you’d like to play roulette, but want to do so with a lower house edge than the American version, visit Bovada Casino today. US roulette online casinos offer the European version of the game in an attractive playing environment.

High-Quality Online Casinos To Play Real Money Roulette

All of the top-rated online gambling sites offer roulette. However, your experience at each will vary based on the quality of the casino’s software, bonuses and promotions, game variety, and several other factors. We’ve been following the online gambling industry for several years, and maintain an updated list of our preferred – and highly recommended – online casinos. Visit the following to play real money roulette.

  • Bovada -(aka – Bodog) Their professionally-designed software has obviously been developed based on feedback from their members. It’s easy to use, filled with flexible options, extremely fast, and offers attractive graphics. One area Bovada has allowed newer casinos to dominate is with their sign-up bonus. It is a relatively small 10% match on your first deposit. The advantage is that there is no cap on the bonus, and it is placed into your account immediately. They also offer dozens of popular casino games within their in-browser playing environment. Visit Bovada today to claim your bonus.
  • – We enjoy Casino Titan not only because of the option to play either American or European Roulette but we also like the availability of other table games as well as slots and even video poker. Their promotions are pretty kick ass as well. Get over to Casinotitan today to get in on the action.

Real money roulette is simple and fun to play, which you can do for free at each of the online casinos above. Moreover, you can do so in your browser without being forced to download casino software.